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Scores of Leading Economists Demand End to All Fossil Fuel Investments


Scores of Leading Economists Demand End to All Fossil Fuel Investments

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Simply put: there is no more room for new fossil fuel infrastructure and therefore no case for ongoing investment," declaration states.


Not a bad demand. Where’s the campaign? Where are resources to run one? Where is the organization?


Welcome to the Amerikan Fourth Reich!


There’s no chance of acting to stop Climate Change with the Powers That Be determined to keep the subject out of public awareness. The communication infrastructure is there to spread the word and mobilize the populace to accept the vital Do Or Die necessity for changes, but this infrastructure that we call “The Media” belongs to the people who are obsessed with and completely captivated with all the economic buzzwords: “growth,” “productivity,” “interest earning” and on and on.

There is a whole language and pictorial display that supports The System. It’s a propaganda war and the people who own and operate the informational environment have control of most of the Weapons of Mass Mindfulness.

It would help if people of Leftist Liberal Progressive sympathies and beliefs weren’t so easily cowed and browbeaten. They cannot win Hearts and Minds if they communicate from an attitude of unsureness, if they seem apologetic for advocating upsetting the Business As Usual societal applecart.

But ranting angrily is equally ineffective. It positions Environmental Activists as angry “America haters” who dislike the system because they are envious and jealous of “success” because they lack the wherewithal to achieve it through their own skills and talent.

This is a difficult impasse to overcome. The public who do not yet feel adversely affected by the warm up believe these things and their minds will not change until they start to suffer and see Leftist Liberal Progressives as rescuers who may possibly have ways to help rather that scolds who are trying to make them feel bad for not seeing what we think should be glaringly apparent,

Unless Leftist Liberal Progressives can find ways to see the regular everyday people as being on their side, the downslide to oblivion will continue until it truly is too late.


Please read Varoufakis’ Adults in the Room (2017) to get an understanding about how money is used to fleece the people. Next, study the term petrodollar to see just how far into the matrix the world is enmeshed into the power of oil. Until a more rational decision-making structure (economy) can be developed, the world will continue to slide into ubiquitous folly.


It’s right under your right foot and billions of other right or left feet around the globe. Switch to alternatives, reduce use of the combustion engine are the answers, it doesn’t have to take any money. The fat cats will ignore everything except their stock values.


Macron was a solid supporter of Varoufakis during the time Yanis was finance minister during the Greek Crisis ca 2015, and James Galbraith and Jeffrey Sachs were also highly supportive of Yanis Varoufakis during that same period of time.

I wish them all well at this ‘One Planet’ conference.

Even “The Economist” magazine had three recent reports on climate change, recognizing the need to actually draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than simply stop burning carbon.

In that sense they are way ahead of the common curve, and I hope that this “One Planet” initiative brings up this point and highlights it, i.e., just slowing down or even halting altogether our use of fossil fuels is not enough - not nearly enough.

Like it or not, we are now in geoengineering mode at a planetary scale.

Macron & Varoufakis in Europe - Jeffrey Sachs at the United Nations, James Galbraith in the United States - this has possibilities !!


Hello Andrea Germanos and Everyone, Humanities Epitaph GREED WON!!! I don’t know who will write it after we cease to exist!!!


Community money is needed on the front line, and soon!

The major front line is practical research and ramping up of products to displace fossil fuel use. Every time we drive prices down 10% or drive effectiveness up 10%, that’s a notable victory.

The big three targets are heating homes at night with stored solar energy, nighttime electricity generation and better transit. If you can nail a somewhat smaller target, that’s great too.

We need to run every horse in this race. If a longshot comes in, we win. If the expected leader comes in, we win.

Next, we need tools to prevent an Arctic meltdown.

The alternative is, “Let others take the lead, and you’ll bring up the rear, and later you can say you didn’t know.”


“There is no more room for new fossil fuel infrastructure” and that means the “Black snakes” eating-up the lands threatening our priceless water /aquifers, as well as tax-payer funded oil/gas billion$ in corrupt subsidies provided by crony Congressional thieves and co-conspirators!

Hear that Andy Cuomo? “NO MORE ROOM FOR ANY NEW FOSSIL FUEL INFRASTRUCTURE” Dem establishment oil/gas shills are just as complicit to the fraud and environmental disasters from manufactured fossil-fuel dependence and sabotage of new, green/clean, non-poisonous sustainable sources of energy!

what we need is an energy Manhattan Project, if only there was political leadership worthy the name…sadly and tragically we are led by corruption and morons.


