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Scorching Middle East Beats All-Time Heat Records for Eastern Hemisphere


Scorching Middle East Beats All-Time Heat Records for Eastern Hemisphere

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Thermometers in Kuwait and Iraq reached record-shattering temperatures this week, with Weather Underground reporting that the measurements could be the hottest ever seen in the Eastern Hemisphere.

According to Weather Underground's Jeff Masters, the temperature in Mitribah, Kuwait climbed to an "astonishing" 54°C (129.2°F) on Thursday. And on Friday, Basrah, Iraq International Airport reported a high temperature of 53.9°C (129°F).


From the article:

"... the journal Climatic Change predicted that by the end of this century, "climate change and increasing hot weather extremes in the [Middle East and North Africa], a region subject to economic recession, political turbulence and upheaval, may exacerbate humanitarian hardship and contribute to migration.""

Oh good grief! It would be hard to downplay the seriousness more than this bland statement does.

Many more scientists need to get over their training, and speak out loudly about what actual trends actually show. Some now are, finally. We need many more.

Billions will be fleeing, with really nowhere to run, long before "the end of the century." Very soon after, billions will be dying, in by far the greatest humanitarian disaster ever. THE ECOLOGY IS COLLAPSING. Humans are part of the ecology.


We need people everywhere, yes this means you and yours, hands-on PLANTING TREES, NURTURING THEM TO HEALTH, MAKING COMPOST and BIOCHAR, BUILDING SOIL, and GROWING FOOD with permaculture and agroecology, NOT with chemical industrial commodity mono-cropping agriculture.


Another key point that i've noted here several times about the ecological collapse and mass-extinction "event" that we are witnessing:

Even now, roughly a dozen years into obvious climate chaos, the NUMBER ONE DRIVER OF MASS EXTINCTION is still LAND USE: industrial agriculture, urban development, transportation development, slicing up and degrading ecosystems. Stopping fossil fuels will not "save the ecology." Non-carbon energy development will not "save the ecology." We need much more. We need to ROLL BACK HUMAN LAND USE and "DEVELOPMENT," and "re-wild" and reconnect ecosystems.

Ho hum. Perhaps by the end of the century, there will be some increased difficulty...

i'm going outside to make compost.


In Trump's one hour and fifteen minuet speech, not one word about climate change. Not that I expected to hear anything about it.
While Hillary may mention the words climate change, I won't believe anything she may say about it.


It isn't the end of the world!!!!!! It just feels like it is going to be.

129F is why they called it Death Valley. Heat hot enough to kill. Yet I disagree that it will be the end sooner than we all thought in action. I think it will be one F'n lousy place to live for a great number of people but not the end.

What is so bizarre is that for young people alive today, they will remember what it was like before those tipping points all tipped. They will live through the loss of bountiful beauty that humanity once called home.

All unnecessary except that a small few can continue to make huge sums of money.


Definition of Denial ::Soon to be a dried up river in Egypt.


As one dinosaur said to the other dinosaur, "It is just a cycle". I am right sure no one will be visiting our bones at a museum!


I agree that left to itself that a runaway greenhouse effect is possible but unlikely. Much more
Likely is a terminal temperature for civilization. If the whole world woke to 129F temperatures every day then that's it for most things. However humans would intervene long before a 129F became the average. Whether we could intervene successfully is the question. I think that is the strategy of the fossil fuel interests to encourage some dubious geoengeineering scheme. They won't wait till such an extreme temperature is reached though.

The insanity is that we have successful alternatives on hand right now and could avoid most of the worst ahead. Too bad vested interests would rather trade our misery for their profits first.


Add...everyone everywhere grow as much food as you can and share it.


Bacteria built the planet; we are just a mere aberration and a nice meal.


Lol. You know what they say - it's the little things. You just have to wonder if it is truly self deception (climate change deniers who avoid looking at the evidence yet still believe that they 'know' what is true or not anyway) or outright cynicism or rather a suicidal cynicism if not blunt fatalism? Is it truly possible that someone knows the truth but cynically chooses to persist in the use and advocacy of fossil fuels because they simply want to keep making money?

