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Scott Walker Does Not Respect Democracy

Scott Walker Does Not Respect Democracy

John Nichols

No governor in the long history of Wisconsin has been more disrespectful of the state’s rich democratic traditions than Scott Walker, the political careerist who since taking office in 2011 has worked to make it easier for billionaires to buy elections and harder for voters to cast ballots in them.

Nothing Walker has done up until now has been so aggressively anti-democratic as his refusal to hold special elections to fill vacant seats in the state legislature.

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How is our president doing these days? A quick summary media reports:
…Washington Post: Angry and increasingly isolated … fumes … voices frustration … revives old grudges … seethed with anger … raging … venting … furious … .irate … “Morale is the worst it’s ever been” … feels abandoned and alone.
…Politico: Chaos here, backlash there, shock everywhere … growing sense of despair … deep demoralization and discord … erratic … sullen and isolated … deeply suspicious of the people around him.
…Guardian: Abandoned in a raging storm … fulminated … isolated, angry and ready to lash out … unchecked volatility … “angry and gunning for a fight” … erratic … morale is understood to be at an all-time low … increasingly isolated and mercurial … staggering from one crisis to another.
These stories roughen reporters. How many synonyms for “raging four-year-old” are there? Actually, the connecting thread through all these stories is: sullen, isolated, abandoned, and alone. Trump past tossed vague orders and a golf course would open, he believes all due his leadership, the only thing different in the White House is he’s got a different staff. If things fail now, it’s the fault of people working for him. When things go south he lashes out at his staff as either incompetent or disloyal, then gets new staff. When things keep going south the only possible explanation is that everyone is against him and he ends up sullen, isolated, abandoned, and alone."
Is this some kind of shaudenfraude?
Trump combing his hair alone.
Casino mob boss gone rong. /^;
The world got darker cuz of US
(us pronounced uhh-sss)
I M P E A C H . H I M
(never give up on impeachment!)

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I’m really disappointed in Wisconsin, I thought they would have run Walker out of the state by now.
Just another example of how repug’s despise democracy and the rule of law when it doesn’t benefit them.

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America has never been a democracy. It was never intended to be one. The founding fathers (mostly wealthy and well connected men) made damn sure that the power of the people could be exercised once, and only once, per year on the first Tuesday of November. And even then, you are voting your proxy to a candidate pre-approved by the two politcal parties.
This a republic folks. It was never meant to be a democracy. We have always been led by a wealthy caste or their handpicked proxies. We were never meant to be anything but a large feudal estate run by a small group of European wannabes.
That’s what we are. That’s who we are. Wisconsin is not the exception. It is the norm.


The Repubs play to win.

The Dems play to get paid.

Little Scotty Walker is one of the Koch Bros fave sock puppets.
No surprise that these shenanigans are occurring in WI (and elsewhere).
The repubiCons gerrymandered like hell and block block block.

Yes Jon there is a Santa. The Free Market Religion holds Mammon over God? How far down on the list Is Democracy? These people believe they are right, their philosophies are right and liberals are Hitler so the end justifies the means. They support any kind of cheating, dishonesty and dirty tricks to get their way because liberals are a clear and present danger to their way of life. Just listen to the radio when you drive from Madcity to Green Bay. You won’t believe what has happened to the news.

At Least We Know Bigfoot Is Real …

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