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Scott Walker: An Idiot, Ready to Serve on Day 900


Scott Walker: An Idiot, Ready to Serve on Day 900

Imagine you're running for president. Of the United States of America. The campaign has begun. Then something unsettling happens: you realize that you're not qualified for the job.

That you're in way over your head becomes evident when voters and reporters on the campaign trail ask you questions you can't answer. What's your position on net neutrality? You don't even know what that means, much less have an opinion about it. What would you, as president, do about the Middle East? You don't have a clue.


The problem is that if a candidate is really knowledgable about domestic and foreign policy issues, they immediately disqualify themselves from corporate sponsorship. Next to having a moral conscience, it is the most politically repulsive handicap to special interest groups, especially if the knowledge leads you to an understanding that the 1% trumps democracy every time. Ignorance is bliss in Washington… if you’re a billionaire!


In the Citizens United era of what is now regarded in a report out of a Princeton/Northwestern study as not a democracy, but an oligarchy, the word ‘privilege’ (private+law) is becoming more widely understood particularly in the dynamics of ‘privatization’ as a faux policy hiding behind ostensible framing of democracy.

The centuries of hidden history are emerging with all the consequences, also so long hidden so assiduously by a ‘privileged’ materialism. These were dismissed through an ideology that apparently truly believes that if it is not seen, it does not exist. This formula for studied ignorance can never escape the fact that it is a parasitic model that, by dint of its own dynamics, kills its host with a death by the proverbial thousand cuts.

I take issue with the writer’s scorn of “…right-wing pandering to the GOP’s know-nothing base of idiotic white-trash voters, rather than an indication of personal ignorance.”
It has taken the system generations to alienate, impoverish and divide entire populations - people - and labeling these within scornful cages of preemptive judgement.

Yet breaking from the dynamics of exclusionary premises represents an area of healthy growth into the natural, necessary strength of empathetic capacity inherent to healthy human beings. Addressing this, I would submit, actually represents one of the most essential tasks of communication today and is emblematic of a challenge to one of the most insidious dynamics of private privilege that places itself before/above the law.

The hierarchy of privilege carefully doles out toe holds to its ideology of placing oneself above the common laws agreed upon by healthy societies. I think of police abuses and how they are tied to fines (monetary system based on fractional reserve banking - now exploding with creation of non-existent ‘value’ by the banking system), civil asset forfeiture, the mortgage fiasco, etc.


Ted Rall is wrong: Scott Walker is not simply an “idiot”; he is a blooming idiot, as the English say. Ted Rall is right: Scott Walker is pompous know-nothing, who should be setting his sights on getting an education rather than aspiring to the US presidency. Where do people like him come from? If you have watched Mr Walker in action, you will easily appreciate the obtuseness, the dogmatism, the simple-mindedness that passes itself off as “conviction.” As a politician, Walker is distinguished by the fact that he manages to make George W Bush look like an intellectual. Bush was the most ignorant man to ever occupy the Oval Office (he narrowly beats out Ronald Reagan), but a President Walker would definitely challenge Bush’s preeminence in embarrassing mediocrity.

The Republican Party is a despicable, sinister affair, but it’s also a ludicrous pantomime, where one buffoon after another gets up and plays “candidate for US President” in the most unconvincing manner. Walker is a moron, but so is Trump, Cruz, etc, etc. One is amazed that the ruling class can’t find better people to represent its venal interests. But then again, the 1% understand that the American electorate has been pulverized and propagandized into barbarism, apathy, indifference and stupidity. Sado-masochism is the common motivation of so many Republican voters. They are all too willing to fall all over themselves in service of the filthy rich, but they are vicious in their treatment of underlings, especially when those those inferiors are dark skinned and/or foreign. Mark how Donald Trump’s racist views of Mexicans lifted him in the polls.

Ted Rall is right that we ought to have intelligent people in Office, but he is wrong to suppose that this ever really happens. What is wanted in a US President is not intelligence per se, but a ruthless commitment to violence, bullying, thuggishness and posturing. In this regard, Walker is no worse than Obama who is no better than Bush. The qualifications for the US President should be brought into line with the demands of civilization and moral culture: the good candidate would be a decent human being with a conscience. But while we live in the Last Capitalist Empire we should be so lucky to see such a person in power…


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After the reign of Bush the stupid, I’m not surprised at anything. A very sobering thought: Walker was elected twice to the governorship and he beat the recall. What does that say about Wisconsin voters, especially the working class ones who have been beaten into servitude by this Koch brother lackey?


Interesting first comments, but Space_Cadet comes closest to the truth, imo. Contrary to Ted’s dumbfounded amazement, which I also share, Walker is the perfect GOP candidate; an anti-intellectual suited minion of his masters. I share theoldgoat’s dismay at the divisive name-calling that passes for political discourse today, but can hardly fault Rall’s portraiture of the GOP base. How else to characterize their enthusiasm for everything coarse, backwards, arrogant and conceited? Trump tosses insults like candy at a hometown parade and the GOP wants to pin medals on him; W gives the finger to the entire world and the Republican faithful obligingly drop their pants and back him up by shooting the moon. The battle flag of the Army of Virginia comes down in SC, and by gawd the south shall rise agin’. And I find it hilarious that the GOP is the party of Lincoln, and of TR.

