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SCOTUS’ Birth Control Decision Favors Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/23/scotus-birth-control-decision-favors-medicare-all

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Excellent point, Ms. Paslaski, and one that is often ignored in the battle for women’s rights. Universal access to guaranteed health insurance would eliminate the inequities of the current hybrid system, including the ridiculous “religious freedom” claims that really mean imposing one’s own religious beliefs on others. Well said!


Nothing shines light on the growing wealth and income gap than employer sponsored medical insurance, whereby big corporations and many public agencies have a large enough pool to get good coverage at good rates while small businesses, small public agencies, and individuals pay a fortune for minimal coverage, if they can get insured at all.


It is the medication itself that all these dictatorial employers object to!! Thanks to HIPPA laws, they have no knowledge of WHY women’s drs are advising its use.
People should have the right to COUNTERSUE their denying employers for medical malpractice & lacking valid licenses in pretending to be real drs!!



Do these same businesses refuse to Iet their maIe employees have vasectomies? That would be an interesting item to find out about. : )

Kinda optimistic to think that bias stops at insurance and employer based propaganda.

What is particularly cruel about the SCOTUS decision is that many women are afflicted with agonizing pain ON A MONTHLY BASIS, due to dysmenorrhea. The only effective remedy for this agony is the birth control pill. Do you think, for a nanosecond, that if men were afflicted with this pain, and expected to function normally through it EVERY GODDAMN MONTH, that they would have “moral or religious” objections to the medication???