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Scott Walker to Head ‘Slow Moving Coup’ to Repeal-and-Replace U.S. Constitution


Scott Walker to Head ‘Slow Moving Coup’ to Repeal-and-Replace U.S. Constitution

Jud Lounsbury

Most Americans don’t realize it, but the United States didn’t always have a President. From 1781 to 1789, the nation was governed by the Articles of Confederation, which due to fears about creating another king put all the power in the hands of the states. This quickly became unworkable, so the states called for the Philadelphia Convention, where they disposed of the Articles of Confederation and drafted the Constitution of the United States.

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Citizerns United - the $#1t that keeps on $hi##ing

Money Unlimited 2012 article by Jeffrey Toobin in the New Yorker a reminder of the context in which the decision arose

John Roberts tooled the original opinion into much broader scope.

Stevens dissent noted:
““At bottom, the Court’s opinion is thus a rejection of the common sense of the American people, who have recognized a need to prevent corporations from undermining self-government since the founding, and who have fought against the distinctive corrupting potential of corporate electioneering since the days of Theodore Roosevelt,” he wrote. “It is a strange time to repudiate that common sense. While American democracy is imperfect, few outside the majority of this Court would have thought its flaws included a dearth of corporate money in politics.””



Better bone up on your Chinese. As soon as the Federal government stops functioning the Chinese will be all over us like the proverbial white on rice.



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The "slow motion coup " started at least 40 years ago. What we have left will be total, non cooperation.



Odd that a “balanced budget”, which is a false flag for slashing funding for programs that foster a somewhat more equitable society, should be juxtaposed with an attempt by those who actively work toward an even more exploitative and unequal one.



I have been warning Americans about this for years, at least ever since Trump has been elected and ever since I learned how to use my I Pad to make comments. I don’t think that too many people have taken me seriously, but this is NOT a phony left wing conspiracy, it’s real, and it threatens our very lives, all of our freedoms, especially our freedom of religion, and our Constitution. This is a plot that this criminal, greedy, power hungry, bigoted, seditionist southern strategist faction has been slowly working on for over fifty years behind the scenes. They think that they are going to win, so that is one reason that these republicans maintain their fealty to this coup, as they figure that this way they will not become one of this neoNazi type faction’s victims when the coup becomes complete. The left doesn’t really scare them any because we are all really more of a tolerant, live and let live group of people than they are. They want to kill off anyone whom they don’t like, like gays, sex offenders, blacks, and Hispanics, liberals, or anyone who won’t go along with their far right, bigoted, wealthy white male fake Christian, free market capitalistic, environmentally destructive, heretical and sick, psychopathic theocracy. They want to bring back stonings for adulterous women and disobedient children, and God knows what other abominations, and go back to living in luxury on some kind of Old South slaveholder plantation where they figure that they can all live like wealthy lords with absolute power over other people!

This plot is clearly described in the book Democracy in Chains, and although it is rather a dry read, especially in the beginning, it is very well researched and gives some very important clues as to what these seditious Southern secessionists have been doing. This time, rather than to simply secede, they plan to take over ALL of America and to turn it into an updated totalitarian far right neoNazi white supremacist, fake Christian nationalist version of the Confederacy. This would be a catastrophe! We would ALL lose our freedoms to these perverted tyrants! We must never allow this to happen! They want to turn America into a sick version of Putin’s oligarchic Russia, and Putin is helping them, which is why so many republicans have such close ties with Russia. Putin just wants to get revenge on America by destroying our democracy, and if these guys succeed then they will all be big buddies with murderous Putin and MBS, and use their alliance with them to take over the entire earth and then plunder it to death for all of its mineral wealth without any regard at all for the environment!

The media, mostly controlled and sponsored by corporations, many owned by members of this evil faction, will never be allowed to tell the American people of the danger that we are all now in. So we must think for ourselves and try to organize against this unholy, and traitorous assault! This is also why McConnell and Trump are packing the courts with lifetime appointees approved of by the evil $350 billion Koch brothers with their 89 think tanks and other organizations working full time. The Koch’s are the lead instigators of this plot that they got from a man from Virginia called James Buchanan, and they finance the faction that is pushing it, along with the Mercers, Sheldon Adelson, Eric Prince, and others. They have already written this new Constitution and plan to call a Constitutional convention as soon as they can get the required 34 states to sign on and they plan to do so by any devious means needed to get it done! So beware!

