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Scott Walker and Wisconsin GOP Claim Protests Overblown, But Just Read the Full Details of Their Plan to Dismantle Democracy

Scott Walker and Wisconsin GOP Claim Protests Overblown, But Just Read the Full Details of Their Plan to Dismantle Democracy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As Wisconsin Republicans and outgoing Gov.

A message to Wisconsin republicans: If you REALLY REALLY want to play (no holds barred) politics we can accommodate you. If you have an aversion to compromise in governing we can fix that for you. As far as I am concerned if a bomb can be exploded during an anti- Vietnam War protest the capital building might as well be leveled if only one party feels it has a right to rule in it.


Boy, those rethuglicans really don’t like democracy, huh? And that voting stuff, that really seems to scare them.

You know, when Wiscosinites rebelled in the Capitol the last time, Obama’s silence on the issue at the time was deafening. I would submit to potential presidential Democratic candidates for 2020 that they should go up there and stand with the people. Progressives like me would take anyone who did that seriously.

What’s that I hear? Oh, crickets again.


So true. I traveled out-of-state to attend that massive protest. It was inspiring. But then the DNC knocked the pins out from under their political base. It was a betrayal of monumental proportions. We have not recovered yet. The DNC is the kiss of death that keeps on giving.


In September of 1969, hundreds of welfare mothers led by Fr. Groppi and aided by thousands of UW students broke the Assembly locks and entered and seized the State Assembly chamber to prevent enactment of serious welfare cuts.

Students and welfare mothers with children in tow showed more courage then than most people today, except for the caravan.



Shows what a low life Creep Walker has always been. As he leaves office, slam the door behind him Hard and make sure his head is caught. That should make his eyes look right finally. This guy truly needs a good smack after all the damage he has done as corrupt elected official.


I was wondering what was going on with Wisconsin. That putz Scott Walker beat the recall and got two terms. Thank goodness, he was defeated this time around. Then Wisconsinites voted twice for Ron Johnson over Russ Feingold! Johnson is one of those hideous far right wing Libertarian/Ayn Rand ghouls.


Wow – !!!

and 1969 – !!!

Thanks for that look at Wisconsin history – quite a story –


Joe – Can you really know who Wisconsites really voted for?

Recalling Walker and then voting for a Ayn Rand Libertarian?

What are you folks voting on if I may ask?

He should be pilloried for a week and waterboarded…no diaper changes allowed. His henchmen should get the same treatment. I have more respect for amoebae and E.coli than I do for the Repugs.


Considering this reaction how can voters continue to support these miscreants? Are Wisconsin voters out of their fucking minds?


Yes, I believe they are, along with about 40% of American voters.


We are being force-fed gerrymander sandwiches, and voter I.D. soup.


Thank you for the response–

those force-fed gerrymandered sandwiches and ID’s being pushed in many states, sadly.

And, also your GOP-dominated government there.

Could be happening in any other of our states in any minute –

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That IS interesting!

Well, UFSA is a definite now (United Fascist States of Amerika). So now what?

I don’t see any Bielski brothers, Weathermen, or any other true patriotic movement being born. Nor do I know where to run off to…as if we could afford it… I’m not up for living in Nazi redux…and it’s comin’…what the hell is the matter with people, anyway? I am SO sick of stoopid… and my Rocinante is long past exhausted.


With 95% of the voting electorate supporting either a Democrat or a Republican in 2016, yeah, there’s a lot of people out of their fucking minds.

Zombies, the lot.

How do progressives go up against that?


You know how states got boycotted because of their anti-GLBT garbage? I wonder if we can form any boycotts of Wisconsin and Michigan, if companies can refuse to do conventions & conferences there, if athletes and performers can cancel, etc.

Amy ran a good informative segment today on what the thugs in Wisconsin did, are doing; her interview guest was Ruth Coniff of The Progressive. Curled my hair.

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Toni –

Imagine that if you asked here, many of us have long, long ago looked for ways to
get out of here.

Also, since JFK, RFK and MLK, Jr., fascist control has ensured that any liberal even
thinking of rising to power is removed. They will not risk another FDR or JFK again.
And 24/7 spying on the public by NSA guarantees that if a leaf is falling in that direction
they will know about it.

Of course, you know, I had to look up Rocinante – !! Thank you for the reminder, a pleasant one!

There really isn’t enough time to think of creative means to overcome where we are now, imo.
And it can’t be done in a vacuum – only through very broad discussions – by masses of people
everywhere who begin to think along the same lines.

Consider that these are also people with families and that Civil War isn’t very appealing, especially
as they are reminded of its dangers every day in US/CIA illegal wars of aggression destroying
citizens/nations all over the planet and of the cruelty and brutality of this insane president trying
to imprison and do harm to families and children at the Mexican border.

