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SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Troubling Record on the Rule of Law and the Constitution


SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Troubling Record on the Rule of Law and the Constitution

Zachary Roth

President Trump announced Monday night that he’s nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.


So, apparently Anthony Kennedy selected his own replacement.


Another kick in the teeth to progessives. We all should be good and used to it by now. Good thing, seeing how they so easily divide us and co-opt any movement for change. Bernie alone divides us nicely between supporting the Democrats and going third party. We can cry all we like about the latest Supreme Court nominee but we can’t do shit about it.


Sounds to me like Kavanagh believes in the Law, as those who would “hire” him believe it to be.


This twit shouldn’t be a judge on American Idol, much less on the SC.


Who can name the dozen democrats who will vote this corporate fluffer in the senate?


He will be confirmed.
What are our options?


Whom do you mean?
My state has one dim Dem senator and one sycophant Repub senator. I’m bombarding both with different arguments against both a confirmation vote and confirmation of “Kingmaker Kavanaugh” (as The Pen suggests calling him). I’m also writing the Dems who I suspect will cave: Heitkamp, Donnelly, Manchin…whom else do you recommend contacting?


Dan, I understand your frustration and fear, but we can’t give up. If we go down, it’s gotta be going down fighting. Call and write every senator you can and give good arguments against this schmuck. Write the major newspapers. Call people. Go out in the streets if you’re able. Keep swingin’! You might land a good punch. (And if you like voodoo dolls and pins, go for it.) (I don’t patronize amazon, but I know people who’ve bought Dump voodoo dolls there.)


Justice Kennedy did select his own replacement. Kennedy’s son works for Deutschbank, and is likely connected with Russian oligarchs/money launderers. Kennedy has to get out of the Supreme Court before his kid gets indicted and most of his “legacy” gets obliterated. He made the suggestion to Trump.