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Scott Pruitt Has EPA Ignoring Its Mission When We Need It Most


Scott Pruitt Has EPA Ignoring Its Mission When We Need It Most

Mary Anne Hitt

At a time when we’re all still thinking of Hurricane Harvey’s survivors (and donating to their recovery efforts), Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt continues to steer his agency off a cliff by ignoring its mission and putting people at risk: An Associated Press story broke over the weekend demonstrating that the agency hadn’t been on site at the many toxic sites affec


Scott Pruitt should be drawn and quartered.

He is endangering the lives of everyone on the planet.


Sadly, most Texas voters are getting exactly what they voted for. What the hell did they expect?

Pruitt may be the worst of all Trumps’s appointments, although he has some stiff competition from Sessions, DeVos, and Price.


another major idiot


Is there someway this idiot can be taken in on a “MANSLAUGHTER” charge???


All due respect to the Sierra Club, but must it too play the game of “who saw this coming?”


DonCon and his fellow hatchetmen will set Scotty straight.


for heaven’s sake citizens
get to your representatives
take to the streets

not against one issue at a time - that’s splintering - it works in the favour of the trump/koch mafia - it spreads us out -

it’s about one thing, and one thing only. call it by any name it all amounts to one thing:

the rapacious and horrifying greed of this one group of people who will do anything, anything, for money and power. they don’t care about race or religion. they are disgustingly and insanely lusting for power. yes, lust - an eager, longing for power over the lives of other beings.

they come under many names, alt right, conservative right, freedom caucus, kkk, white supremacists, blah blah blah

the koch brothers are billionaires many times over.
what kind of minds want to suppress and tyrannize other beings for the sake of more power and wealth?
is this even sane.
what could they possible do with more of the same? other than subjugate us for no sane, logical reasoning based on positive ethnics.

this is the sole reason trump won the electoral college vote - the republicans who supported him, the people who financed him. their sole intent is to enslave us.

isn’t that insane?

but we cannot use their insanity as a platform - so we have to come up with some other descriptive…



A straight-jacket and a ball-gag would suffice.

Actually, that would work for most of “Con-gress” as well.


This whole administration is pathetic. There isn’t one single department head or agency director is qualified to hold the position they occupy and I place the president as the leader of this debacle as The Blunder in Chief.


You would think that Pruitt, Price, Sessions, Perry, DeVos, and all the rest of the inepts in the administration would think a little bit about what their place in history will be. Even Dubya had that in mind every once in a while. His reaction was that he would be dead by that time so it didn’t matter. Another possibility for some of these people is that they truly want to destroy the country for some weird reason or other. Pruitt and Sessions are two who show distinct signs of hating the country and wanting to get back at it for some reason.


Don’t forget Perry at Dept of Energy.


You’re right. I just don’t always think of him as other than an empty head and empty suit. Is it something in the water in Texas (and Florida) that produces so many imbecilic politicians?


Pruitt, to me, is the ecological equivalent to Betsy DeVos. All of the cabinet are gutter, these two in particular are alike in that they are able to take quick action causing very horrible effects that will have repercussions indefinitely. Without any input, or brakes on their activity.
Pruitt has ALREADY set us way back. DeVos has collapsed the system of handling student loans Obama finally set up to help people. And now tried to mute the whole issue of campus sexual assault. She and everybody knows it will be a while before the issue is resolved if ever. Burn in hell, both of you vampires on the species.