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Scott Atlas Is Trump’s Doctor Death

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/21/scott-atlas-trumps-doctor-death

The professional medical community needs to remove “Dr.” Scott Atlas’ credentials from him at once. He has claimed expertise he does not have. Had I done that with my professional engineering license it would have been revoked swiftly and rightly so. Hang the bastard from the nearest (and highest) yardarm. Sorry fucker, your fifteen minutes are long expired.


“Had I done that . . .”

Or I with my license to practice law.


Like most everything else in our society, it’s only the everyday people (no insult towards you) who are held accountable, and subject to standards. With his past and present actions, one can only wonder how Bill Barr hasn’t been disbarred.


From a recent interview with Scott Atlas at Unherd. On his policy:

“My advice is exactly this. It’s a three-pronged strategy. Number one: aggressive protection of high risk individuals and the vulnerable (typically the elderly and those with co-morbidities). Number two: allocate resources so that we prevent hospital overcrowding, so that people can be treated for this virus and get the other serious medical care that is needed. Number three: open schools, society and businesses because keeping them closed is enormously harmful — in fact it kills people.”

Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

And no, I am not a Trump supporter.


It’s meant to be a reasonable-sounding framing of the massively lethal herd-immunity strategy, which has led to more widespread infection here in USA than possibly anywhere else on Earth. At Johns Hopkins, where they have people who do nothing but analyze medical statistics all day, there’s a warning which comes up with their COVID testing page, apologizing that anomalies have led to wicked wild vacillation in their calculation of statewide positivity ratios (the proportion of tests coming back positive). Iowa led the charge with 49.5% positivity a few days ago, today that’s been adjusted to 21.2%. Meanwhile, Nevada has gone from 28.7 to (incredibly) 58.8% positivity.

This is probably the most revealing metric available to us, because it inevitably goes up when testing is neglected for too long. Johhs Hopkins is our most reliable source of statistical compilation, and they’re having a hell of a time with it. We’ve got clear evidence of epidemiological chaos, right here in positivity, as a perfectly reasonable consequence of fascist genocidal madness from Atlas.

See for yourself:

For reference, positivity below 2% (as in very few states of USA) may indicate a potential for improvement, for the outbreak easing somewhat. Above 2%, the outbreak is getting worse. Above 20%, testing results are of diminishing value – you’re nearly to the point where it’s best to assume everyone is positive.


My advice is exactly this:

  • Lockdown areas above very low disease thresholds, or experiencing rising rates of infection, disease and death from Covid-19;
  • Mandatory masking and social distancing for everyone, not just lockdown areas;
  • Resources to provide PPE; widespread testing; and swift comprehensive contact tracing;
  • Funds to maintain jobs, workers, and food rent and mortgage payments during the pandemic. Economic slowdown does not have to “kill people,” it can maintain lives, jobs and dignity for everyone, instead of throwing millions of workers and small businesses to the wolves.

Would this sound reasonable to you? All these measures have been used in various jurisdictions. If taken starting in February, we would have slowed progress of this virus to a crawl. Instead, we have spurred the virus on to a rampage.

And you are of course aware that the USA has the worst outcomes of any country on Earth, while repeatedly lying for months on end and bumbling its way toward your Trumpian “strategy.”


Thanks you for response.

Lockdowns - against. Maybe initially. Only delays the inevitable. Plus, the harm they cause. We need to live with the virus. It is not going away. But protect the most vulnerable/people with co-morbidities.
Masks - mandatory only for healthcare workers/settings. The rest - a guideline, not mandatory.
PPE - yes, always for Healthcare workers and others treating these patients. If others want to have it, feel free to get it.
Contact Tracing - no thanks. Scares me. Slippery slope to “control” of the public. Sorry, I don’t trust our authorities.
Funds - Absolutely. And no only for the 1%
Outcomes - no argument about our response in this country. But what do you expect from a country whose focus is on bombs, not bed pans. Trump is only part of this problem. There’s plenty of blame to go around.