There truly ought to be a law against making this kind of traitorous seditious plot and forming a faction of men and private armies like Prince has, to overthrow our government, but our laws are being undermined and the wealthy and powerful are being exempted from the law all too often these days. It is a massive and insidious plot, and I don’t know if we can withstand it but we must prevail, or lose our freedoms, what little we have of them that remain, or else all be slaves to these unscrupulous, sociopathic, spoiled, wealthy out of control tyrants forever. I will fight them any way I can, but I’m old, in chronic pain, and disabled so I can’t do very much, but I CAN write so here I am. I would rather die than live in the America that these men would create, so I don’t care if they kill me, as they would only be putting me out of my misery anyway! This frees me up to tell the truth and to find my life as Christ once said, “by being willing to lose my life for what I truly believe in,” and because it is a cause that I am easily willing to die for! I am a veteran, and a real left wing Christian, and I’ll be damned before I ever allow a group of far right Nazis to take over MY country and take away the Constitution that I swore an oath to protect and defend against ALL enemies both foreign, like Putin, and domestic, like this faction, Trump, McConnell, and the Koch brothers, or to allow these lying, phony, KKK Christian thugs to desecrate and pervert my beloved Christian faith! Trump is only a tiny taste of the abominations that these men will create. We MUST stop them as soon as we can and NEVER allow the Old South to ever rise again! Anyone can e-mail me at truthseek@icloud.com. as I am not going to live in fear. If these thugs want to kill me then they know where I am. I would rather die fighting them, then live under their massive abominable tyranny! So give me my liberty under the real Constitution and give me real Christianity or give me death, as Patrick Henry would say if he were here!



The good news is that with Walker at the helm it has a good chance of failing. Scott Walker is dumb as a fucking brick. The bad news is they already have 28 states.



I hope that you are right!

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And they will have more after McConnell changes the rules again:

Vote in 2020, and in a way that gets this criminal syndicate out of the White House.



“what if the convention was narrowly sold as a way to force those rascals in Washington, D.C., to live within their means and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment? Who’s not concerned about the runaway national debt?”

  1. The idea that this country has “runaway national debt” comes from people who have little understanding of money or math.

  2. As a card carrying economist, my only concern regarding the national debt is that we spend a great deal of that money on activities that weaken us and make us less secure in many ways, rather on activities that make us stronger and more secure. The more nuclear weapons we have, the less secure we are, and that goes double for Trumps New Toys.

  3. Fred Wertheimer was head of Common Cause, not Common Core. Looks like Spell Check run amok. The Robots ARE revolting.

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It will be of no concern that Scott Walker is a dummy. He ruined Wisconsin by following orders. The man is just a stooge who does what he is told to do



The good news is he won’t be free to gerrymander Wisconsin seats now. The 2018 election, and the new governors elected, are going to be key to weakening Republican power via gerrymanders.



We can shout for joy at every small step toward improvement. It sure is an steep incline.

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They talk about a balanced budget. If such a proposal came up the USA would be stripped bare in no time. There would be no growth [although ideally it might be necessary if we are to survive] Anyone with some knowledge of book keeping would understand the terms surplus and deficit are misleading.'So do proponents understand that a budget is an annual reckoning of expenditure and taxation and ‘surplus’ and ‘deficit’ refer to the difference between them? A surplus is a surplus of Tax and a deficit is a deficit of tax. So if you want the economy to grow the money supply must grow. and if there is a surplus of tax there wil be no growth in the money as the tax will have taken it all leaving a hole the nongovernment sector has to fill, [government deficits = private sector asset] For the economy to grow the spending has to be in excess of taxing. A balanced budget will not grow the economy. Think about it !



I agree. The courts are more important than most people realize. I often like to say, about the so called “rule of law”, that after 1933 in Germany they still had courts and judges but unfortunately for many people, Jews, homosexuals, mentally impaired etc, the “courts” made a big bad difference. Again, most people are interested in the Supreme Court justices, BUT it is the lower courts that most everyday decisions are made.



I was being satirical about Walker, although entirely truthful about him being dumb as a brick. As I said the “bad news” was there were already 28 States on board.

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That’s been their goal all along, and they’ve never come closer to it than with Trump in office. Doesn’t seem to bother Congress (with the recent exception of Rep. Adam Schiff) or the Courts, though.

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yes it is frightening to think about what could occur and I live in one of those dreadful 28 states and our senators and representatives are as dumb as bricks also.



I think he is much worse than a stooge, a True Believer in every bit of self-inflicted ignorance he spouts.



Yes, thank you. I’ve been thinking about it for 25 years, ever since I began my studies of of the pseudo-science of “economics,” and you are absolutely correct.