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Scott Pruitt Advances, But Is Trump Planning to Abolish EPA Entirely?


Scott Pruitt Advances, But Is Trump Planning to Abolish EPA Entirely?

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Scott Pruitt, the pick to head up the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has advanced closer to his confirmation vote, after Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved his nomination on Thursday.


Looks like we'll have to "celebrate" by burning some car tires on the door step of rump's hotel! What's rump going to do? Complain about a little toxic smoke? If he says he doesn't care about environmental quality, let's just see him not care....


Join the People’s Climate Movement this April 29th in Washington, D.C. and across the country to stand up for our communities and climate.

Throughout the first 100 days in office, the People's Climate Movement is organizing a country-wide arc of action, culminating on April 29th in Washington DC in a powerful mobilization to unite all of our movements. To change everything, we need everyone.


It's gotten to be pretty Surreal, when in a situation like this, none less than Richard Nixon gets trotted out to side with the Public Interest.


Doesn't Pruitt's photo remind you of one of those old photos of the tobacco industry's execs who lied through their teeth?
Gives me the creeps - yeesh!!!


Isn't April 29th a bit late? Why such a delay? They're voting on this now.


Excellent idea. Let's break in under cover of night and shit in his resort swimming pools too.


And we can burn a nice poly-foam-stuffed couch on Shelley Moore's front stoop - it how the drunken kids in Morgantown already celebrate Mountaineer bowl victories.


You have a point about the sofa burning! I hear ya there.
But on rump's tower door steps, its gotta be car tires.
I'm thinking about signs saying things like "Breathe easy, the EPA is dead" -all while burning car tires....
And make it look like a celebration, albeit a faux celebration.
See what he says... I hope it gives his ego a huge blackeye.


The protest rallies in DC and elsewhere before the Iraq invasion took several months to organize and gather participation. No way to bring together the numbers needed so quickly to stop his confirmation (and it probably can't be stopped anyhow.) If it takes until April 29 to build really massive rallies, well as that f$%k Ebell said, it will take some time to dismantle. No experience in estimating crowds, in DC that cold morning there were probably 600,000. Twice that number is what would be...impossible to ignore. Could it accomplish anything? The organizational effort could payoff way beyond that single event. This would make a good immediate action for local groups forming now: organize/enable people in your area to get to the nearest biggest rally on April 29, or organize a local action for that day.

Thanks to justbreathe for putting this up.


Trump's supporters should take a look at those pictures from China of peple wearing masks to try to protect themselves from air pollution before deciding whether they what to continue to support his policies. While his policies will probably not make America great again (dominated by whites again) they will make American cities smoggy again. And of course trips to the hospital after drinking polluted water are no fun. And they shouldn't expect their children to make it through a population crash caused by climate change. The percentage of survivors may be very low.


"[The Right] lie with impunity. Let's face it. They're liars. They lied about the reason they took our sons and daughters to war. They spend millions of dollars in campaign ads saying they are for a prescription drug benefit under Medicare while they work to destroy Medicare and replace it with private plans and HMOs. They call their dirty air legislation "Clear Skies" and their plan to give the timber companies our trees, "Healthy Forests." They call their job-killing economic program a "jobs program." They say they are for peace when they are for war. Millions of children are left behind under their miserly "No Child Left Behind" education bill. They tout a child tax credit for working families and then silently drop it in favor of more tax cuts for millionaires."

Rep. Jan Schakowsky


Burning tires would also be a symbolic gesture for Mexicans (a one-finger salute, as it were) as the poorest of the poor in Mexico resort to burning tires for warmth and cooking. Public service announcements are played on TV and radio in Mexico City urging people to NOT burn tires as it is hazardous to their and their children's health.


What's that chit all over his face? Skin rash due to pollution? He must live downwind of some oil smokestacks.


It's forcast to be 40 degrees C (104F) in the coolest parts of Australia right now. Shattering all records. It's summertime down there, and nobody has ever seen it so hot. The Larson C iceshelf is cracking up and the Arctic Sea Ice extent is at it's lowest level ever seen for this time of year.

Cool La Nina just shriveled up and died, and there's talk of another El Nino (hot Pacific Ocean.)

Some scientist say we are entering a thermal runaway due to methane and water vapor in the upper troposphere. It's 90F out here in the tropics, day after day, when it's supposed to be 80F.

We are in such deep chit. How hot is it going to be this summer? Next summer?


Yes and on February 6 there will be an organizing meeting that all can participate in:


We better hope they are wrong. That could push us well beyond 2C even if global emissions are markedly reduced. I don't know what their evidence is. That information is critical for evaluating what is happening.


Since this is about the Environmental Protection Agency, whose roots can be traced back to Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" and JFK's endorsement, I thought to remind everyone that Fukushima is not solved, nor is Chernobyl, and that the US has what - some one hundred plus operating nuclear reactors.

Note the cost of decommissioning those meltdowns in Japan - and the timeline - multi-decades.

Where is this administration on nuclear power ???


How could you not know? Google is your friend. Use it.


Thanks for sharing that info. Burning tires on his property would be symbolic in many ways.