All I remember from Bizarro comic books was a reader’s letter suggesting “In Bizarro World, wheels on cars are square.” Soon after, the Bizarro comic book series was discontinued. I enjoyed DC Comics “Superman Red Son” animated feature where Superman as infant crash landed in Communist Russia and raised by peasant farmers, loyal to the state but later tortured for knowing child Superman. Adult Superman murders Stalin for his crimes against humanity.

You’re against contact tracing? Wow.

You do know that “smart” phones are already tracking the minute movements of almost every adult in the country. What are you afraid of?


Speechless is “against lockdowns as only delaying the inevitable harm it causes.
To live with the virus is not going away. Protect the most vulnerable. Masks mandatory for healthcare settings only. Masks for all others are a guideline, not a mandate. Personal Protective Equipment for Covid-19 nurses, doctors and hospital staff treating patients. If others want it, they’re free to get it.
Contact tracing scares me; a slippery slope to “control” public sense of reality. Fund healthcare absolutely and not just for the 1%. No argument about our response in this country. What do you expect from a country focused on bombs, not bed pans. Trump is only part of the problem. Plenty of blame to go round. Sorry, but I don’t trust our authorities.”
You should be sorry.
You should apologize.
You got your sense of what’s happening
from rightwing icons loudly spewing BS.
Trump is a traitor, an international mafia don
laundering cash and stirring up bloodshed.
DJT#45 is our #1 WORST a-hole in the White House !!
may he ROT alone mostly to the end of his days !!


We have a lot of control over how fast the virus spreads through humanity. That’s what all these steps are for: To slow, drastically, the progression of the virus through humanity.

Precisely as the actual epidemiologists and virologists said right at the start of the pandemic (to explain the masking and social distancing) - to “flatten the curve.” To take basic steps, as individuals and as society, to flatten the curve that expresses the speed and acceleration / decelleration of the progression of the virus through humanity.

To “oppose” masking or any PPE - distancing - economic closures with bridge funding for affected workers and businesses - universally available testing - contact tracing - any of it, at an individual or policy level, is to fail to grasp (admittedly under an onslaught of propaganda, lies and obfuscation, but still) it is to fail to grasp the basic science, as well as the basic humanity, at the core of these steps: The reality of mass avoidable deaths triggered by the disease.

Screwing up such basic public health measures also actually makes the course of the pandemic economically worse that it would be, so the supposed concern for “the economy” turns out to be bullshit too.



Hi WiseOwl:
Is AtIas really his birth name? I was wondering–maybe he was influenced by the man in the body building business, Charles Atlas—although Dr. Atlas doesn’t look all that heathy. Or maybe—hopefully, he has identified with the Titan ATLAS-------- but in a few minutes will come to his senses and realize that NO, he does not have 4 arms and is definiteIy NOT holding up the heavens. : (

“A lot of control over how the virus spreads; that’s what these steps are for: to slow progression of virus throughout humanity, as epidemiologists and virologists precisely stated at pandemic beginning - (facial mask and social distancing, flatten the curve). Take basic steps as individuals and societally to flatten the curve of progression of viral infection throughout humanity.”

To oppose masks and PPE distancing, economic closures for affected workers - available testing - contact tracing - all that at an individual level fails to grasp basic science, (admittedly under an onslaught of propaganda, lies and obfuscation). Failing to grasp basic science, and basic humanity, at the core of these steps: The reality is mass avoidable deaths triggered by Covid-19."

Screwing up such basic public health measures makes the course of the pandemic economically worse than it could’ve been, so the supposed concern for “the economy” turns out BS.


Additionally, we can’t just provide PPE without the training in how to use it. And, housekeeping measures that include expanded levels of care. Right now, the biggest problem (other than non-compliance to basic universal precautions) is qualified medical staff in sufficient numbers to deal with the soaring rates of infection.

All under a disaffected political agency that should be removed from office, and that includes Alex Azar that creepy _______.


Translation: two out of three ain’t bad for a “doctor” who knows fuckall about viruses.

