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Scott Pruitt Will Restrict EPA's Use of Legitimate Science


Scott Pruitt Will Restrict EPA's Use of Legitimate Science

Gretchen Goldman

The EPA is reportedly on the verge of restricting the science that EPA can use in decisionmaking and I’m livid. This is a move that serves no purpose other than to prevent the EPA from carrying out its mission of protecting public health and the environment.


As a scientist/engineer/educator, I spent much of my career working for and with the EPA as a recipient of grants and a peer review participant. The processing of the scientific method was very professional and quite thorough in all of my dealings with the agency (and almost all others, also). Typically, many researchers throughout the country are working on any given issue–usually from slightly different angles. Despite the conflict of egos that can occur in the scientific world, the correct judgment is the rule and not the exception. If during my career I could describe any consistent problem in working with the EPA (and other agencies), it would boil down to one word (politically appointed/influenced) ADMINISTRATORS–the biggest threat to science as I know and love it. Stuff it Mr. Pruitt, stuff it.


I am surprised that Trump and the faith based GOP continues to pretend that they lend any credence to science.

Science is evidence based and evidence has been added to Trump’s list of enemies that only Trump can save his people from, just like Hillary, Obama, education, facts, etc. have been on the enemy list.


Pruitt is an imbecile. The EPA needs to be strengthened not gutted like a pig. I’ve never seen such an ensemble of incompetent morons as we have now. They were probably on the Heritage Foundation’s list of screw the Earth as much as possible for the most profit. Stop murdering Earth! Really, stop murdering Earth for business. Time’s are going to change soon an humans won’t be able to do a damn thing as they get extinguished in Earth’s fit of rage. She’ll then start over and not allow apes to develop such big arrogant, stupid brains.


Pruitt is doing a wonderful job, ask Trump. He was put in place (as others), to destroy.


It pisses the heck out of me when I still see–almost daily–journalists, to say nothing of degreed scientists such as Dr. Goldman, referring to the outright lies of politicians and unspeakably evil shills for Big Business as “flawed,” “nonsensical,” “misleading,” “lacking in ‘transparency’,” and other such euphemisms for bald-faced lying. In the eyes of the people who promulgate such filth such attributes are not flaws but features.

It would not be prudent to call it “lying” directly, nor is it necessary to do so. It does not require an Alan Grayson (former prosecuting attorney) or a rocket scientist to construct an iron-clad argument that miscreants like Scott Pruitt and Senator “Smart Jim” Inhofe (his fellow science denier from Oklahoma and one of a very few people ever to go bankrupt in the life-insurance business, even one that was inherited as Smart Jim’s was) are (quoting myself) “[lying] politicians and unspeakably evil shills for Big Business.”

How did the much-maligned founders of this republic put it? “But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new guards for their future security,”

It makes even less sense to treat these lying vandals and thieves with kid gloves than it does to call would-be authoritarian rulers “conservatives.”