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Scott Walker Issues "Latest in a Long Line of Attacks" on Women's Health


Scott Walker Issues "Latest in a Long Line of Attacks" on Women's Health

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed into law on Thursday two bills that slash millions in funding for Planned Parenthood, which the organization slammed as "the latest in a long line of attacks" on women's health.

He signed the bills at a faith-based, "abortion alternative" resource center.


I do not consider myself a hater, however, if there is one douche-y twit that continues to spark my considerable ire, it is this sock puppet Koch whore Walker. And today he's the subject of two articles! Jeebus!
To my dear WI relatives, get rid of this piece 'o crap!


To steal a nickname from another commenter, "Wanker" is one vile P.O.S. May he soon endure all the pain and anguish that he has caused the state and its citizens since he first took the oath as Gov. to represent the will of the people in WI (he had his fingers crossed behind his back because his "people" were then and are now the Kock meisters.) Lafollette must be rolling over in his grave as SW continues with his malicious, destructive, mean-spirited mandates. With the blessings of his state legislature, Gov. Wanker has literally and figuratively brought the state of Wisconsin down on its knees. The citizens of Wisconsin must come together with mandates of their own at the polls to cut out the festering cankers that are Wanker and his buddies in the state houses.

Wanker must still be fuming that he had to drop out of the GOP Klown Kandidate Kar early on because he has been absolutely obstreperous ever since.


Scott Walker was immensely popular at one point and was the favored republican establishment figure to run for this years election back in 2014. Then he passed an anti-gay bill that cost his state potentially thousands of jobs when companies decided to pull out and tens of millions on an ad campaign to bring those jobs back. Now he is attacking any person who is not an old white xtian straight man.


Ilyse Hogue sez: "The anti-choice movement...is not the majority in this country. Seven in 10 Americans support our rights to safe and legal abortion. And we will not be silenced by a small but vocal minority."

This view appears to run counter to the choices made — repeatedly — by Wisconsin voters.


I first knew of Scott Walker when I lived in Milwaukee, WI and he became the Milwaukee County Executive. He drove Milwaukee County into debt. Thank heaven I left Wisconsin before he was elected Governor, but my friends who still live in Wisconsin despise him.


Some decisions ought not to be made through public opinion, in fact some decisions ought not to be made by the government at all.


CD may want to look into anti-women legislation that has been re-introduced by a Tea Party Republican Idaho State House member, Ron Nate that women seeking abortions MUST have ultrasounds performed at state mandated clinics (masquerading as such when they are in reality, pro-life centers). This very same legislation was introduced and soundly defeated in the state of Idaho in 2012. Here is a link to an informative article about the proposed legislation: http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2016/02/18/want-ultrasound-visit-crisis-pregnancy-center-idaho-republicans-say/

More of the nationwide war on women by the Republicans and their evangelical partners in crime.