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Scott Walker Puts Forth His 'Cruelest' Idea Yet: Drug Tests for Medicaid Applicants


Scott Walker Puts Forth His 'Cruelest' Idea Yet: Drug Tests for Medicaid Applicants

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who has refused millions of dollars in federal funding for Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), wants his state to become the first in the nation to make Medicaid applicants undergo a drug test in order to qualify for benefits under the safety-net program.


I've seen this episode already. Why are they showing re-runs? It failed last time, but unlikely this time. While their at it, that can drop a sample to prove they aren't doing drugs...we're all equal right?


Would there be an age limit on the work requirement? Because Medicaid pays for the majority of nursing home care in this country, and it's not like that care is very good to begin with, more like warehouses for the dying, but even that is better than homelessness.

One thing I'd kind of like the articles on CD to do is to give the reason why Walker et al want these changes.


That jackass should be forced to take drug tests and pass a basic IQ test to stay in office. If anyone is benefiting from the public dole, it is he and his cronies. What a lot of nasty little creeps.


To understand why republicans want changes such as these, you have to study history and sociology to grasp the social constructs behind social Darwinism and Calvinism, and how they are oriented toward rewarding the wealthy and punishing the poor, and feeling entitled to do so.


Keep watching this little weasel. Had he possessed more foresight he could be in the White House today, wreaking more havoc than pumpkin-head ever could manage. Walker is hugely dangerous, a true fascist-elitist, with major money behind him, and rotten to his core. He's unlikely to go away; my money is on him being the GOP nominee in 2020. He'll look clean after Trump et al and will beat any non-progressive Democrat. Establishment Democrats intent on running the Hildebeast again--and they are gearing up to do exactly that--must be stopped by the midterms.


Yeah, but I want to know, from the articles, the justifications that they themselves are giving. That's just part of the fundamentals fo journalism.


What is the matter Walker, don't full time low wage Wall Mart workers work enough hours? Try raising wages so folks can actually earn a dignified living--poverty is not a crime!

Office of Governor Scott Walker
115 East Capitol
Madison, WI 53702
(608) 266-1212
Jobs Hotline--what a laugh! Call them to demand a $20 minimum wage and to have Walker work on nothing more than that!
(855) 854-JOBS

My note to the mean spirited Walker:

Dear Governor Walker:

Don’t full time low wage workers work enough hours for you? Have you no decency? Poverty is not a crime! If an elderly person is too impoverished to even afford the gutted-by-Republican Medicare and receive medicaid as a supplement they should go out and work? Is your plan to make sure that everyone but your ilk works until they drop dead? Frankly, every one of you mean spirited government men and women should be mandated to work at the same rate as the lowest wage worker in the US, be drug tested yourselves and have your healthcare revoked which we the general public fund while being denied the same until such time we pass Improved Medicare For All.

Giovanna Lepore


Funny that you should mention Walmart:

The report even looked at Wisconsin in particular, which makes me wonder if this was the beginning of Walker's thinking on the subject (since this report is from 2014).

Of course, the headline that I linked blames the workers, but the fact is, taxpayers are subsidizing Walmart.


Yes, such hypocrites need to be called to account.

The following is a list of the 10 top papers in Wisconsin and everyone should get busy responding to such meanness of spirit and point to the obvious goal of the reactionaries --reactionaries NOT radicals because they are incapable of going to the root of our common humanity. Write the governor an open letter and spread it around. Their goal is to make sure we do, in fact, work--ha! if we can even find a job!-until we actually do drop dead.


Yes indeed, it is past time to start drug testing all of amerika's welfare queens. We should immediately drug test every state and federal politician along with their staffs. That would include the President, his cabinet and the people in the Pentagon. It would probably work a lot better than the states that required it to get assistance from the state, Florida, Michigan, Arizona and some 11 other states have wasted millions pretending that drug testing the needy works! But, what the hell, if we were to catch several politicians and there staffers using drugs, we could incarcerate them until the next Super Bowl, and use them for half time entertainment as they get fed to the lions, tigers and hyenas, or guillotine them at center court during halftime at the NCAA finals!


Where are the drug tests -- and sanity tests -- for members of Congress and all
elected officials?

How many sane people does anyone here think we'd find in government of the MIC ...
or the intelligence complex?


They believe in Darwinism- that they alone are the only ones fit to live. Eugenics was all about that. In fact I believe Hitler partially got his ideas from Henry Ford who even hated Jews.


Yes, drug and alchohol tests- many of them I hear are drunks.


Hello vox, I'll supply the reason. The Right fascists have one goal. Killing people! That is the reason! The more that they kill the happier they become. Make what you will out of this!