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Scott Pruitt Has Misled Congress on Climate Multiple Times


Scott Pruitt Has Misled Congress on Climate Multiple Times

Liz Perera

On Thursday morning, Donald Trump’s EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told CNBC that he does not believe carbon dioxide is a “primary contributor” to global warming.


What is amazing that now in 2017 in the United States the head of the EPA can get away with lying about carbon dioxide emissions. Millions of right wingers have been brainwashed over the the years by a heavily financed right wing propaganda machine to believe that the elite class has completely abandoned them to purse their own self-interest. They believe thousands of scientists create phony data to get more grant money. They believe the press puts out fake news to follow a liberal agenda. They believe professors are completely biased in their research to turn students into liberals. So global warming becomes nothing but a liberal hoax. Because of this a con artist like Trump can be elected president of the US and actually not be quickly driven out of office by public anger even when he puts forth an agenda that will destroy peoples' lives and the habitability of the planet.


You forget, it's a long, venerable tradition: to be a success in Washington, just be wrong.

Over and over and over again.


I get tired of writers acting like we all should be outraged that a Liar, lies. I am sure that no one in that room was misled. The outrage should be aimed at those who approved his nomination, knowing what his intentions were. After all, he has prevented complaints in Oklahoma about many hundreds of fracking earthquakes a year that have destroyed homes and buildings. He prevented any response, legal or otherwise, because he is paid by ...guess who...


""Awareness of ignorance is the beginning of wisdom"" ....SOCRATES.
I have just completed a survey of about 30 people, most of whom support the idea that co2 is a significant agent in climate change. the guesses ranged between 3 to 50% . The reality is that co2 comprises only 1/25th of 1% of our atmosphere....which is up from about 1/35 of 1% in the last hundred years.
The supposition that such a small amount of anything could have a SIGNIFICANT affect on our weather or climate is foolishness in the extreme. I analysed the weather records for the north central plains of North American for the past 133 years and discovered that we have cooler summers and warmer winters. These minor changes have been beneficial to almost everyone.. And our crops have never been better. We also know that world wide crop production has been increasing rapidly with each passing decade. The world produces so much grain that we are forced to convert much of this surplus grain into ethanol and bio diesel.
It is patently obvious that Al Gore and his supporters are seriously mistaken.
Our real enemy is POLLUTION. ... NOT CARBON DIOXIDE.
Insecticides are one of the worst... followed by sulfur dioxide, herbicides preservatives plastics , artificial fertilizers, rubber tires, and 101 other chemicals that are polluting our air, our water , our soils , our everything. The only human by product that is totally harmless to all animals and totally beneficial to all plants is carbon dioxide.
The time has come to GET REAL.!!!!!!!!


Pruitt's job is to dismantle the EPA. The rest is regrettably rhetoric.