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Scorching Global Temps Astound Climate Scientists

Scorching Global Temps Astound Climate Scientists

Nika Knight, staff writer

Record global heat in the first half of 2016 has caught climate scientists off-guard, reports Thompson Reuters Foundation.

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Yes Holygeezer I believe what you say to be the truth.

It’s hard to comment on the facts related to climate change and the realization of the predicament we are in-----what is there left to say? Perhaps this is why there are so few comments following pieces like this vs. hundreds of comments related to Drumpf and HRC.

My Dad died 7 years ago— a horrid death from cancer.
He struggled to speak near the end (throat cancer)but one of the last things he said was, “glad I’m leaving now because of what is happening to the planet”.

Of course I was left thinking----“gee dad thanks a lot----- you’re relieved about leaving us with this mess to deal with!”

But seriously, death is in the air. In the midwest it has been burning up for weeks and now an “air quality alert”. I left the floods of n. Wisconsin (where my Dad used to live) but it took 3 hours to find exits due to collapsed bridges, washed out roads and dams.

Can’t blame this on El Nino. It is here: collapse.

What makes it worse is the fact that (barring a miracle) we will have Trump or HC at the helm of this sinking ship. To go down with the face of greed, hubris and yes, sociopathy staring down our throats only makes it worse----as I’ve said before, like rubbing salt in the wounds of collapse.


One Arizona resident posted a video Tuesday desperately asking people to pray for the state as it faces more hot weather. “It is still six billion degrees,” the resident lamented. “Lord, we need you.”

Well, there you have it. Maybe forward it to the HofR, start a twitter campaign. There is something the GOP controlled House would do to address global warming - have a moment of prayer in the House for the poor people of Arizona. Other than that, take a hike.

ps: we can now abandon the “politically correct” or watered-down climate change and get back to calling it what it really is: Anthropomorphic Global Warming.


I’m afraid you are correct HG, I’ve been trying to be optimistic (kind of have to with kids) but these events are happening so quickly that it sure looks like those positive feedbacks have been engaged. I’ve spent a lot of my life in the woods with a minimal amount of gear, all those in our world addicted to comfort and convenience have an even harder road ahead!


I enjoyed your post, ironically it actually made me a bit more optimistic. I agree with what you wrote, but also know that people can get over All their comfort and hubris quite quickly especiallly if everyone close to them is also going through it. Humans adaptability is a blessing and a curse, and the blessing part comes out more in times of need and is a curse in times of want.
Im not expcting a rosey picture at all, just might not be as bad as the ego tells us it will.

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The US would be experiencing a gentle population decline without immigration. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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I didn’t think it would be as bad either, but now there is an exponential quality to the global changes. My thoughts are that what we expected to happen in say 100-200 years may be coming along in 50 or less. Just my opinion based on global observations…


The realist in me says 20 but I’m desperately holding on to the optimist : )


A very authoritative website about global warming is at http://www.skepticalscience.com Every argument you will ever hear from a climate science skeptic is completely debunked.
While no one on this site appears to have global warming denial syndrome - I think this is a good resource to share if you find yourself in an argument with a pseudo-science babbler.


A woman in Arizona prays for God to help us. Ha ha ha. The ONLY help we’ll get is what we provide for ourselves and sadly we’re not going to take any action. Too many people. the drought and floods and fires and rising oceans and wars to come over water and food will eliminate many people. Will it be enough to get us back to the carrying capacity of the planet of about 1.5 billion people? We’ll have to wait and see. We humans had a good ride and we totally ruined the Eden we’d evolved into. Totally. We deserve exactly what we get. I only hope that Congress and SCOTUS and the CEOs of They The Corporations fry first.


A little late to break through denial. It’s like an alcoholic with end-stage cirrhosis who finally realizes he should stop drinking. Too late.


This may be the last nail in the coffin; https://robertscribbler.com/2016/07/27/from-russia-with-hatetrumpslove-is-putins-petrostate-attempting-to-tilt-us-election-toward-republicans/

To borrow from and paraphrase James Baldwin: The Fire This Time. And in more ways than one.

I especially weep for the animals.


We’re doomed.

When climate scientists started really sounding the alarm bells back in the 90s, the pundits in the MSM laughed and called them insane. They did the same thing in the early 2000s, but then shifted when the evidence was overwhelming, and started with the whole “Oh, it won’t be as bad as they say. They’re alarmists.” Every single time the climate experts have screamed about the impending catastrophe that is climate disruption, the timeline has been proven to be woefully optimistic. These changes will not occur in 50-100 years. They are happening. Right. Now.

