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'Screaming Violation' of Constitution: President Moves to Rescue Chinese Telecom as Beijing Funds Major Trump Project


'Screaming Violation' of Constitution: President Moves to Rescue Chinese Telecom as Beijing Funds Major Trump Project

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"This affair is a screaming violation of the U.S. Constitution's emoluments clause."


Here is another way that China is threatening the global status of the U.S. dollar as the world’s key currency:

It will be interesting to see how long it takes before other nations adopt China’s approach to creating a multipolar world.


From the article:

“Voters who made Trump president because they believed his promise…will be irate about his caving in to Wall Street instead of achieving any real change and even intervening to reverse national security sanctions for a specific Chinese firm that had admitted to wrongdoing,” Wallach said. “So imagine the reaction when they realize that he not only betrayed them, but that doing so benefitted his personal business interests.”

I can imagine the reaction—it will range from indifference through apathy ending in obliviousness, unless by some miracle they all stop watching crap on TV and start reading Common Dreams. Since the Constitution has been declared “just a goddamn piece of paper,” how will we ever have another Constitutional crisis?


MUCH worse than that — Its TREASON, pure and simple.  ZTE was penalized for a damn good reason – National Security Concerns, for Chrisakes – and Trump taking 500 million bucks from them makes Benedict Arnold’s sell-out look like chump change.

They HANG Traitors, don’t they??


“Voters who made Trump president because they believed his promise…will be irate about his caving in to Wall Street instead of achieving any real change and even intervening to reverse national security sanctions for a specific Chinese firm that had admitted to wrongdoing,” Wallach said. “So imagine the reaction when they realize that he not only betrayed them, but that doing so benefitted his personal business interests.”

LOL Please. Trump’s MAGA dipshit followers won’t give a flying fig about this. On Twitter, the majority of them are saying things like “China’s workers being employed and making good money is good for America” and other such tripe. Anything to help their cognitive dissonance conform to whatever Trump does or says. One thing that these authoritarian sheep are extremely good at is swallowing literally ANYTHING that Trump tells them to swallow, and they do it enthusiastically and with a huge smile on their faces.


Is there anything this sociopath, greedy, ignorant POS will not do to serve his own interests and those of his crime family and cronies!? Too bad there are apparently no actual patriots with the stomach to challenge trump’s ugly vindictive temper tantrums and malignant tweets! A bully will continue their pattern of abuse until punched in the frelling nose!


FNo, some American agencies would cite “national security” even for sales such as hog farms. The chips had been sold to GTE for years, and a sudden stoppage to that company would harm its sales worldwide. Some people in China are even saying it serves GTE right for trusting that such sales arrangement would remain untouched by politics (that was the reason - separation of commercial and political matters - that some Chinese officials gave in reversing its ban on rare earth exports). So far as I know, the Chinese military are making the chips for their own use, but not in commercial quantities. The Chinese press are now calling for massive research in this area and I think it won’t take long for them to make their own, just as it took them only a few months to create their chips for their world’s fastest computers, after Obama banned the chip sales.

I don’t think the ban would harm China, only GTE. If Washington, however, think it DOES concern national security, then Congress should go ahead and actively work to ban the sales.

Trump apparently can do nothing right. This matter pales in importance when compared with the Trump-Kim talks, which, no matter how the mass media spin it, is a Trump achievement. So it’s interesting to see the anti-summit tone of the mass media, which is in keeping with the praise of missile attacks against Syria.


But Congre$$ doesn’t care, nor do Don’s voters.


Uncle - they don’t even deport traitors, let along hang them.
If Don and his wrecking crew are (ever) tried, and (ever) indicted, they should have their passports immediately revoked. In other words, exile (if another country will have them, that is). No taxpayer-funded trials and prison terms - just get the f*ck out. If you return, you will be immediately arrested and held without bail.


We have the best government money can buy…


Eh, I think these people are robbing the government and working people blind, but I also don’t think they are competent either. Their theft could be done far more competently. I think the Bush administration had far more competent thieves in charge of things. However, I also think that our system is so bad that it doesn’t hold people even this incompetent responsible for what they do. My god, the freaking Democrats are trying to run against the Republicans’ corruption. How in the world can a party as corrupt as the Democrats, with them doing what they are doing with support from corporate interests (including the Kochs) to progressives in their own party, with corrupt politicians like Lujan, Hoyer, Pelosi, Schumer, Perez and the like running the show, going to run against corruption?


“Multipolar world” simply means a world dominated by a different set of imperialists, located a bit further east of the old imperialists, but unlike the old imperialists, regard democracy as quaint and outmoded, and authoritarian dictatorships as the new cool thing. Look up “Alexander Dugin” hero-philosopher of the Putinphilic neo-fascist right, for more on this “multipolar” stuff…


The left used to be involved in discussions and debates about alternatives to “globalization”. A decade or so ago there was the World Social Forum, the 50 Years is Enough network, there were books entitled “Another World is Possible” outlining alternatives, there was the alterglobalization movement. That stuff doesn’t exist on a mass level in the US or in many other parts of the world. I don’t think the left pays much attention to that stuff anymore, it seems to have given up. There is no need to assume what you said, but if the left here and in many other parts of the world isn’t creating coherent alternatives and organizing towards that in a coordinated fashion, then I think your assumption will probably come about.


