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Scientists Warn of 10C Warming as We “Dial up Earth’s Thermostat”


Scientists Warn of 10C Warming as We “Dial up Earth’s Thermostat”

Andy Rowell

Nearly every week a new record is being broken on climate.


It is hard to see who will be around to burn all fossil fuels to reach 10C. It would seem likely there would be a massive population crash long before 10C was reached. Probably the two most important temperatures right now are 2C and 4C. Climate change is predicted to be catastrophic if 2C is passed. And if 4C is passed many scientists believe human adaptation in many places will not be possible. Global emissions of carbon dioxide have not increased much during the last two years so the large increase in atmospheric CO2 might be due to the ocean not being able to absorb as much CO2 as previously. The warmer the water is the less CO2 can be absorbed. The last seven months have all established records for global temperature for each month. So far this year the average global temperature is several tenths of a degree Celsius above the average temperature last year which was a record. Just about everything connected with global warming appears to be accelerating which is consistent with the computer models. The ability of nations to react to this crisis is going on at a much slower pace than the crisis is increasing. The situation is dire. It appears more and more that humans will not be successful in addressing this crisis and catastrophe on a global scale seems highly likely.


Hey, CD editors: How about changing "shows" into shoes!

(Paragraph 6.)

"and pedestrians are getting their shows stuck in the melting roads."

Many people won't realize how severe this problem is until a climate-related event touches their home, personal safety, or livelihood.

I was thinking about this a lot. That just as a piece of clothing doesn't wear out everywhere at once, earth still sustains some patches that seem stable, green, and outside of the horrors. (People living in those patches are not taking in what's really going on.)

That piece of clothing doesn't fall apart when every stitch comes undone. However, enough tears and it indeed will come apart; and obviously that process is WELL underway.

Meanwhile, isn't India trying to build nuclear power plants?

And Exxon funds "science" literature that's "generously distributed" in elementary schools that tell children climate change is still under debate.

And about 30% of U.S. voters (most of them dominant white male baboon types) would have no problem voting for Trump who would put any remedial actions related to global warming on the back burner if not burn through any existing programs.

It's interesting that the same breakdown shows in Canada where, in spite of the massive fires that broke out near the Tar Sands community, about 40% of Canadians STILL think that this technology and exploitation of Nature is a good thing.

I've mentioned this before: that Edgar Cayce spoke of the collapse of Atlantis and the main driver (apart from the high tech Atlantean use of some very perilous energy machines and cloning devices) was an absolute RIFT within the population pool.

Then, as now, about half the population "got it," that only a just society can ensure sustainability and a decent life for everyone. The other half pushed the ME-FIRST, dog eat dog, top-down, hierarchical competitive frenzy that STILL plagues mankind.

When I was a kid there was a cartoon about a professor and his dog. The professor-scientist would scribble a theory on the board and then it would come to life... with all its flaws.

He'd respond, "Back to the drawing board, Leonardo."


This may well be the 5th... or is it 6th extinction.


And now scientists, writing in the journal Nature Climate Change, are predicting that we could heat up the earth by a totally unsustainable 10C

A perfect illustration of our fatal flaw: We just can't stop putting everything within the context of "us."

Too bad.

A 10°C increase will wreak havoc on the survival prospects of homo sapiens sapiens, to be sure.

Gaia, on the other hand, will be just fine...

Think she'll miss us?

More likely, I suspect, she'll still be chuckling at the fact that "homo sapiens" was "wise person" in Latin...


The Hopi Prophecy warned that if humankind continued to dig up the Earth to get to the resources underneath , this age would end in fire.

I recall an article published about a year ago about a huge ocean of water under the desert province of Xinjiang in North China. The size and amount of water contained in said reservoir was greater than all the great lakes combined. It was noted however that not only was it salty , but attempting to release and access it would be like opening a can of soda as the resrvoir was pressurized containing a tremendous amount of Carbon in the form of Co2 which would be released into the atmosphere if this done.

This desire to plunder the Earth for its resources for its resources so that some small few can grow rich and powerful has all the makings of a Greek tragedy.


I read in an article a year or so ago that at a big meeting of the various oil magnates, one of their own scientists gave a good program showing that continuing use of oil and coal would lead to a probable death of the human race in the foreseeable future. He finished his program in a silent room, packed up his stuff and left.
* One of the people at the table said, "OK, the end of the world is coming. How can we make a profit on that?"
* And that, in a nutshell, pretty well describes the root of our problem.


Well said.