Mothers and Fathers may throw themselves in front of machine guns, but they’re not willing as
yet to ask that of their children.

In order to ensure that we have a non-violent revolution it would take the sacrifice of 100,000’s

Obviously, there’s a point of no return in this – it may be the Wild Card of Global Warming and
it may be the point where fascists feel they have such control over the planet that there will be
no situation like WWII where Soviet Union, US and Australia, Britain, etal were still there to
save the world. They cannot act if there is still anyone left to steal their final act from them as
happened with Hitler.

NOW – here’s something I had planned to try to bring up at some earlier time, but it went
completely out of my head until this evening when History Channel today presented their fairly
new reporting on CRYSTAL METH and German society – and German troops hopped up on it.
This also destroys empathy/creates simply killing machines of soldiers. And this is, of course,
very important to know about the past and needs to be expanded on. Montgomery, in Africa,
also got caught up in it with his troops (big mistake) because the British had found or captured
a German soldier who happened to have such a “pill” on him and they researched it. This is
what created Hitler’s rise and fall in many ways – he couldn’t get out of bed in the morning until
his “Dr. Feelgood” came and injected a batch of drugs (23) into him! There’s a lot to be said on
this subject –

but, it leads me to wonder about those like Trump – and also recognizing that Nixon was treating
himself to enough alcohol to drown himself and having loaded up his car with prescription drugs at one time
which evidently served him for quite a period of time. Is this what caused him to put armed troops
in the basement of the White House – paranoia? LBJ was naturally Manic-Depressive which he has
spoken about and is in print. At the end of his White House days he was trying to confess all to everyone
near and far and they finally had to get a psychiatrist and pay him $1 million to listen to his confessions
and say nothing about them. How about “W” who had to wear a wire during the debates because he
was so less than sharp that he couldn’t even at times understand the question leave alone reply to it.

Wish I could give you and Rocinante some relief right now but I can’t.
Either time will be on our side or it won’t.

And – danger of repeats here you may have read many times before …
My feelings are we need to begin to act immediately to bring down Elites/Capitalists -
to stop cooperating with the system. To move people away from corporations into green jobs.
And on the list – I have a long, long list buried somewhere in or on my desk but no handy – is to
STOP supporting “Christianity” in any way. It underpins Elite-Patriarchy for one and supplied
the licenses for Elites to exploit everything on the planet, including other human beings, in
“Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature.” It also invented this 350 odd year old
system of Capitalism which is intended to move the wealth of other nations from the many to the
few – and which it has successfully done over a hundred plus years.

STOP eating animals and do your own body a favor –
You’ll also be breaking a long chain of violence which in many ways impacts us all.

IF they refuse to renew Net Neutrality overturned by FCC, then let’s gradually all begin pulling
the plug on cable companies. This is for benefit of Verizon and Comcast, already making
billions from internet pornography which is basic propaganda demonizing females and making
them only worthy of sexual violence.

I’m optimistic about the population but we’ve gotten a very late start because this hasn’t been
a nation where the public sat around discussing politics – for many reasons – one was that
“polite” thing – and the first immigrants were GERMANS! and Italians and Irish; the latter not
very likely to be challenging even their own fascist religion.

But – recognize we may only have the satisfaction of standing up for the right things –
and the satisfaction of a spiritual win.

Why don’t we have a campaign for passing the Equal Rights Amendment –
$5 bucks from every female in the US? Where are our allegedly feminist organizations doing that?

And meanwhile, we also have to make clear that overturning Roe isn’t about anyone’s morality and
certainly not about any morality of Trump the GOP or Evangelicals (who didn’t agree anyway that
life begins at conception or that there shouldn’t be therapeutic abortions for females!) - but who
would profit more than the Catholic Church from an overturning of Roe?
Overall this is about ELITES who need excess populations to exploit as cheap labor = higher profits.

Been thinking about your question since earlier today – saddened me.

Wow! Pithy column…which it should be. CD should have you writing for them…replying solely to us is too hit-and-miss! And you’re a far better, more knowledgeable scholar than I’ll ever be…

BB, we’re actually in agreement on several of your points, from the misogynistic patriarchy of organized religion to the violence perpetrated against animals on the planet, from the control and capitalistic exploitation of so many “tribes” to the thoughts about reclaiming our power. I have not read some of the books I need to, like Naomi Klein’s, Jane Mayer’s, and so many others…even from Amy Goodman’s guests…

The battery on this iPad is almost out and it’s past 2:00 here…I think I’ll sleep on your response and hope for lucidity by morning. Thank you for all you do and for this provocative response…

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