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Some states are doing better than others – which to the wary could be an indication of good-idea and bad-idea activities. The proof is in the pudding – which for practical purposes is positivity: the percentage of COVID tests coming back positive. I’ve been factoring that with a number indicating the steepness of a state’s trajectory (what I call “ofpeak”) to force the worst state outbreaks to the top of this list:

>                            10/20 avg
>              positivity %   ofpeak %
>  1. Wyoming          35.2      446.0
>  2. South Dakota     35.7      210.7
>  3. Wisconsin        13.4      357.8
>  4. Idaho            29.5      131.9
>  5. Nebraska         19.2      192.6
>  6. Nevada           58.8       56.8
>  7. Utah             16.1      186.9
>  8. Montana          12.7      231.0
>  9. Kansas           19.4      118.7
> 10. Iowa             21.2       95.1
> 11. North Dakota     14.7      167.4
> 12. New Mexico        6.6      181.5
> 13. Indiana           9.6      170.2
> 14. Minnesota         6.5      185.6
> 15. Kentucky          6.8      159.7
> 16. Arkansas          9.1      109.7
> 17. Missouri          7.0      138.3
> 18. Colorado          5.4      176.4
> 19. Mississippi      17.8       51.7
> 20. Alabama          16.5       54.3
> 21. Pennsylvania      9.7       87.9
> 22. Illinois          5.6      148.6
> 23. Oklahoma          8.6       91.7
> 24. Alaska            4.4      171.1
> 25. Tennessee         8.6       84.7
> 26. Ohio              5.0      146.2
> 27. North Carolina    6.3       97.2
> 28. West Virginia     4.2      130.2
> 29. Michigan          4.6      115.7
> 30. Virginia          5.8       85.4
> 31. Oregon            5.3       95.2
> 32. Texas             7.7       47.9
> 33. Florida          12.4       25.7
> 34. Delaware          6.2       51.0
> 35. South Carolina    6.1       48.5
> 36. Arizona           9.4       23.1
> 37. Georgia           6.2       34.8
> 38. Washington        3.2       64.3
> 39. Rhode Island      2.1       61.8
> 40. Louisiana         4.3       28.0
> 41. Maryland          2.4       51.7
> 42. New Hampshire     1.3       78.8
> 43. California        2.5       30.9
> 44. New Jersey        2.7       27.6
> 45. Hawaii            2.4       27.8
> 46. Connecticut       1.9       35.8
> 47. Vermont           1.4       24.4
> 48. D.C.              1.2       27.5
> 49. Massachusetts     1.1       27.3
> 50. New York          1.2       12.6
> 51. Maine             0.5       46.2

These are the latest positivity numbers from Johns Hopkins, factored with trajectory info from CDC. This composite ranking seems to hold up fairly accurately on both ends, but positivity has been difficult for JH to calculate lately – it’s been anomalously volatile. Any state-outbreak scoring double-digit positivity is headed in entirely the wrong direction. All over the world, positivities worse than 1/5 are about as bad as it gets. As usual, we double down on bad-as-it-gets here in USA.


As more than one other contributor has pointed out, Atlas’s first two propositions are proper and indispensable–“necessary” in the terms of formal logic. They are NOT “sufficient” in those terms by any means.

But as these contributors have also pointed out, his third proposition is neither necessary nor sufficient nor merely unnecessary, but the exact opposite of something else which IS necessary for control of any epidemic, namely, minimizing the rate of spread by avoiding large groupings of people in confined spaces. Otherwise the first two are thwarted by more cases than the available resources (beds, personnel, equipment) can handle.

Look it up.



This doctor is as corrupt and evil as Trump is. However, the blaming of Russia (or China) for all that is wrong in the US is just a way to keep us militarized to the point of bankruptcy, and puts us all in danger of stumbling into a major war.
If Trump was such a dupe of Putin’s, then why this? (Please Google “25 Times Trump Has Been Dangerously Hawkish On Russia.” )