This world had a chance to do something about this in the 1970s, but the rich people didn’t care. Climate change is the result of greedy rich people with political connections selling a product which poisoned the planet. Right now, they believe their wealth will protect them from the food shortages, the plagues, and the heat in their comfortable walled-communities and air-conditioned homes. Just wait until the climate refugees start migrating, or when the oceans begin claiming the coastal cities. Who wants to bet the rich will get a bailout for all of their terrible investments in beach-front property.

The rich caused global warming. It’s too late to reverse it. Be sure to thank them.


I disagree but then again… who knows? I just don’t believe that it will be the End (capital E) as do so many. I can envision a huge slum with lousy sanitation and famine and plague and sheer misery for upwards of at least ten to twelve billion people before sheer species wide incompetence succeeds in taking a short cut to a less populated world. Some fear nuclear war but I worry more about biological plagues natural or otherwise.

I do think it will be the end of the world as we know it now though but just not the complete end. A world where the Amazon has become an arid wasteland? Yeah possibly. A world with dead and noxious oceans fit for jellyfish and algae blooms and little else? Yeah sadly. That world is like the end of this one but guess who continues to exist throughout it all?

Yep…we do. Eating jellyfish algae paste and drinking filtered piss if necessary but we will try to survive. In twenty years I believe the whole planet will be involved in trying to mitigate climate change simply out of necessity. I hope it won’t take longer but someday we will fight to survive and even fossil fuel money won’t be able to dissuade us from doing something about catastrophic climate change.

Sadly we move slowly when our politicians are bribed to move slowly.


True, if you had halted the immigration before the 20th Century.

Europeans and European-Americans have been reproducing below replacement levels for all of the 20th and, now, 21st Centuries. All the increase in U.S. population for this period has been through immigration of and reproduction of non-Europeans.

Politically, I’m a democratic socialist and not a racist. However, I am also a retired biologist and environmentalist. I would have halted immigration to the U.S. a century ago and would do so now in a minute. Not because I’m xenophobic or racist, but because I don’t want the U.S. to look like the over-populated countries of the “Old World.” Sadly, we’re rapidly getting there.

Essentially all of our social, political, and environmental problems are exacerbated by over-population. In fact, they are mere symptoms of this over-riding problem. The real problem is over-population, and we should be addressing that one because, if we don’t, nature will address it for us.


I read Limits To Growth in the late 70s which argued that if population growth and the growth of industrial output were not curtailed immediately (1970s immediately) that by the midpoint of the second decade of the 21st century (ie, now) the deaths from pollution would begin to skyrocket (it’s at 1 of 8 deaths now) climaxing around 2030 with a massive die-off.

When Reagan was elected I knew it was game over and have planned accordingly since.

The “believers” in AGW have been little more help than the “deniers” since the “believers” have just about invariably projected the catastrophe sufficiently far in the future that we “still have time” to do something and save ourselves.

Time ran out decades ago.


A gentle decline in population occurs with education. This phenomena has been known for a century or so and it has nothing to do with race or nationality.

US policy is in service of corporate capitalism, which requires continuous growth. Therefore, when population growth of european imported labor began to decline, destabilization and terrorism of populations in other countries was used to provoke emigration and provide the excess labor necessary to hold wages down for capitalist profit.

Today we see anti education policies within the US which are designed to reduce the education level and thus increase population growth sufficient to create excess labor and stagnant wages. Privatization of education, charter schools, testing and the war on drugs are part of this policy. Corporate media rebranded people fleeing the drug war and NAFTA as illegals and this helped reduce the wages further while at the same time providing the relief valve of xenophobia for those of european descent who are adversely affected by living in austerity plus a procreation bonus.


Yes. And who bought the stuff they sell? We did. And who still want to buy cars and commute to work one person to an SUV and not to pay taxes to fund public transport?. WE do . And the Chinese WEs. And the Indian WEs. And the other billion WEs in Asia. And no doubt there is a middle class in Africa who just love gadgets and products and air conditioners and cars and and and, just like the rest of US.

WE are the market and without US the rich and greedy can’t be rich and greedy. Yes; I know, blame the “vicitim” Sorry; WE are all responsible for what WE do and buy and use. WE have brains that can think and use to make socially responsible decisions and WE don’t use them enough.