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Scott Lloyd's Anti-Abortion Ideology Is Harming the People His Agency Is Supposed to Protect


Scott Lloyd's Anti-Abortion Ideology Is Harming the People His Agency Is Supposed to Protect

Brigitte Amiri

In March 2017, President Trump appointed Scott Lloyd to run a federal agency called the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Lloyd has almost no background in helping refugees. Instead, his main qualification for the job is that he spent his legal career furthering his anti-abortion ideology based on his religious beliefs.


Yet another example of precisely the wrong person intentionally being appointed to precisely the wrong job. And once appointed and/or confirmed, they decide that their personal philosophies override existing law and precedents. This administration is totally out of control!


Patriarchy and religious zealotry gone insane. Here we are in the 21st century and goons like Scott are desperately trying to bring us all back into the 9th.


A fetus is not a person yet. When does it gain personhood ? When it is born, however it is born.


Exactly. It should be perfectly clear by now to anyone paying attention, that all of Trump’s appointees were put in place to destroy said agencies. Remember the “drown them in the bathtub” mantra, we’re looking at it. That was a truly treasonous statement, but nary a finger touched ole Grover.


I love it, Brigitte brings a much needed debate to the table. Cheers!!!


While true, these rulings affect a broader range, this doesn’t just apply to elective abortions. :slight_smile:


Please tell me how a thin wall of fleshly membrane and perhaps one or two days keeps a full-term baby from being considered a person in your eyes. The child can survive outside its mother’s womb. It just isn’t time for it to be born yet. But it is time for it to be murdered by abortion. Your statement is ludicrous on the face of it.

More than that, the next step in this slippery slope of defining personhood has already been taken. Now we are seeing certain utterly wicked human beings say that an already born child is not a person until it can talk and communicate with others. Lacking the complete use of intellect keeps it from being a person. Then this goes to full adults who are cognitively impaired, either by lack of intellectual capacity, such as Down’s Syndrome adults, or the aged who are unable to clearly think.

Pretty soon, only you and the other perfect human beings will have the right to live on earth. But that’s really what you and the elites want, isn’t it?


Grover and his ilk need to be charged with treason and sent to jail forever.


What a fool you are- no room to talk because you cannot dictate what a woman decides to do with her own body/


The fool is one who refuses to recognize that within the body of the woman there is an entirely separate human being, with its own blood supply, separate limbs and organs, and a beating heart. Delude yourself however you wish, these are the scientific and medical facts.

The “control” a woman has over her boy is the ability to say “No - not unless I have a ring on my finger first.” meaning save it for marriage, toots!