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Scott Pruitt Vows Rapid, 'Aggressive' Attack on EPA Regulations


Scott Pruitt Vows Rapid, 'Aggressive' Attack on EPA Regulations

Andrea Germanos, staff writer


Ah, a return to the pre-EPA days when you could smell the stench of most lakes, rivers, bays and other bodies of water from a further distance than you could see them, unless you were high in the mountains.

Will Cleveland get its burning river back ?


These guys are just crazy. Apparently when it comes to competing with China they think they can out do China in dirty air and polluted war. It is important to keep in mind that unless Congress acts the crazies in the Trump administration cannot do anything about changing laws such as the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. Under these laws citizens can sue to require the executive branch to carry out these laws. Hundreds of top notch environmental lawyers are getting ready to sue the government in order to protect the environment. This is a battle that will drag out for years. What average people can do is protest against Trump in support of clean air and water and donate money to groups that are taking the government to court.


Pruitt has to act fast before he is forced to resign and/or is jailed.


Unfortunately that's not a bit likely.


"Protect big oil at all costs."

Don't they mean protect the climate deniers; the environmental polluters; for greed, no matter what the cost to peoples health!


Ah, a return to the pre-EPA days when you could smell the stench of most lakes, rivers, bays and other bodies of water from a further distance than you could see them, unless you were high in the mountains.

Will Cleveland get its burning river back ?


. . . . "attack on EPA regulations" when co2 is now edging toward 409 ppm:

Daily CO2
February 24, 2017: 408.28 ppm
February 24, 2016: 404.20 ppm

How high will it be in May?


R. Reagan would be so proud.


"If you have seen one redwood tree you have seen them all" - R. Reagan

At least his alzheimers gave him an excuse to make asinine statements.


To paraphrase "The Hunger Games" quote to their elites stating, "If we burn you burn with us."... "If we die ( by pollution, etc..) you die with us." You will find out the hard way because you need a clean, healthy environment too. No one is immune. In the end we are all only human.


LeBron James by the river's firelight...how enchanting!


Republican politicians and their toadies, in their overweening arrogance, are only too happy to drag the rest of us down with them.


Except as selfish and short-sighted as elites seem to be they probably believe they can take advantage of the newly discovered earth-like planets - for themselves.


The 35% national base of the Republican Party are climate deniers by religious fiat. Since the Dominionist faction delivered Trump to the White House, the alignment of denial and deconstruction makes political and economic sense, here. Based on a flat earth society/organization of Old Testament tropes about how to be a better servant of The Big Cloud Guy." Go forth and multiply. ..etc. "
FYI- It's no coincidence that the corporate frackers/mining/agriculture interests bent on destroying our planet are also cynically pushing a DeVos evangelical style form of educational/authoritarian training for young disadvantaged children receiving public monies. These are the future shock troops for a national theocratic party of religious based scientists and a " alternate facts " community of paternalistic weirdos with a " god is on our side " mentality.
What we Americans have done is elect Republican Wahabbists, of a sort, to rule the country. The House of Koch, The House of DeVos, The House of Adelson are united in their hate of future, if they can't control it, that is.
Pruitt is a fucking lackey, looking to cash in, on earth and in heaven, and quickly, too. Trump is a cheesy shining object, Pence is Gov. Sam Brownback on steriods. " Hello operator, can you get me Jesus's cell phone #? We have an emergency here ".


I happen to enjoy: clean air, water and soil.
Mni Wiconi ~ Water is Life​:sweat_drops:


That would be an oxymoron, I think.


One would hope so. However, the intertwined interests of the Dominionists and the deconstruction of " administrative rules " of clean air, water, etc. is certainly advanced by a god-centered view of the planet. Gods are generally bad fallback positions in explaining science, or remedies, but greedy fanatics and monied zealots keep trying. Purely for economic gain, I'd say.
God can't be on everyone's sides unless he has more guns and a bunch of committed Christians. " Convert or die " is still in play in our political dealings and scientific inquiry is subjugated to " god's plan " mush of intelligent design, et al. Propaganda and a brainwashed citizenry desperate for help is a bad mix for the future of the planet. " When ya' got them by the balls, their hearts and minds follow ". Jesus of Oil & Gas


"...regulations that in the near-term...". And now we know where their thinking is...today and today only.


Not seeing the forest for the tree.