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Scott Pruitt and 'His Polluter Friends' Take Aim at Clean Water Rule


Scott Pruitt and 'His Polluter Friends' Take Aim at Clean Water Rule

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Scott Pruitt has spent much of his short tenure as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) working at a "dizzying" speed to dismantle Obama-era regulations that restrain major polluters. His most recent target: a rule aimed at protecting the drinking water of millions of Americans.


The fucking money grubbers want to implement a scheme called point-of-use treatment systems (POUTS), whereby shit water flows to you and it is your responsibility to purify it if you can. Why? Because this scheme is maximally inefficient and thereby maximizes profits and externalizes risks (to you and yours). These POS sociopaths have been talking about this at least since the late 1990's and I should know as I learned of their plans in many technical conferences. They had suckered seemingly competent engineers into their way of thinking. I was aghast at the naiveté of my colleagues; they simply could not see the big picture. ("It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." --Upton Sinclair) It would not surprise me if Flint, MI was a test run. "For the love of money is the root of all evil."


Scott Pruitt is precisely the wrong person, in precisely the wrong job, at precisely the wrong time! Clean fresh water is absolutely critical to life, profits be damned!

I don't want to start an argument here, nor will I participate in one, but I must point out that this is a very big reason why the election outcome did indeed matter. It mattered a lot!


Recall that rivers were catching fire back in the days before the EPA...the era that Trump supporters want to return to.

Perhaps they will be re-igniting the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland to bring in more tourists.... instead of eco-tourism, the US will be known for scorched earth tourism ?


MC: Who is Scott Pruitt?

a) A major league football player.
b) A folk singer who praised the natural beauty of North America.
c) A lying sack of excrement who as Attorney General of Oklahoma regularly sued
the EPA before Trump made him EPA administrator.


This is totally expected but completely unacceptable by this pathologically anti-environmental train wreck. This son of a bitch is doing exactly what he has planned all along-the complete evisceration of all rules and regs that protect our air and water. And I'm going to express this here and now, knowing full well it will accomplish little; but, I am going to call my US Rep's and senators on Monday, letting them hear from me that I am outraged over this and and vehemently opposed to any reduction in water protection or changes in the WOTUS rules. At least then I won't be guilty of sitting on my hands while all of this took place. Gotta do somethin'!


Absolutely agree with you.


But, but, but, neoliberal warmongers and that gawd-awful Clinton wanted to start WWWIII with Russia! Plus, who really cares about Gorusch's decades long tenure on the Supreme Court? Hard right conservativism is way better than mealy-mouthed center-Left policies, like the kind that gave us the largest publicly funded healthcare expansion since the 1960s. We just need even more of it to bring about the awesome for-sure-to-happen progressive revolution, guaranteed after we get right wing election "reform."


We have no vehicle to respond because the DNC has never represented liberals. We get Schumer reading a shred of paper while the DNC burns in the background. It should be blatantly apparent dictating to the morally bankrupt does not stop them from dragging bloody corpses to the World Bank while worshipping a Prince of Peace. Be true to our souls and work toward the light. The last populist party at the beginning of the 20th Century was an agrarian movement from the Midwest wanting low interest farm loans. The Populist Party got its hat handed to it from Wall Street bankers and their industries who can print their own money, overthrow and murder whomever they want, they have a list. They tell us the dead are the terrorists while we boil in 125 degrees and can't run a train or a plane. Be true to our souls and work toward the light. Historically, great leaders have risen from the ash of betrayal. Now would be an opportune time. What kind of brain would murder the Clean Water Act of 1972? Men who would throw their kids down an elevator shaft for a buffet coupon, a DNC princess who sucks cheese chunks from the smoldering sockets of dead Palestinian children, social deviants, psychopaths. Manhood can prove elusive. I'd like to apply for that lemming job and where do I line up? Well, that would be adjacent the cliff.


It is clear that the us government is working to stoke the cancer epidemic.

Everyone who has lost friends and family members to the agonies of the cancer epidemic know in their hearts that the us government is the enemy of life and all that is good or fun.


