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Scott Pruitt's Corruption Is Bad, But His Planetary Sabotage Is Worse


Scott Pruitt's Corruption Is Bad, But His Planetary Sabotage Is Worse

Jill Richardson

Did you hear that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt, is so corrupt that he spent $1,560 on 12 customized fountain pens?


In a “kill or be killed” situation, who among us would allow this man to kill their mother?

What about Mother Nature?

How much longer can we allow him to threaten all of us?


The title says it all. But of course, the Democrats and their mainstream media pals would rather cover Pruitt’s extravagant expenses than probe too deeply into what he’s actually doing with and to the office itself; much less raise the questions of why. I suspect that’s because corruption - the abuse of government powers for private benefits - is a thread woven deeply throughout both parties, and therefore not a subject any want to raise… .


What kind of World view does he have ? What does he believe ?

Why is he doing these things ? These are the questions we need to ask him in an open public debate. In a healthy democracy he would be in a position of public accountability too we the people for the highest good of all or the common good .

If what he is doing goes against sustaining Mother Nature at the optimal level and creating balance in our ecosystems . If he doesn’t implemt what works To achieve this, he must be removed .
We must ask ourselves when does the rights of the few superscead the rights of the many ,do we not have a responsibility to our children and their children’s children.

Awaken The Species read it everyone it’s enlightening.