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Scott Walker's Crony Capitalism


Scott Walker's Crony Capitalism

John Nichols

If Scott Walker were a fiscal conservative, he would be ashamed of himself.

But Walker is not a fiscal conservative. And he has no shame, as Wisconsinites who know how their tax dollars are spent are rapidly discovering.

Walker, who has claimed over the years that the state is too impoverished to adequately fund public education, public services and roads, has suddenly determined that Wisconsin has an extra $3 billion to hand off to a controversial multinational corporation that is famous for making big promises to nations and states and then failing to deliver.


I personally prefer to be ripped off by American based companies as a patriotic gesture. Er? Um? Uh…nevermind! Dang that AM radio! Sheesh!


Really, we have American based companies?


I was being facetious but you know… you might not be! Oligarchy stomps the peasants to the tune of 3 billion! And if the whole thing goes bust? Nobody takes responsibility and down the memory hole it goes!

I wish politicians who make decisions (like in Flint’s water crisis) are held responsible if those decisions end up in failure. 3 billion? No biggie I guess! No big deal at all!

Think he will get some campaign donations out of this?


I was kidding too, but it is not that far from the truth. I guess you can always make more money but in Flint you cannot restore the damage to people’s lives and children’s health. The real crime is that they knew and did nothing for quite some time. I think some have faced criminal charges. I sincerely hope so.


this is now almost settled social science in the academy. abatements and incentives almost always cost the local economy and tax base far more per job than just giving a random number of people a living salary.

cost per job is the key statistic. some of these jobs will be worth–to the taxpayers, at least–around 50-60k per year. The workers, of course, might be lucky to make half of that at best (it’s Foxconn, they won’t). The rest will go into business pockets and, more importantly, into campaign war chests of the politicians who support the deal.

Another scam that most people know nothing about, so conditioned are they to “so and so brought x jobs to the area!”.

Hope Wisconsin, that once glorious progressive bastion, enjoys the sight of its first suicide nets.


So why do the good people of Wisconsin keep electing him, squash the recall and reelected him again?


Corporate welfare sucks in all it’s manifestations. Whether it’s tax “credits” for moving a plant to Wisconsin, a corporate HQ to Boston (GE) or throwing money at stadiums because a sports team threatens to move. Studies again and again show that they’re all money losers. This is why government can’t be trusted - who ever is in power will simply use it for their own ends, whether Democrat or Republican.

Give any government official power, and they use it to perpetuate their own power.


Gerrymandering…Jim crow style voter suppression and voter “I’d” laws


Those who count the vote determine the outcome.


“Walker’s state, Wisconsin, is a catastrophe from an economic and a financial standpoint,” snarled the New Jersey mob boss elected President, soon to leave office we hope one way or another.

Among Walker’s first moves in office was cancelling their Talgo HSR production model facility support leading to project cancellation. Two trainsets were completed. A new class of operator cab made production.
Talgo was originally engineered in the USA 1942-1950’s.
You’d think Walker would demand the potential Made in USA marking.
The Talgo trainset is more comfortable than Acela but Amtrak has to
operate on railroads designed for hauling freight.
Warren Buffett’s BNSF is the nation’s top coal/oil/gas hauler.
He’s way more into fossil fuel export than a health care supporter.


Walker would not need the Foxconn deal if he had not chased out Talgo and other geese laying golden eggs.

Speaking of chasing out geese laying golden eggs, it looks like Trump is modeling his economic agenda on Walker’s on a national scale. Its good that so many states are pushing back on Trump and taking things into their own hands.


Unbelievable preferential redistricting was the first reason.
When it was clear that would not work either, they went for voter count manipulation.


Does the left also play a role? Sometimes lefty litmus tests turn people off.


The left litmus test is a small fraction.
The stance that the left takes is what puts of the gullible low information putz.
They can’t stand the fact that a generic policy stand might benefit people they have been taught to hate.
At that point it does not matter that the policy benefits them as well.


The Walker/Koch Connection was Outed long ago, leaving no Illusion as to where his Allegiance lies.

The Walker/Bush Connection is still a surprise to many.


Yes siree!


Capitalism has reduced the state until its chief functions are protecting the rich and their property through policing the poor