These tipping points that we are reaching had been predicted to happen decades from now so many people are under the impression that they will ride it out and escape the due bills later in the century?

Hard to say but at this point I still feel like we are trying to get a thief to stop stealing by explaining that thievery is wrong. He knows it is wrong but just doesn't care. Fossil fuel use is wrong but people don't care because they make lots of money. Everyone associated with those proposed pipelines already knows that we shouldn't build infrastructure for increased fossil fuel use in the future. They know yet they still build them.

The focus has to be on government representation of the science involved instead of simply waiting as things continue on the same way as always.

Do we stop fossil fuel use or not? The reality of that question confronts us for the first time because time grows short for the future.


See now that is what they count on. Cooperation! What you mean to say but don't say is that you will also enjoy the deleterious effects of fossil fuel use and go have fun just like they will enjoy the huge profits and have fun from drilling and selling fossil fuels. Exxon just wants to have fun too!

The reality though is that when where you live starts hitting 129F regularly and grandma dies and new baby dies during a power outage and people start going insane from the relentless heat then you just might decide to return to being an activist again. Even those at Exxon will call for stopping fossil fuel use if their elderly die and their babies perish.

In the meantime best pray at the temple of the Holy Air Conditioner and hope the gods don't punish us with a power outage. 30,000 people died from that heat wave in France when the nuclear plants had to shut down and the power went out. 700 a day died in the heat wave in Moscow a couple of years later.

Heat that kills doesn't wait.


It is customary to cite the quote itself and then show where it is taken from. You say someone said such a thing but offer no proof that they did much less any context. The quotes are absurd and to claim such as your validation is very telling as to your faux competency. You must be reffering back to a climate change denial site and reposting snippets with gullible enthusiasm but not double checking them.

Btw... Do you think a melting ice cap is insignificant or maybe you think it is just some ploy to annoy capitalism? You have made yourself silly by denial of science. 129F is killer heat and in places where that occurs cities did not exist previously. You said 129F in a desert? Notice how many cities have been built in Death Valley in the last two hundred years or so? The Middle East should not have those temperatures normally even though they are in an arid zone. Our technology malfunctions at such temperatures.


Remember that one of them, Herr Drumpf, claims that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to gain some kind of market advantage. Yes, I do believe that he pulls this crap out of his ass. As much as I detest Shillary I'm pretty sure she thinks global warming is real. Of course, I have no confidence that she would do anything to rein in the fracking industry. These are the worst "choices" for President of my lifetime and I'm 67.


Yeah great meanwhile you didn't show where these quotes came from which since you assert them it is common scholarly practice to show the sources in context. You want people to just accept your assertions but then why can't you back them up then? Spare us the trollery telling us to go check what you are saying. Think about how absurd that would be. Apparently you tried lol. You simply believed what you were told on some site without checking.

No comment on that faked melting polar ice cap lol? Yes you are silly but of course it is sad to see someone that way.


Ship of fools.


Well thanks at least for bringing a wry smile to my face. Can't say i'm LOL at your stupidity, but i did crack a smile.


Aren't you the cutest thing! So where are those quotes? Somehow you are unable to post the actual words spoken. That is what a quote means. Yet again you pretend that anyone can supposedly find these quotes themselves (though you yourself seem unable to) by searching through an investor's site's editorials? You don't really have a direct quote but only some hack's secondhand claim that such a person said something that shows that is how they felt or some other drivel but not a direct quote.

I know this may be hard for you to understand but Hudsons Bay is not part of the North Polar ice cap. I don't know where this supposed incident that you found so dramatic occurred but this early in the summer Hudsons Bay is still 'icy' in places as currents push floating ice into clusters and may trap shipping in some areas. In any case we are not talking about one small specific area of Hudsons Bay but of the Arctic Sea.

You remain a silly person but cute for trying to appear intelligent. Some people will try to claim objectivity by citing an investors site in lieu of scientific data as if science is questionable but an unregulated non peer reviewed investors site is not but only the cute are that silly.


Science is nowhere near your itinerary.

BTW, you barfed your lunch.

This time i am laughing!


The GORILLA in the room??? FUKUSHIMA!!!! Enjoy what's left people!


Can you say FUKUSHIMA!!! Lights out!!!