Of course it did. That's why 40+ percent did not vote. Americans are terrified of making hard decisions. They proved this when marginally they elected Reagan over Carter in 1980. Sending us back decades on environmental progress. No country got a better piece of land than the United States. And no country is as good at us at having the ability to take the right path and still choosing the wrong one. Lots of cultural neuroses going on, which Reagan's people tapped right into via messaging. Start with Lee Atwater and work your way down to Newt Gingrich. Americans are terrified. As terrified as they were in their 1950's bomb shelters. And, as they stay frozen, addicted, and consumerist they lose everything. Starting with clean tap water.


The GOP is indeed expert at pushing Murkins' fear and greed buttons....key to demonizing other parties and winning elections.

It was bad enough when Californians elected Saint Ron governor twice...two terms in the White House when he should have been in an Alzheimers facility confirmed that a majority of Murkin voters are brain dead.

Saint Ron's first action as POTUS was removing the photovoltaic array Jimmy Carter had installed, giving the fossil fuels industry carte blanche in the US, and resulting in Germany and Japan pulling ahead in renewable energy applications for the following quarter century.


Yes, everything Pruitt has done (and his appointment) have really pissed me off. But I remember that Congress allowed frackers to inject carcinogenic chemicals like benzene and toluene into the drinking water supply. Raydelcamino mentions the ignited rivers, but I also remember watching videos of tap water being ignited.

I do not remember Democrats doing anything to change this when they were in power.


You are/were a civil engineer?

But yes, particularly an area I frequent (Potomac headwaters in WV) this rule change is going to be disaster - every small stream running into the South Branch Potomac is going to become a stream of nauseating untreated shit from all the poultry operations - all flowing to the drinking water supply for millions downstream.


Believe me. Under this rule change, things will become much worse. I know this will be blasphemy among the keyboard-bound left, but, there are far bigger polluters than frackers (starting with farmers - which as our resident prog-farmer here (Monkes Tale) has reminded us are largely Trump-lovers) will all be given free reign to fill the streams with shit and chemicals.

And you seem to forget that a Democrat Congress enacted the Clean Water Act to begin with, (the Cuyahoga River burned in 1969 before the CWA - it is now a far cleaner river) and Democratic EPA (under Obama) amended it with this very waters of the US rule to remove large loopholes.

And it was not for lack of trying that the Democratic Administration agencies did not enact much tougher regulations - but they faced powerful industry lawsuits all the way.

What next? Blaming Democrats for your impotence (both literally and figuratively)?


Carter's solar panels were water-heating panels, not phtotvoltaics, which was a technology in its infancy and expensive - relegated to space program use and little else back in those days.


Sorry, I'm under no obligation to think Democrats are wonderful, just because Republicans are worse. I can fully accept any statement that pollution will be worse under these regulation changes (although where I live, farmers are already allowed to--and do--bulldoze manure into the waterways, and someone I know was infected with e. coli, likely as a result.)

But it is a coarse fallacy to infer that "not as bad" = "good", and it is juvenile behavior to come out with a Trump-like insinuation about a person's sexual performance because they see a moral distinction that you have missed.

Are there differences between the two parties? Yes. But they are both in agreement on one important opinion that I REFUSE to tolerate--there are people in this country whose lives do not matter.


Yes, I am/was a civil engineer, damnit. :grinning:


At this point, the fact that a 30% reduction in the EPA budget is barely causing ripples with the American public speaks reams. Americans continue to prove themselves, overall, as the most superficial, shallow people on Earth And getting worse, if it's believable. The "president" is a "reality tv star" who the 40+ percent who did not vote must have been watching years ago. Their asses are fatter, just like their Fuhrers. Their wallets are about to become significantly thinner. Oh well, I said I told you so back when I was 22 in 1980. In the words of Don McLean, "No one was listening then, perhaps they'll listen now" Wishful, I guess.


Yes, although Murkins may be dialed into feel good green wash, with fuel prices comparatively low in recent years, they are casting their anti-green votes in the marketplace as car dealers can't keep enough gas guzzlers in the showrooms to satisfy the demand, while sales of mileage champs, especially hybrids and electrics languish.