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SCOTUS Nomination Is an Insult to All Ginsburg Stood For

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/29/scotus-nomination-insult-all-ginsburg-stood

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I am sorry, I love Justice Ginsburg but she is the one responsible for tarnishing her legacy.

Obama politely asked her to retire when she was in her 80’s and suffering from Cancer, she refused.

Her stubborn wish to hold onto her Supreme Court Seat hoping that Hillary would win the election and she could take her time retiring, not only besmirched her Legacy but Drove the Court to the Far Right and put the Country into the hands of religious fanatics.

She could have helped Obama select her replacement but unfortunately her wish to hold onto power till her dying breathe put the nation in a tail spin. I think it was very selfish of this great lady to not relinquish her Seat and spare the country this horrifying dilemma of dealing with Right Wing maniacs for the next decade.

I think Justice Ginsburg was the best this country could produce, fair and Just toward everyone. Rest In Peace.


“She claims to be someone grounded in the original intention of the founders, . . .”

The founders did not allow women to vote.

The founders did not allow women to sign contracts without the husband’s consent.

The founders limited women’s right to own property.

Let’s hope she votes herself off the court!

Or, she should not vote on the court at all!


Yes, Barrett is a oxymoron to be sure. Her religious order believes a woman’s place is home, serving her man, barefoot and pregnant no doubt. It must infuriate her fellow parishioners and her husband that she has had a career outside the home all of these years, ruling from the bench on issues woman should have no concern over. Of course, like most far right religions, they’re probably fine with it, as long as Barrett serves their purpose and beliefs.


Judge Amy Coney Barrett is former Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia‘s prodigy. Remember Scalia believed that god was the source of government power. In a speech at University of Chicago he said that government is the minister of god and that government derives it’s moral authority from god. He never specified which god. I always believed our government derived it’s power from “the people” and if it failed them they had the right to overthrow it and replace it with another government. Separate state and religion.


Can you say theocracy ?


I always wondered why Obama was a whimp and didn’t bother to protest-----so Mitch put in who he wanted—twice. If Barrett is as bad as she sounds, I am sure she won’t last long on the court.

Why would we imagine that Obama intended to replace here with someone consonant to her policies instead of his?

Remove the UN-elected supreme court justices. Un-elected body that has become another political arm of the right

Voltaire, please come back and hurry!