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Scott Pruitt Is Turning the EPA into the KGB


Scott Pruitt Is Turning the EPA into the KGB

Alex Formuzis

Scott Pruitt, polluters’ puppet and head of the Environmental Protection Agency, knows most Americans are strongly opposed to his anti-public health, anti-kids, anti-science agenda. That’s why he does all he can to hide it.


It’s too bad that those White Supremacists aren’t also environmentalists or peaceniks; the FBI would have rounded them up a long time ago.


I have been trying to understand why this creature is doing what it is doing. It is beyond greed and has no environmental justification. Is this individual beyond reason and why is he still allowed to destroy the agency he is tasked to run for the betterment of the nation? He obviously is either insane or under the power of a force so evil we have never been able to grasp it’s existence.
Fire this incompetent fool!


The EPA has allowed industry, other businesses and governments to essentially become self-regulatory ever since Clintons/Gore and the DLC “reimagined” government.


He won’t be fired. He is doing what he was put there to do. Trump had to know that Pruitt would eviscerate the EPA. That is the plan. They do not care about the Public. Hell, they despise all but their own kind. This should be obvious to everyone by now. "If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention".


Good call TJ. For a documented source, one might find “Reinventing Government” (1992) by David Osborne and Ted Gaebler a useful read. On my copy Bill Clinton is quoted: “Should be read by every elected official in America. This book gives us the blueprint.” And people wonder why I voted for the short, funny looking/sounding alternative that year.


This is terrible news about Scott Pruitt.

:grinning::laughing::grin:Someone should tell the President, right away! :grin::smile::smiley:


Secrecy, power and zero accountability are foundations of authoritarianism that prevent democracy.
System change is a prerequisite for democracy - changing the face by installing a newer version of the same corrupted parties doesn’t touch the crucial issues.
In a real democracy, Pruitt would never be selected for this job. In a real democracy, he would also be removed, jailed and fined NOW. The whistleblowers exposing democratic corruptions would be promoted and rewarded as they open up ‘instant’, accurate information to the public online.


I’ve got a cup of “freedom water” for Pruitt and rump to drink.
I’m sure they’ll appreciate it all the way to the hospital.


Tragically the pollution of a major requirement of life is much more subtle and often takes several years before a serious problem can be identified and by then permanent damage has been done. Like climate change, by the time it is noticed it is too late.


When I was saying “freedom water” I was mostly thinking of the water from the pond on my property.
A previous owner had dumped a couple cars into the pond and now their engine blocks are leaking oil into the pond leaving an oil slick on the surface, not to mention the orange coloration of the water from the rust. I don’t think it will take rump or Pruitt years to feel the effects of drinking my non-gov’t regulated water…
I really don’t know what to do about it but the frogs, fish, turtles and salamanders seem to be surviving it anyway. I sure hope they took the batteries out of the cars before they dumped them.


Do you work for the EPA? Do you know anything about the EPA? Where do you go in the CFR to find the EPA regulations? Why would industry be so raging angry at the EPA if they let them do whatever they want?

But to answer you question. No. Industry does not “self-regulate”. They do not write their own NPDES or source permits. (Do you even know what NPDES even is?) They are probably starting to do so now - more like ignoring the need for a permit at all and dumping their shit right into the nearest creek or into the air.

I love the way the internet alt-left makes these pronouncements about the functions of the regulatory agencies - based on, well, no information whatsoever - even a cursory reading of the the media or the agency news-releases only, a kind of vague, “it just sounds good and make me feeeel good in my self-righteousness while I sit on my ass and do nothing!”

And of course, the left hates science and complexity - it makes their mathophobic brains hurt.


We already knew that the Trump administration is dedicated to tearing down everything that American stands for. Now it appears that it has declared war on our entire planet. Secret plans to destroy Earth’s air, land and water are unprecedented in all of history. Where in hell do these people think their grandchildren are going to live? Are they secretly terraforming another planet?


Most likely they were dumped there by the kind of people, and they are many, who believe that private property rights trump (no pun intended) any responsibility to be careful stewards of the environment, the mindset that causes water and air pollution, deforestation,and species extinction.


Science takes shots from both sides, as you point out so correctly, especially in the Unhinged Sates of America, the Land of Magical Thinking. The White House and Congress are living testimony to this.


Sorry for the typo. I meant “States” of course. Sometimes I get too worked up to carefully edit.


To elaborate a bit more on my strongly-worded post, as an engineering/science employee in a federal regulatory agency, I really regard it as an insult when people come her accusing me and my colleagues of just being rubber-stamp stooges of the corporations.

Me and my colleagues in the Dept of Labor/MSHA division I work for have probably saved the lives of hundreds of people living downstream of coal waste dams (some higher than the Hoover Dam) in west Virginia and Kentucky by preventing more Buffalo Creek disasters. We disapprove shoddy designs - often over and over again - until they meet what would be minimal engineering standards anywhere else in the world (the competence of civil engineers outside of government in many parts of the USA is literally the worst in the world).

Now I await someone saying “but why don’t you shut the whole coal industry down?” magic-wand-like. They seem to be totally clueless that we are a deliberative, still semi-democratic republic, and while we may not like it, a large majority of the people in large regions still support coal mining. That is why they voted so overwhelmingly for Trump in West Virginia.


Excellent article… and bless environmental watchdogs - they are true, brave heroes. I’m sorry, though, that the CD title to this article is following the crowd to pile on Russia - the only adult nation on the world stage this century.


Gives him a feeling of importance, to destroy at will. Not to mention the extreme importance of having bodyguards at all times and restricted access. All so the creep can feel important because without all of it he is what he is – nothing.