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Scottish Protesters Greet 'Tiny-Fingered, Cheeto-Faced, Ferret-Wearing Shitgibbon' Trump with Even Better Signs Than Brits


Scottish Protesters Greet 'Tiny-Fingered, Cheeto-Faced, Ferret-Wearing Shitgibbon' Trump with Even Better Signs Than Brits

Jon Queally, staff writer

A day after an estimated 250,000 Londoners swelled the city streets and Trafalgar Square to tell President Donald Trump that neither he nor his worldview were welcome in U.K., the people of Scotland on Sunday also took to the streets to let the U.S. president—just trying to enjoy a game of golf at his seaside gold resort at Turnberry—that they felt just as strongly, if not more so, than their British neighbors to the south.


Was Clinton , the proven rapist and serial molester welcomed in the U.K.? I thought so. Pathetic dupes of the controlled media. The same media that pushes for eternal wars for Israel.


Hello wlawlor,
Love the “WHATABOUTISM”!!! May you get everything that’s coming to you!


Notice how the Queen kept her handbag between Trump and her pussy?


She also had armed guards. The Pope just slapped his hand away.


You can always rely on the courage, honesty and great humor of the Scots - they clearly see the mental trump jobby for what he is!. The ginger pig and his 1% scum have used American’s and many others most direly, and we are in need of a wee bit of assistance!


Why don’t more Americans protest things like government spying, endless wars, the fraudulent banking system, the growing police state, the destruction of the environment, genetically modified foods, the assault on natural health, or even torture?

While the above 5 reasons are merely one person’s observations and generalizations about American culture, the patterns that emerge here are useful in helping to recognize opportunities for our own personal and collective evolution.


To whomever wrote the headline: The Scottish ARE Brits. You meant the Scottish are better than the English (with signs).


I noticed that too. Foreigners get confused about great britain and the brits. Great britain is made up of scotland england ireland and wales. We are all brits but have our own monikers as well.


Dont suppose this was on fox?


Clinton got impeached! not sure you could call him a “serial molester” but … was he charged? I am also sick and tired of no accountability for the billionaires and celebrities.]
But we have to start somewhere or we will have it done over and over and over again… There is no reason they won’t as they’ve known there is no accountability.

But you and I, watch you. We would be jailed.


Roots Action has mounted a letter writing campaign to



We come in last place even with Cardboard sign slogans…


Funny how the Brits should have taken to the streets long ago to protest their own monsters. Teresa May is running their nation straight for the same iceberg ours is hurtling towards.


And the peoples of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Costa Rica etc are Americans one and all. But when the term American is used it is assumed to be someone of united states so what eh?


Funny, but as a USAn, I thought that policeman was not giving the missus a high-five, but was raising his hand to grab, tackle, pummel, handcuff and arrest the Ms. Godley for daring to call Trump a cunt.

Becasue, that is certainly what would have likely happened here in the US. The Pigs love Trump.


In Scotland they would never detain anyone that is not an EEA National but without a visa they would not be allowed in the country.

Instead we have thousands of people every month that haven’t done any of that.


Shitgibbon? Excuse me but I think this is degrading to gibbons as a species. If we are going to mock Trump, Great! But do it based on his all to human characteristics.


Expect a bunch of “whataboutism” comments from blind partisans who simply do not know right from wrong. To them, everything is just political. They have no principles, no ethics, and no morality. In other words, they are no different than Donald Trump.