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Scott Walker Begins His 2016 Run for the White House


Scott Walker Begins His 2016 Run for the White House

Mary Bottari

Scott Walker will announce for president today. After standing for 25 primary and general elections in 25 years, Walker has now set his eyes on the White House. As he officially hits the campaign trail this week, he will tout himself as a “fresh face” and a bold reformer, a man who took on the big unions and revitalized Wisconsin’s economy, a straight shooter who says what he is going to do then does it.

From our bird’s eye view on the Wisconsin Capitol, we think all these claims deserve close scrutiny. Here is what you need to know about Walker’s record.


Who needs a Super PAC when the Koch bros have your back? Back when GWB was making noise about throwing his hat into the ring, I shook my head in amazement that someone as inept, inane, corrupt, and arrogant thought himself capable of holding the highest office in the land. We all know how that turned out.... Now, I shudder and shake to think that someone as dangerous and devoid of compassion as Walker could be president. In fact, all candidates in the GOP clown car are feckless prevaricators and a very scary bunch. Bernie Sanders is the only ethical, truthful, rational and compassionate contender for the presidency.

One nation under the Money god...that is now our "democracy" in name only.


Walker is a lying devious sycophantic little weasel. Well, that exact description defines a horde of other officeholders.


Attention: Saturday Night Live comedy writers:

Please find a Ross Perot clone who can mock Scott Walker by using that same creaky voice while holding up placards that show these numbers:

"Part of the explanation for the deficit is that Wisconsin’s economy has stalled. Wisconsin ranks 40th in job growth and 42nd in wage growth, and Walker’s 2011 anti-union Act 10 bill, combined with “right to work” and the rollback of prevailing wages in the budget, will lower wages for almost 600,000 public and private workers in this small state."

Scott Walker has NO soul. I don't think there's a chance in hell that this authoritarian with HIS call to Freedom will get anywhere. With a little luck, lighting will strike him directly... before he can do any more harm.


"That and Jill Stein but she isn't in the dichotomy so she is likely a lost cause."

IN the dichotomy, huh? Do you even understand what the word means? Or did you mean duopoly?


Two piss in a pot, I mean peas in a pod


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I, along with the nation,have waited with bated breath for Walker to throw his pork pie ( He's a fan of The French Connection and Hackman) into the ring. With one of the most finely articulated statements, he immediately establishes himself as one of the leading lights, not only in Republicans circles, but in the history of political theory. Some are saying not since Adlai Stevenson has such depth of thought been so articulated in the context of U. S. politics. Frankly, his oratory is Lincolnesque, nonpareil, echoing the Great Communicator himself, the sainted Ronnie. Sources say the rest of the field is seriously considering forming a "united front" to prevent his, what they now consider, near certain nomination. As Jonathan Swift said, and it could apply to Walker and this also, "Words are the clothing of our thoughts.”


Misuse of words happens to the most brilliant among us. No apology needed.


Yes-if you watched the corporate media the past few days you can tell who is the favorite. This guy Scott Walker has stated blatant lies while running for office and never gets called on it. People around him are in jail. And none of this seems to be an issue. This is the guy the elite want. And Hillary the great pretender -the other corporate pick-but is she the pick to lose.--And Bernie Sanders-getting all kinds of crowds-but the message from the corporate media is he's not realistic. Pollster Charlie Cook-really someone who shapes public opinion- stated a politician can't be too specific or they will be defeated.---The scary thing about all this is if a republican gets the White House and republicans control the Congress??? Well we might get that revolution everybody wants. Bernie Sanders I believe is laying a foundation for something to come.


This scumbag is a COUSIN of George Walker Bush (GWB) according to ex-NSA Wayne Madsen. One of walker's relatives, who knows Scott should not be president, phoned Madsen with the info, he says.

Twice, Scott Walker has referred to GWB as his cousin while standing at the microphone. Scott Walker was GWB's Campaign manager for his Texas Governor run and co-chairman of his campaign for president in 2000 and 2004.

So if I understand correctly where this fake election is headed, voters get a choice between a bush (Jeb), and a bush cousin (Scott Walker) and a bush toadie (Hillary) who's husband let VP "Poppy Bush" run drugs from Iran Contra through her state using CIA smuggler Barry Seal (who somebody had killed).

Have I got this right??????

Who owns Diebold Voting machines which are more phucked up than Hogan's Goat (which ate the laundry line)?

That's right, it's the Texas Oil Mob, who won't allow anyone to see the source code and check for "back doors" which have "flipped" the vote in favor of the Neocon in the past.

You should be getting pretty pissed off right about now.

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