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Scott Walker and John Doe: How Corporate Checks Fueled Coordinated Campaign


Scott Walker and John Doe: How Corporate Checks Fueled Coordinated Campaign

Mary Bottari

Documents released by the Guardian indicate that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may have solicited and received corporate checks for the 2011 Senate recall fight and his own 2012 recall election.


Scott Walker belongs in prison. I'm not a big advocate of our prison system, but there are a bunch of people in power who belong there.

Once again, I think I've died and woken up in the Roman Empire. Especially the late one before the split into two empires. Government corruption is rampant and the treatment of our citizens is horrible.


The saddest part of this story is that it was carried in the British paper The Guardian. Don't Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, or Oshkosh have newspapers able to cover this story?


Corporate worship of Republicans in general and Snotty Wanker in particular are the major reason we in Wisconsin have to suffer this evil Kochsucker. The idea of press coverage in Wisconsin is to print the Republican press release verbatim with no alternate viewpoint as if there is no POSSIBLE other position.


So what's new. Government officials in bed with crooks, blatant corruption, criminality carried on with impunity. And they get re-elected, because there is a section of the American voting public that doesn't give a flying fig about dishonesty...I assume because they themselves are so corrupt. Next thing you know, Trump will be elected and we'll start reading articles exposing his Mafia connections, his venality, his violent sexism...and then he'll get 4 more years. Blech.


The evidence of corruption could not be more damning. And yet Scotty Walker still sits there smuggly in the governor's chair. Cheeseheads had their chance to rid themselves of this louse a few years ago, but the recall was too much for their 'sense of decency.' So they continue to pay. What will it take to send this guy to jail?


Walker is (Bush) family, he'll go to jail only when they do.


Technically it was one Wisconsin justice choking another Wisconsin justice. I don't believe that would be battery on a federal official because it's a state court, though IANAL.

Also, he's technically retired from the court, though he stayed on until late last year or early this year. His name is David Prosser and the victim is Anne Walsh Bradley.

Granted all that he's still a POS and should be in jail alongside Walker. Also, he's the one that Walker helped fundraise for with club for growth where the election in 2011 was hotly contested and it appeared his challenger, Joanne Kloppenburg won but then Kathy Nickolaus (Waukesha County Clerk) found "more votes" that let Prosser win. She was using an ancient computer system that investigators couldn't really figure out if there was any fraud involved.