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Scrambling to Cover President's Ass, Sekulow and Guiliani Say Trump Demand to End Mueller Probe Not Official Order


Scrambling to Cover President's Ass, Sekulow and Guiliani Say Trump Demand to End Mueller Probe Not Official Order

Jon Queally, staff writer

With legal experts already warning that a tweet from President Donald Trump earlier in the day calling on Attorney Jeff Sessions to end the Mueller probe "right now" could constitute a direct and very public act of obstruction of justice, the president's personal legal team jumped into action in what appeared like an effort to save their client's ass.


They’re scrambling to cover an Ass’s ass. Picture that…


Trump has gone full Henry II on Becket Mueller’s posterior. Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?


Gentlemen, we have a problem. Time to strip it all down.

and yes, you can leave your hat on…


Does anyone find it offensive referring to Giuliani as the lisping fascist?


Trump’s intended 2020 campaign theme song:


Of course, that’s it! He was being careful…like when

  • he banned Muslims
  • he fired missiles into Syria
  • he fired Comey
  • he cited “both sides” were to blame" at UVA
  • he pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement
  • he separated immigrant parents and children at the border
  • he fired off the umpteenth tweet before noon on any given Monday


So said the loose cannon to the cannon ball.


No. I don’t find words offensive, I find actions offensive. And by that measure, Rudy has been a lisping fascist for at least 40 years now…


If anyone knows the full story on this…
When Giuliani was NYC mayor, he vetoed a joint request from first responders that the city upgrade its radio communication systems, so that different agencies (and functions) could more efficiently coordinate. This was before 9-11, and my information is that ultimately the requested upgrade did not happen.
The charred steel from WTC was removed before forensic testing could be done. Removing evidence from a crime scene is (supposed to be) a felony.


All of this cock and bull is getting boring… How many of you want this so called Investigation to finally end?


Ha ha ha ok…The Truth…yeah okay to funny…


Sounds like you’ve been attending a Trump Sausagefest.


The cock and bull has resulted in guilty pleas.

You know what that is?

The truth.


I do!!
But, not until Mueller’s investigation is COMPLETE and THOROUGH. A half-assed investigation like the Republican House investigation would be absolutely worthless. We need proof positive before ending the search. How long did the Republicans, under Trey Gowdy, take to investigate Hillary Clinton for both the “Benghazi” scam or the e-mail scam? How long did it take to complete the investigation into Trick Dick’s downfall? No… let him take his time and be thorough.


Yeah. With a big diaper!!!


Rudy is bad. No one believes Rudy. On 9-11, Rudy and his New York mayoral staff was bunkered in World Trade Center Seven, also former home to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s national headquarters, all reduced to dust. Rudy and his entourage was allegedly told to flee WTC 7 just prior to its collapse due to adjacent heat. There is no way anyone could predict when a steel skyscraper would collapse from adjacent heat. But this is what the American government wants us to believe. Adjacent heat is exactly the government explanation for its collapse and it is an orchestrated lie. The actual jewish owner of WTC 7 said they chose “to pull it,” which is a demolition term for setting charges to demolish a structure and subsequently exploding it which is what the New York Fire Department said. New York then fought the firemen’s medical claims. This is betrayal. There was complicity and in time Americans will know who betrayed our allegiance. Our government lied to us and then overthrew and stole the second largest oil reserve on the planet from Iraq, a former ally from 81 to 88 to murder Iranians.
Rudy is bad. Donald Trump is a very bad man and America approaches the tipping point. Rudy said “President Trump told me to write a legal Muslim ban.” Rudy and Trump now deny this. It is a lie.
I think the Russian mob has our president by his greedy, delusion of adequacy. Regardless, Americans are seated for the final act in this Capitol melodrama with lethal implications. Trump Traumatizes America. Crazy Donald has nukes and he is targeting Iran. This insane megalomaniac needs to be arrested and jailed so we can protect all humanity from this psychopath. I love what America is supposed to be. Mueller will know they have to act to protect any semblance of the fiber of American society. Pence will be worse.




Okay, because I used the term on NYTimes.com and my comment was deleted.


The silence of McConnell, Ryan, and the Republicans on Trump’s interference tweets is deafening. They do nothing to defend our democratic republican system. They no longer deserve to be representatvies, Vote them out.