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Scott Walker to Sgn Anti-Union bill That Will Make Inequality Worse


Scott Walker to Sgn Anti-Union bill That Will Make Inequality Worse

Jonathan Logan

Wisconsin will soon become the nation's 25th "Right to Work" (RTW) state. RTW prohibits employers and unions from negotiating agreements that require non-members to contribute to the cost of representing them. It weakens unions and increases economic inequality. The state Senate passed Bill 44 last week. This week, the Assembly will pass an identical Bill 61 and Gov. Scott Walker (R) — described by Joan Walsh as a "Koch brothers subsidiary" — will sign it into law.


Scott is just a pawn in their game. The Kochs and others like them love a person like him who is so willing to assist their anti-union, pro-corporate agenda because he thinks it will boost his aspirations for higher office. It is a bad sign for ordinary working people that this can happen in Wisconsin after Walker’s last victory against its unionized citizens with good benefits. Corporate money has swung the argument to its favor using mouthpieces like this guy who will say anything they think will benefit themselves even as it reveals them as a dissembler. Citizens of Wisconsin please fight this! Don’t let this happen!


“Instead of acting in the interests of ordinary Wisconsinites, Walker has swallowed hook, line and sinker the anti-union extremism of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which is linked to the Koch brothers.”

It’s not that he’s “swallowed” this idea, it’s that he’s a total whore to corporate interests. Look at his dull expression… one notch above a Mongoloid although those children are (in contrast) caring innocents. He HAS no moral scruples. He’s a blank screen that his paymasters can write any message upon and he will dutifully reflect it… for the right price. THAT is what the right wing machinery of dark money and often unscrupulous corporate interests SEEK out. He’s their boy as is Chris Christie, Rick Scott, and others of this morally barren ilk.