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Scrubbed of Climate Change, Trump White House Page Now Calls for 'Embrace' of Facking and Coal

Scrubbed of Climate Change, Trump White House Page Now Calls for 'Embrace' of Facking and Coal

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Soon after Donald Trump took his oath as the 45the President of the United States, the new White House web page for his administration went up. Among the key differences from the previous administration's—the lack of reference to climate change.

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Note that the new “Waters of the US” rule was the extension of EPA jurisdiction to smaller streams than in previous rules. This new rule would have stopped the permitting of most mountaintop-removal strip mining in the Appalachians, since this mining method entails massive spoil fills in perennial stream valleys which would now be jurisdictional streams requiring protection.

But hey, who cares? Everyone on the left knows that Obama did nothing at all for the environment. Right?

And who cares about the Appalachians in the unfashionable east anyway? The great and glorious Wild West and California and “Cacadia” and all that is far more cool and worthy of protection.

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I noticed that and scratched my head. They seem determined to take us back when our rivers, air, and ground were so poisonous. Oklahoma has more earthquakes than california, but hey more fracking is great. Trump has already declared he would open up the public land, which is mostly in the western states. So they will get just as screwed as the coasts they hate so much. Nevermind that the fracking industry has shot itself in the foot by overproducing so much, that many of the drillers went out of business because they were losing money.
I grew up in the 50s’ and watched Lake Eire die from pollution. My family had a cottage rented on the lake every summer. Every year the water got worse. 1st it was the no fishing, because the fish were too contaminated. Then there was the no swimming, the water was too poisonous. The cottage industry died, who wants to go to a lake, when all you could do was look at the water? But hey, the polluters made their money.

Another short sighted and rather idiotic stance for Trump and his Gilded Age cronies. Considering that shale oil is not profitable, that OPEC will not go down quietly when confronted by an aggressive American attempt to control the oil market, and that the trend globally is to eschew fossil fuels (India, the big coal consumer, is starting to reduce and convert to renewables) they’re just rats on a sinking ship.

Orwell: " In a time of universal deceit; telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Manning and Snowden among others, are proof that we are now living in a time of universal, American, deceit.

Climate devastation is a hoax? That statement by Trump has to be the epitome of deceit!

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I agree with most of your post except I would argue that Obama did not run for POTUS rather Obama, like Trump was selected for POTUS. The election was just another farce, dog and pony show; a Kabuki theater; a con, to make the American public think they are living in a democracy, when they are really living in a military dictatorship pretending to be a democracy.

All my life America has been in some kind of bogus, conflict that has cost not only many,many American lives but untold numbers of lives in foreign countries, with a cheer leading press; a corrupt, war criminal, president; a compliant Congress; and trillions of $ to the war profiteers.

If that is not the definition of a military dictatorship…I do not know what is!

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