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Scott Pruitt, Courtside Seats, Corruption, and—Oh, Yeah—the Destruction of the Planet


Scott Pruitt, Courtside Seats, Corruption, and—Oh, Yeah—the Destruction of the Planet

Jon Queally, staff writer

Trump's EPA chief Scott Pruitt is once more facing accusations of bald-faced corruption and ethics violations after the New York Times reported that he and his son enjoyed a courtside experience at a high-profile college basketball game last year—sitting in the VIP seats of a billionaire coal company executive Joseph W. Craft III who was actively lobbying the Trump administration to loosen restrictions on the industry.


Great fit for the Trump administration. Completely corrupt. It appears Trump can get away with anything as long as it is perceived he his looking after the interests of white people. Now we know what he meant about his remark about shooting someone on Fifth Avenue. When you think about what Hitler got away with by defending the interests of a certain group of white people Trump becomes very scary. There are no limits. Fortunately unlike the Germans we still have a chance to rectify the situation at the ballot box. But chances to act by voting may run out. This opportunity in November should not be wasted assuming there will be another chance in 2020. Maybe there will be or maybe not.


As our Government Agencies intended to protect the public are now being placed
in the hands of Elites/corporations who destroy the protections to increase their own
profits …

This is one more SOS on what we can do to circumvent this damage —

This link shows not only the horror of factory farming but the effect it is having in every
state (see the map) and on our water ways.

This is about many issues – but certainly about our ENVIRONMENT

Imagine the impact if the VEGAN movement continues to increase.

IF we allow this criminal use of our land and waterways to continue, we will be as
helpless as these animals to protect ourselves or our children – and our drinking
water which is already under heavy assault.


About that destruction of the planet thing:

World wheat production drops 5% per degree Celsius rise. We’ve passed the 1 degree mark, and there’s 30 years of lag built into what we’ve already done to the world. No numbers on world rice and corn production, but I’m not getting my hopes up. World marine fisheries are malfunctioning too.

We’re expecting 1000 ppm assuming that the Arctic meltdown releases teratons of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. It’s not all about our own emissions anymore, it’s about total drawdown.

The smart first responders, the inventors, need to go after solar home heating, solar thermal nighttime electricity generation (a cousin of power towers), affordable above-grade automated transit, Arctic albedo remediation both on land and on the pack ice, organics-based sequestration and species preservation on a massive scale.

In relation to this existential need for Eaarth product R&D, Scott Pruitt as EPA Chief is a ruptured appendix. He’s nothing but septic to the process and he needs to be removed from his position and dropped into a metal bowl.


Trump’s political swamp continues to make the Okefenokee look like a wading pool.


"Because his seat was so close to the court, he was visible during the telecast…" hahaha, what a damn fool.

Why hasn’t this man been fired. Pruitt came to DC for the perks and to enrich himself, then acts clueless any time he is questioned about it. Remember this is a man that travels with a entourage of bodyguards. My oh my, don’t the public servants have it rough.


Scott Pruitt is dirtier than the coal he loves; more toxic than the petrochemicals he cherishes.


You got to admit, Pruitt is good at what he does…destroying ecosystems for money. He takes pride in it…in between hiring body guards…


Gotta hand it to them; when it comes to $mash and grab, Republican politicians and their “Cabinet” handmaidens are state-of-the-art.


But, but JOBS–you know, pulmonologists…


But the Democrats are worse…


enough with Trump bs. The fascists in the Deep State took over on 11/22/63.


It is the parable for our time. Every one of us wants something that destroys the planet.

Ecology speaks last.


Even if he paid $130 - can just anyone get those seats offering $130 to the billionaire? It’s not just the $130, it’s the very option to buy them that’s also a ‘favor’. Why is this ‘approved’?


He hasn’t been fired because he is doing what Trump wants, destroy the EPA and make as much profit off the dying world as possible.