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Scott Walker Said Foxconn Would Be Great For Wisconsin. So Why Are These People Losing Their Homes?


Scott Walker Said Foxconn Would Be Great For Wisconsin. So Why Are These People Losing Their Homes?

Julia Conley, staff writer

While Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker continues to hail the deal he struck last year with the Taiwanese electronics firm Foxconn to build a factory in the state—with the vocal support of President Donald Trump—reports out of southeastern Wisconsin show that the agreement, ostensibly meant to boost the economy and employment, is so far holding few benefits for Wisconsinites.


All I can do is shake my head and mutter, “wtf did they expect? it’s Scott Walker.”


Exactly right.


The scary thing is, Trump is spawning more Walkers it seems.


Scott Walker and Paul Ryan are the worst. Absolute scumbags.


The question is - is the cup half full or half empty, they are half right - the dollars are there - and people will benefit, they just didn’t carefully define who benefits and where the dollars will end up. Follow the profits - you will find tax breaks there, follow the workers - there you will find tax dollars spent in benefits which workers with more productive jobs will fund and support.


I only have but one question: Why do Republicans always have to be such assholes?


Touche, Tweeders.


They’re the sort of people that help me understand the worldview of people like David Icke.


I can’t do David Icke. He might say things that have merit from time to time but he lost me with the whole reptile thing.


And to hell with water:


Yah but that’s the whole point of it, don’t you think? Maybe some people believe there are actual lizards running around in crafty disguises but … me… I think it’s a brilliant metaphor. Goes right along with the ‘They Live’ analogy for our society. The people at the top are definitely doing what they can to trigger our lizard brains too.


In the end I will always leave a very small possibility that we are ruled by actual lizards entwined in some satanic cabal where Lucifer actually rules the world because so many conspiracies end there… but the non reptilian part of my brain tells me its probably just greedy dudes trying to swindle as much money as possible, sometimes working together sometimes not. I’m still not 100% convinced there is not something to these mandela effect stories, lol.

I know way too many people who yell false flag out of instinct every chance they get. It’s really annoying.

Love that movie btw.