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Scores Injured, Deaths Possible After Amtrak Derails Off Overpass in Washington State


Scores Injured, Deaths Possible After Amtrak Derails Off Overpass in Washington State

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This is a developing story...

A photo from the Pierce County Sheriff's Department shows the Amtrak derailment that occurred Monday morning in Washington State.


So long as the republican scum continue to defund public projects disasters like this and others will occur. The recent NYC wrecks on Amtrak and Metro North were at least partly attributable to a lack of maintenance funding. And let’s not forget the highway bridge collapses along the way. These republicans must be, like their wretchedly awful standard bearer, psychological misfits, sick, reprehensible, vile personalities. What lesson is supposedly being taught here? That it’s ones own fault because they cannot afford the fare to ride the public transit so they too can be hurt or killed? Sounds like the defense budget needs increasing.


As long as the elites and their purchased politicians of both parties are making money, they feel carefree when it comes to the safety and destruction of others.


Common Dreams: Please have article on Trump’s tax plan that would only intensify national infrastructure challenges.

Donald J. Trump

“Amtrak crash near Philadelphia, train derails -many hurt, some badly. Our country has horrible infrastructure problems. Pols can’t solve!”

More doublespeak from Trump and suppression/distoration of truth in the face of this latest disaster.

“Trump’s tax plan would decrease funds for the principal sources of infrastructure financing; his original infrastructure plan is dead; and his tax plan will put the country in a position where no infrastructure plan is likely to move forward. That combination would only intensify national infrastructure challenges.” https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2017/10/12/trump_administration_infrastructure_friend_or_foe_135243.html


I rode the old route and trains many times between PDX and Seattle. Slow but safe, mostly.
Off the record, anonymous sources are saying something may have been on the track, or fell off one of the engines. Most all the track is new. 7-8+ dead. So tragic.


And yet, We the People dither and talk about waiting until the next election when we can put in Jackasses instead of Elephants and thereby solve all of our problems.
*How many elections have we had where we have changed sock puppets and the problems, the wars, the destruction of our infrastructure has continued and increased. At the same time, the poverty of We the People has increased, as has the obscene wealth of the Oligarchy.
*In the Third Reich, the Nazis increased and solidified their control the same way.
*Meanwhile, the Germans who cared and hoped for eventual change just waited, and if they did speak out, they were eliminated or put in a concentration camp for future elimination (or forced labor in a munitions factory).
“Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.” Since there seems to be a majority in that camp, we who do know history apparently must repeat it as well.
*I’m sure the accident above will be investigated and someone or something will be at fault. It will not be the penny pinching Oligarchy, however. Certainly the passage of thousands of tons of oil and coal, every day on these old tracks has nothing to do with it, for if we limit that, the bottom line will drop in some companies.


The engines are new. Made by Bombardier in Canada and used extensively. Rails are new and … the railbed was supposedly built up from the steep grade of the old freight line. Don’t get it?
Train going about 80 mph, tops. So, …???


I’m sure Mrs McConnell (Elaine Chao, the wealthy heiress, our Transportation Secretary, placed in her role by Trump to sweeten Mitch to any dealmaking) will be all over it with vapid seriousness and concerned affectations.


You’ve nailed it: “…Certainly the passage of thousands of tons of oil and coal, every day on these old tracks has nothing to do with it, for if we limit that, the bottom line will drop in some companies.”


Not sure of the immediate cause, but Lakewood mayor had voiced strong fears of an accident on this new fast route:


Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson told KOMO that it would be only a matter of time before the high-speed trains kill someone, and asked WSDOT officials to make changes to increase safety on the line. Things like overpasses could be used to separate trains and cars and pedestrians.

“Come back when there is that accident, and try to justify not putting in those safety enhancements, or you can go back now and advocate for the money to do it, because this project was never needed and endangers our citizens,” Anderson said told KOMO [before the accident].


ARGH!! Citizens of Europe, Japan, and other developed nations are safely zooming around in high-tech bullet trains (I rode them in Japan–amazing!) while we clunk along in old pieces of junk that are painfully slow, not maintained, and prone to preventable accidents such as this one. Why are we tolerating this???


This train was new. The rails and bed were new. The overpass was old but it had been tested.
This incident was something else. Not sure what?


Investments in infrastructure and maintenance have been cut and/or postponed since the Reagan years, as most profits have gone to enrich “shareholders” and CEO’s. Short-term greed is (literally) killing us.


Here’s a how-to that was pulled down recently.
Probably not related at all.
From the Wayback machine:


If you live near there, you know more than I do, but reports said the area of derailment, speed limit is 35 mph. Train was traveling at 81 mph. The line did not have the new technology to automatically slow the train down.


The articles I’ve read say the speed limit was 79 mph, so the train was doing 2 mph over the limit.


Correction: I just read a news report that the speed limit at that location is 30 mph, so if that’s true, the train was indeed way above the speed limit.


This is it.
My daughter takes the train in the winter to come see me when the snow is on the ground.

How will I see her now?
The Freemont bridge expansion joints and the Interstate bridge feel scary

State and local monies for local infrastructure.


One thing I noticed, correct me if I’m wrong, but this trainset had two locomotives, one at each end. There are nine trainsets (two newer ones) in the Cascades fleet that have been running the route since the 1990’s with no major derailments. They have always run with one locomotive and an empty cab car (no engine) on the opposite end. Why the 2nd locomotive? Probably to accelerate faster.


“Never mind those dead people. How about that wall I’m going to build?” -rump.