Its going to be impossible for Gov. Cuomo to eliminate all new fossil fuel infrastructure, given New York’s plan to remove Indian Point Nuclear Generating facility by 2022. The only technology that can be scaled up to such a capacity in just 4 years is natural gas.


“what we need is an energy Manhattan Project”
What exactly do you mean by this? The Manhattan Project was really a science bank for the allied forces during WW2. It was less of a single project as it was the combination of some the greatest scientific minds on earth to develop technology that could potentially be used against the axis forces.

Additionally this was one of the most secretive ventures in modern history. Vice President Truman didn’t even know about it’s existence before he took office. The general public didn’t even know of nuclear powers existence until 1953 under the Eisenhower administration. It just seems like a very odd metaphor for renewable energy production that I think just confuses your message.

Instead why don’t you just talk about what you think the USA should do towards “renewable” development, and don’t try to compare it to historical events. In reality any development with this technology would need to be very different than anything we have done in the past.


Hello TomJohnson1 - from Calgary, Alberta!

Yanis Varoufakis already has his “DiEM25” initiative well under way - and, as I point out in a post further down, no more a conservative organization than “The Economist” magazine has detailed the obvious need, in their eyes, for much more than just a halt or decline in fossil fuel use, but an actual drawdown of atmospheric CO2 - utilizing both natural methods and artificial chemical means.

Naturally, they smell a coming bonanza of conventional economic activity (trillions of dollars for the vaunted Gross Domestic Product), but they can’t figure out how to ‘make it pay’ - the same question Canadian/American Joshua Slocum was repeatedly asked before and during his solo voyage around the world in his rebuilt from the ground up sloop Spray, ca 1895 (see “Sailing Alone Around the World”, by Joshua Slocum - an all time favorite of mine).

I would like to remind yourself and everyone reading this that Pope Francis is ‘on board’ with the switch to alternatives, but it is usually politely forgotten that there is a necessary proviso - and that is pointed out in the Pope’s encyclical “Laudato Si”, as well as in the much earlier “Hartwell Paper”, by a UK group just after the Copenhagen climate meltdown of 2009, that is:

climate action MUST be accompanied by justice for people and for the environment.

“Rights for the Environment” is also already underway (New Zealand River, earlier this year).

In other words, we are trying, many of us, but we are not yet at critical mass.

This One Planet initiative will bring us one step closer to this critical turning point - it is not just the climate which has tipping points - in fact it appears all of the Universe and Life as we know it operates on the edge of chaos, all of the time. (Chaos Theory - the “Borders of Order” idea - quantum physics - fractal theory).

This new initiative begins on December 12, 2017, i.e., this coming Tuesday, in Paris.

Perhaps Paris will redeem its reputation ~


Many leftists and liberals are, in fact, “regular everyday people.” While the elites (liberal or otherwise) natter on, we DO what we can.


Thanks for this useful and thorough response.


This just in from Nature !!


I think the picture says that certain first tribes were trying hard to be psychic and prophetic. They also painted pictures of people who were certain colors on top and other colors on the bottom. This describes modern fashion pretty well but pre-Columbian Hopis would have no reason for dyed crop tops, shirts and pants, midi-skirts over pantyhose etc.


The futurist and head of Google’s engineering department Ray Kurzweil thinks we humans have the big brain to predict the future.

Whether this is true I am not sure, but it sure helps keep one alive in the mountains, in chess, and in geopolitics and life in general.

What interests me is that this Nature article, from what I consider to be the best scientific journal all round, is a FIRST attempt to address the egalitarian issue scientifically.

As such it has meaning past its initial findings.

Temudgin (Genghis Khan - Persian translation), tried to abolish the old aristocracy, as the founders of America are purported to have done as well.

Neither was successful in the long run - the default position so far is following cult figures, set up by the people themselves, be it Abraham, God, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, or Temudgin;s “Eternal Blue Sky”.

Hopis - same idea - Apaches - same - and on and on.

To stand alone and think for oneself - avis raris.

The ability, even NEED - for the human being to live most of their lives in complete denial of reality may well be the trait that dispenses with our species altogether.


I think bicycles are older than we think :rofl: