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SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch Started 'Fascism Forever' Club at Elite Prep School


SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch Started 'Fascism Forever' Club at Elite Prep School

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Conservative judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, started a "Fascism Forever" club while attending his elite all-male prep school, according to news reports.

Michael O'Loughlin, a reporter for America: The Jesuit Review, tweeted a photo of Gorsuch's yearbook entry from his Jesuit-run prep school:


Now this is investigative journalism!


OK, claimed to have founded a mythical club, but certainly he should be challenged about this, and should have been when confirmed to his current appointment. Make a noise, but make an absolutely factual noise, or our demand to have it addressed will be dismissed.

The findings on down in the article are even more interesting, and more worthy of questioning.


In case you still don't believe frump is a fascist this should help clear it up. They won't be happy until they have it. Forget democrats, they're going along with it. Only one dem refused to vote for any of frumps cabinet picks, the rest voted for 3-4 or all. They're a waste.


Huh? Voted in committee (the Dems boycotted, but quorum was declared by changing the rules), or voted on the floor (I believe there have been quite consistent votes so far)? Let's be clear.


Where do they find these vile critters?


Traitors. You cannot work with the alt. right. what happen to my party? Democrats your base is on the streets screaming and you just sit on your asses.


what happened happened 20 years or so ago.

They went right to get rich. most of you (and, at that time, me) either stayed the same or moved slightly right to accommodate these changes.

Eventually the party keeps dropping people as they move right and some voters reach their limit of being a team player.

that's what's happened to your party.

It hasn't been the party of FDR in decades. That's just pr.


" It hasn't been


What happened?

The Democratic died in 1963 when one of their own was assassinated and they condoned the whitewash of the Warren Con.mission!

  As strange as this may sound it isn't as far fetched as presented. I grew up as a  Roman Catholic child of the thirties and forties in a French community. I fortunately escaped the imprint of being an alter boy, but had the misfortune of having a convent type education.The entire trip with memorizing the Baltimore catechism etc... Cult like is kind. Devos is cut from this same cloth. They want a separate country for little white kids for little black kids for poor kids for Jewish kids, for rich kids, Catholic kids..... and Muslims can go back to where they came from. David Duke had originally proposed this decades ago, partitioning off the country into sections for each class of people. And we wonder why the country is polarized.


In the very best schools.


Do you ever bother to check a fact before posting?


Let's be clear, you need to do some more research!




No, I think the burden is on the one who made the original assertion. But, oh yeah, it's off topic here, so better to let it drop.

Just for starters, from the report right here on CD, of the floor vote confirming Tillerson, "The 56-43 vote went largely along party lines." That's 42 more Dems than you've claimed.


At any number of Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist parades and enclaves nationwide.... Or, perhaps at GOP town hall meetings, fund raising events, campaign rallies, etc. They reside in the deepest, darkest dungeons of hate-filled minds...simply pull back the gold curtains or the smiling clown masks to reveal the seething evil lurking behind.


Hi photos look empty, sole less, no spirit, a lot like Cheney's. His statements are scary and for Trump to choose him says a lot about the asshole thug himself. I hope he gets defeated as a nominee.


Don't just hope. Talk to your Senators.


A fascist sh*theel? No!