Yes, I was involved in the WSF and my wife went to the one in Mumbai in 2004. But things are changing and there is now a very disturbing convergence between the far left and the pro-authoritarian, Trumpist, Spencerist, Putinist right. In the old days, the work on the left was and alternative globalism based the democratizing of economies, and the end of borders between peoples. Now the left seems to embrace a simple-minded US-oppositionism whereby they authoritarianism and some very awful characters (like Assad), as long as it has the appearance of being anti-US.

Some good reading on this can be found in the work of alexander Reid-Ross such as this:

More here:


Indifference/apathy or doubling down on supporting him…


Yes, Trump supporters will never run out of excuses, their most widely used excuse being that “Hillary would be worse”, even though most of them cannot articulate even one reason they don’t like her, other than they have been hearing the GOP and faux news for the past decade plus ranting about how bad she is.

When I lived in Germany three decades after Hitler’s demise many Germans (approximately the same % of voters that constitute Trump’s eternal base) disliked Hitler SOLELY because he lost WWII and would have welcomed him back to the throne in a New York minute.

There is nothing Trump could do to lose the support of his base.


Jeepers - I’m going to be 64 this year, and I can’t recall a more blatantly offensive, corrupt administration. And, I was a history major. Sure there were corrupt administrations in the past, but none had the global reach, nor the amount of pure ignorance this one has. I don’t want to bring religion into this, but - Jesus Christ! There have been dopes in every administration, Democratic and Republican, but one or two Cabinet Secretaries, a few in Congress, and some in the courts, but this one has got to take the prize. The worst part of it all is, Trump and what has become known as “Stupid Watergate” is the direct result of the dumbing down of the electorate through policies engaged in by both sides, for decades. I’m doubting the Republic will survive the onslaught of dumb, from the elected, and the electorate.


Watergate was about the cover-up. The break-in was kid stuff compared to the $edition of Don and his wrecking crew. But Congress just sits back and watches him slowly take apart our country. Gosh, what patriots they are.


I don’t know if I agree with that. It isn’t as if the left in large numbers is aligning with the far right. Maybe some small groups here and there are, but I can say with near certainty that that it is a rare thing. Here in the US it is the radical left taking on the far right (as was the case largely in the 1930’s), and “center-left” and right wing economic policies are creating a context where the far right can grow. I know it is anecdotal, but I don’t know of anyone on the left that was active then that is aligning with the far right on anything, even when they agree on an issue here or there. What they have done though is to focus on local issues and to give up organizing on international issues. Many people I went to graduate school with, especially those in their 20’s, don’t know anything at all about the WTO, NAFTA, the BIS, they don’t know what Chavez tried to do with ALBA, the Bank of the South, or why stuff like that was proposed either. It seems to be a matter of emphasis, and in some ways giving up thinking about worldwide alternatives, but it is also making it so that, because the left doesn’t know tons about that, when the left takes power they are often unaware of the institutional constraints awaiting them. Maybe some of the leaders aren’t, but being unaware of that is damning. For example, when fighting for strong environmental regulations, do leftists in large numbers know about Chapter 11 of NAFTA? In regards to single payer; many people have pointed out how an expansion of single payer could be a violation of WTO rules, and portions of NAFTA and similar deals could be used to either challenge single payer or to call for massive reparations to drug and health insurance companies. The WTO has struck down a number of environmental regulations in the US and makes support at the local, state or federal level for things like the renewable energy industries very difficult. Or debates around things like TRIPS at the WTO and intellectual property rights. Drug prices are really high in the US and in increasing parts of the world. The intellectual property rights portions of the WTO, like TRIPS, and NAFTA-like investor rights agreements are partially responsible. The WTO even says that they type of boycotts that put pressure on South Africa in the past are illegal.


Well, Nixon did far worse things to groups on the radical left than anything he did to the Democratic Party. To me, the fact that he did those things and it is rarely discussed while the relatively small potatoes he did to the Democrats is always mentioned is telling. He was also a killer war criminal that was responsible for a massive amount of people dying and worked to undermine a peace deal to help him electorally. I think the real scandal isn’t Trump’s corruption, because the corruption in this system has been so pervasive for so long, and Trump has been profiting from his position in office since the first second he was sworn in. The real scandal is that he is as corrupt as he is and there is next to no chance of him being held responsible by this corrupt system. The political system, the legal system, the economic system, in its entirety is what is scandalous, which makes the corruption in the Democratic Party all the more impactful.