Oh, that the GOP could breed a true statesman like Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has the natural political instincts to say nary a word about anything controversial, so long as the controversy rages. And then she can always say “There, I told you so.” Somewhere on the continuum between a cold distant mother and the dark lord.

But the result is the same. That gleaming, well-oiled entity known as “The United States,” the collective might of all that military, economic, and PR power, will have its figurehead daddy or mommy, so the peasants don’t decide to burn the friggin’ place down. Not that 1% would care, as long as it’s not theirs that gets burned down.

Doin’ the Duop Do-wop.


I agree with you. Every post resonated with me at some level, but the final conclusion I have is that candidates today reflect the ignorance, stupidity and moral corruption of the people they represent. While I know there are millions of wonderful individuals out there, it doesn’t seem they are rushing to the polls. We keep getting imbeciles, criminals and creeps in our leadership positions. It’s discouraging.


Two things:

While one would have to BE an idiot to see Scott Walker as anything but…

Is this use of the masculine pronoun really apropos at this time?

“I trust you agree with me that a Man Who Would Be President should have been living and breathing the minutiae of domestic and foreign policy problems and issues throughout his life.”

C’mon, Ted: How difficult would it have been to instead ask what a PERSON who would be President should have…?

Also, this focus on the Daddy-President is about a pre-vetted popularity contest. With Big Money gaming the system from who gets heard and who therefore counts, to who COUNTS the votes (and that’s when a Supreme Court doesn’t step in to “right” the item), it’s about the veneer of power and hardly an accurate portrait for how the corporate state today runs.

Time to look deeper.

However, as far as mascots go, the fact that the Kochs can prop up this anything-for-money jackass, shows where a portion of this nation’s citizens and psyche sits: Hint–SEWER!


The plan for the R’s is the same as 2000. No matter what Jeb does in the first primaries, the South Carolina primary will be purchased for Jeb. That state is easily manipulated and ever since 2000 it has been made to look like an important state in the primary race. The village idiot lost New Hampshire to McCain and 100 million rushed in so he could buy South Carolina. Walker and the rest will disappear after S.C.


“… the fact that the Kochs can prop up this anything-for-money jackass, shows where a portion of this nation’s citizens and psyche sits: Hint–SEWER!”

Wow, there you go BLAMING the nation’s citizens for Scott Walker! You consciously omit the centuries of propaganda and violence that have gone into creating this mass psychology. Clearly if you are not a paid member of the “tag team” pushing the “blame the people” meme, you are carrying water for them.

You better watch out or SR will show up and really rip into you for your “offhand” comment.


“This is not a liberal-conservative thing.”

It most definitely is unless you think that neoliberal Clinton, a President almost as regressive a corporatist as conservatives Nixon and Reagan, was a liberal.


" Where do people like him ( Scott Walker ) come from?

Scott Walker is just a cockroach sent straight from the Koch Roach Brothers.


Scott Walker is not an idiot. Neither was his COUSIN George Walker Bush. Both are loyal goose-steppers to the Nazi Bush/Walker/Davis/Koch crime family. (Source: ex-NSA agent Wayne Madsen Reports)

Most know my connection info on Walker. But Davis is pretty shocking too. Supreme Court Justice David Davis cousin to George Bush Sr’s Great Grandfather David Davis Walker. William Rhodes Davis, an American, was the oil man who supplied the Nazi War Machine with fuel from Mexico to blitzcreek (sp?) all of Europe and kill American G.I.'s). This very same oil man, William Rodes Davis, was the Grandfather of California Governor Grey Davis (who we kicked out in a special recall election). Now I’m having trouble tying the two Davis families together, but Prescott Sheldon Bush always used family in funding the Nazis. For example, he used money from his father-in-law, the richest bankster on Wall Street: Herbert Walker, to fund the Nazis through Brown Brothers Harriman and Union Bank (which was confiscated by FBI for trading with the enemy.)

Governor Jeb Bush ruled Florida with an iron anti-union hand and there are scads of relatives: Walkers and Davis Judges in the Federal Court system. So my question to you all is:

Just how many other “idiots” are planted into the governments of this fake democracy?

Huh? Kinda Creepy, wouldn’t you say? We can’t write these guys off as idiots. That’s what they want dumb American trailer trash to believe: vote for the idiot just like me. No, these guys like Scott Walker are not idiots. They are criminals in a mafia family which, by their own stated obectives (the Heritage Foundation) wants to return us to the days before the Civil War where Railroad Robber Barons ruled on high and everybody else died in slavery.

The Bush Family owned the notorious Ohio Railroad which used slave Chinese labor. The Walker side of the Family owned the MO railroad and the El Paso railroad which invaded Mexico. Another Walker took over the entire country of Nicaragua and declared himself President under fraudulent elections.

This diebold vote flipping goes waaaaay back.


All of these Republican candidates for “president” are equally dim, equally (and absurdly) unqualified.
And yet, and yet, in Groundhog Day America, we are obliged to take them seriously.


The oligarchy that owns these puppets wants the public to dedicate their time and money into arguing and fighting over these private employees of theirs instead of educating themselves on issues.

The first issue would be, do we need these puppets, especially in the computer age when we can have safe, encrypted, electronically aided referendums?

Bernie, are you listening?