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Scott Walker: Constitutional Amendment May Be Necessary to Thwart Marriage Equality


Scott Walker: Constitutional Amendment May Be Necessary to Thwart Marriage Equality

Jon Queally, staff writer

Scott Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin who this weekend was called the GOP's current presidential frontrunner, thinks that the best way to block full-blown marriage equality at the federal level will be to amend the U.S. Constitution in such a way so that states will be empowered to forbid marriages that are not between one man and one woman.


OMG, Scott Walker is SO GAY!


Given the continued demographic shift in the USA, Walker’s idiotic statement on this social issue pretty much guarantees he cannot be elected president.


Scotty is actually auditioning as Jeb’s assassination insurance policy (in other words his vice presidential candidate). It will be interesting to see what the security state power brokers think of such a development. The truth is that both parties are running tired out and sold out candidates whose primary qualification is their last name and whose secondary qualification is the .list of corporate patrons willing to pay the price of their campaign. in return they get to take their turns gripping the choker leash such support puts around the future president’s neck…
Seems like only yesterday when many thought "nothing can be worse eight years of GW Bush. Then came Obama. Now we get to choose between yet a third Bush or America’s leading multinational corporate “bag lady” attorney. And whoever it is will have a neocon Republican clown posse Senate and House to assist them. It’s gonna be another long 8 years ahead.


The same thought crossed my mind. In that motorcycle outfit he looks like Chelsea when she was still Bradley.


Is Walker related to the Walker side of the Bush clan?

Sorry, i can look that up myself. Lots of rumor-mongering but no connection in a quick web search, including the Wikipedia page on the genealogy of the Walker (Bush-related) political clan.


Where do these anti-gay cretins stand on Gays fighting in the military?


Not exactly a poetic comment.


Walker is definitely a 21st century Joseph McCarthy and not just because both hailed from Wisconsin.

Has Walker petitioned to rename the GOP the AMERICAN TALIBAN PARTY?


Now that I’ve seen Caitlyn Jenner, I wonder how Scott Walker would look in drag?


Naw, he just looks like the standard cookie-cutter Harley rider. Quite a few of them are Gay, no doubt.


Right about the higher echelons of the Army being riddled by commies? You bet.


Yes, he is not a close relative, but they are related via the Walker bloodline… A constitutional amendment should not be necessary to remove this greasy, trashy scumbag from the planet. And his Walker relatives too.


Gay and Trans are different things.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Wonderful, a constitutional amendment to support bigotry.


Caitlyn Jenner actually looks attractive as a woman. Scott Walker will always look like an idiot.


Joe McCarthy was right about WHAT exactly? Your comment is very broad brushed. Please be more specific.


Screw marriages! The government needs to get out of the marriage business altogether and only issue civil unions! If people want married, they can go to their favorite church and get married but only after recieving a civil union from the gov. Why civil union from the gov before marriage at a church you ask? Read up on what’s going on in Turkey right now. In short, in Turkey, marriage at a church before the gov’t union leads to forced marriages. If the civil union is required before the church marriage, women still have a chance to say “No!” That is what they are finding out in Turkey. Civil Unions y’all!


“Where do these anti-gay cretins stand on Gays fighting in the military?”
Don’t ask - Don’t tell , but make sure they get put on the front line to die first. Then, its good riddance.