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'Screams of Torture' as Authoritarian Government in Belarus Continues Attacks on Protesters, Journalists

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/screams-torture-authoritarian-government-belarus-continues-attacks-protesters


People are getting fed up:


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From what my wife tells me (she is Russian and listens to Russian/Ukrainian news and gets reports from people there, including Belarus) he has already left with his son to Turkey to hide out for now. He also has recorded a lot of videos in advance to be played as propaganda pretending he is still in control. Seems he plans on coming back when the heat is diminished.

not buying it…
Go to The Saker to get a different viewpoint. I’m buying his story: Lukeshenko is a typical sociopathic political hack, one of many varieties— Biden, Harris, Trump, Pelosi, Clintons, Obamas, Bush’s, Rubio, etc. He has been flirting with the U.S. lately, trying to play the U.S./NATO empire against Russia to get more money and power. Enter the CIA and it’s NGO’s. Cue a color revolution. If it works look for another basket case like Ukraine, Lybia, Bolivia, Honduras, Brazil, Colombia, Iraq, Afganistan.
However, Belarus is more of a Russian state than Ukraine, Georgia and others. They might go with becoming a Russian state. U.S./NATO isn’t the powerful empire it used to be.

Putin and Lukashenko had a falling out recently. Russia might not be looking to protect him right now. And it is just temporary until things quiet down. He fully intends to rule.

One of my wife’s friends who lives here in Tampa is there visiting family right now and can’t come home, and several of her (my wife’s) current and former students live there. I trust the people in the country who are on the front lines. These aren’t “opinions”. This is their reality.

The Saker is a pro-Putin blog… full of racism and mixed messages meant to confuse right and wrong. Disinformation is his speciality.




There are A LOT more…

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I am sure I don’t know anywhere near as much as you or your wife about this subject, but I have to agree with you on The Saker site. If I’m not mistaken he admits he is a past intel. agent, or as I call ours " professional liars", one can obtain useful information from the site, but you have to be careful what the subject matter is. Bernhard at MoA uses The Saker quite frequently, but usually for logistical and geographical information conformation.

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If you replace the words ‘Belarus’ with ‘America’ and ‘Lukashenko’ with ‘Trump’…