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Scores Dead After Saudi-Led, US-Backed Coalition Bombs Yemen Funeral


Scores Dead After Saudi-Led, US-Backed Coalition Bombs Yemen Funeral

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Saudi-led coalition, whose planes the U.S. continues to refuel, reportedly killed at least 90 people in Yemen on Saturday when airstrikes targeted a funeral hall in the capital of Sanaa.

Some put the death toll as high as 155.


Obama is a war criminal.


Yemenis know where those missiles and bombs and bullets come from. the people in the USA know nothing about the empire.


If this happened in Syria MSM would be calling for Assad's head.

But the Saudi coalition?



Such wars and dirty deals are the lowest of lows on the morality scale.

Regarding all wars in the middle east and elsewhere, this long and seemingly endless path must end. Starting with the majority of Americans not voting for either Repubs or Dems. Voting for the lesser of two evils is getting old, it's a con. It's sad that so many Americans continue to be duped by corporate media. At this rate, on this current path there is a likelihood of war between powerful nations i.e. U.S. and Russia, igniting world war three....

There should be trails for war crimes, and key political corporate media propagandists should be named. The U.S. and other countries should provide humanitarian aid (not weapons). Both Dems and Repubs are not worthy to govern, both parties are poisoned by neocons and oligarchy dominance. The U.S. must change its course dramatically to genuinely work towards peace.

I support Jill Stein. Respect for the environment and life.