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Sea-Level Rise Could Sink the US Southeast: How to Fight It as Individuals

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/24/sea-level-rise-could-sink-us-southeast-how-fight-it-individuals

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So there is possibility of a new drug to incoluate beef along with all the other chemicals? no thanks. What are the side effects for animals and our consumption?

How safe our pigs and chickens stacked together in tiny quarters?


Thanks for this piece.

It cannot be overstated that we need to go vegan or vegetarian for a multitude of reasons.

Yikes! I tried to read the link about the vaccine ( had no idea this was in the works!) to reduce methane in ruminants but couldn’t finish----it seems like way too much time, money etc. when we should be moving away from tinkering with nature and simply focus on reducing meat consumption. And I completely agree with jujudahl’s points above.

I came across one of the best pieces I’ve read yet on the root causes of human environmental destruction of our planet/habitat.

Here is an excerpt/my bold (and it has nothing to do with vaccinating livestock!)

Written by Kristine Mattis (PhD in Environment and Resources)


Climate Crisis: Our Ecological Dysfunction Has a Marketing Problem

I think the big crisis of our times is that our minds have been manipulated to give power to illusions. — Vandana Shiva

"To achieve ecological sustainability, if it is even possible at this point, we need to look past our myopia on climate.

It comes down to this: historical societal collapses . . . occurred because of overexploitation of natural resources. If we do not attend to the root causes of all of our environmental problems, neither will we attend to their potential solutions.

It would be grand if we who care about the biosphere could stop talking past one another and at one another, if we could end the ad hominem attacks, and if we could engage in civil discourse to look toward a totality of solutions, rather than simplistic fixes that attempt to maintain our current profligate Western lifestyles. For that, we might need to abandon our careerism, our marketing madness, our social media status, and our hubris."


One binge watching session of all seven seasons of Mad Men will bring out the truth of Sri Shiva’s statement. Back in the 1920’s, advertising and industrial tycoons realized Americans were satisfied with their lifestyle; that they didn’t feel compelled to buy things and were more than willing to work fewer hours. Which mean Big Business of that time had to overcome the thriftiness of the culture and bring in greed. Millions were spent to invent new products and advertise them in women’s magazines. Radio became one constant advertisement buried in “soap operas”. The Great Depression and WW2 put brakes on this, but, during the 50’s, it all went into hyperdrive. Cars had to have new models every year, and a person’s status depended on what brand, year, and model you drove. New suburban homes had to have all sorts of appliances and devices. Women’s fashions, much more than men’s, changed with the seasons.
The comity and polity that connected us in our small towns and cities broke down rapidly when television took over our time. Instead of attending city council meetings, or church functions like bowling leagues, we had to “watch our show”. Families that used to get together on lazy Sunday afternoons after church and dinner now preferred to stay apart and watch television. Any visitors were made to feel as intruders instead of guests.
The illusion made a person, a group, a comity, feel poor and outcast if they didn’t have the latest in gadgets. They no longer felt their country cared about them and their needs or what they thought. Gradually, they stopped voting.
The new gadgets illusion is now out of control. We are forced to buy them in order to be part of the society. If we don’t have good internet connections and/or the ability to get video conferences or working from home, we’re out of the society. Internet access is expensive.
And all of these gadgets and illusions of the past one hundred years has estranged us as a species from the world, from the web of life and how we need others to survive.
Time to stop shopping. Time to get back in touch with life. I have had a flowering tree full of bees this past week; I’ve had an evening sky watching Venus slowly fade from view. I’ve had a morning sky with a necklace of stars/planets-Antares, Jupiter, Saturn, and far to the southeast Mars. And I don’t have to spend one penny to see it. It’s no illusion but reality.


Great to here what you are saying , you sound like you should be on Humanity’s Team.

I got this message from Steve Farrell Humanity’s Team’s director just yesterday. Wonderful message giving a different perspective on what it means to be a human being … being is what we must choose now …who are we being in relationship to life and each other ?

I hope and trust that you and your family are safe and feeling comfortable. All of us in Humanity’s Team are here for you and with you during this challenging time.

As we enter the third month of the global pandemic, people have many questions on their minds about health, finances, safety, and, in general, what the re-opening of the world will look like.

None of us have answers to those kinds of questions. But as the old saying goes, time will tell.

This question, though—the one I’m hearing being asked with both sincerity and anger—is one I believe I do have an answer to…“Where is God in all of this?”

Some are saying that since we don’t want anything to do with God in our schools, at work, and in public discourse, God has retreated.

I heard one version of that sentiment that goes like this (and please forgive the overuse of the male pronoun)…

He, being a gentleman, has deserted us and left us to our own devices. If we don’t want anything to do with God, He says “fine” and departs our life. We are now left alone to fend for ourselves during the pandemic.

How does that sit with you?

I believe the idea that God has left us is the furthest thing from the truth.

I believe the Divine is very present now and is speaking to each of us who are willing to hear.

I believe the Divine actually has always been present sharing messages of love, hope, and possibility but we’ve mostly been too busy to really hear Her/His messages.

Now, as many of us find ourselves less busy and more available, there is an opening where we can take time for silence and really listen for and hear the Divine speaking to us.

Within Humanity’s Team, we often talk to one another about our moments of Divine inspiration. Here are some of the messages we’re hearing, shared with you in the first person as though the Divine is speaking to us right here, right now.
Do you want a relationship with Me?

Is it a priority to feel close with me, to be One with me?

Do you feel my love for you?

Do you see Me in your partner, your child? Do you see Me in your co-workers? Do you see Me in the grocery store clerk, the newspaper delivery person, the housekeeper, the janitor?

Do you see Me in the Earth, in your dog and your cat? Do you see Me in the wild and in nature?

Do you know Who I Am and Who You Are?

Your planet is fragile and is very challenged at this time. The Earth is my offspring just as you are my offspring.

Do you consider yourself a friend of the Earth and do you want to steward the Earth, the precious planet you’ve been given?

Many who live on the Earth are living in very substandard conditions without adequate food, shelter and medical care. You are part of them just as they are part of you. Do you wish to be of service to them?

Will you make them a priority in your life?

Do you experience the universe as a living system? Do you see yourself as part of a Larger Whole, a Larger Form…

a Little Self that is part of a Big Self?

The New Spirituality says that the Divine is unified with everything, that everything we touch and see and feel is likewise the Divine in manifest form.

Do you experience this?

Serve Life First will be the motto of the New Spirituality. This will be the credo. How does this make you feel?

When the pandemic is no more, do you wish to return to your old ways or do you wish to move in a new direction, a direction that brings you closer to Me, to your brothers and sisters on the Earth and the Earth Herself?

Do you desire my assistance? If yes, will you call on me, and are you clear that I always respond?

I am here.

In fact, I am always here. Come to Me when you desire to be with Me and know I will support you always and in all ways.

Within Humanity’s Team, these are some of the things we hear God say when we still ourselves.

How about you? Are you feeling the Divine’s presence? If so, what does it feel like for you?

Does the Divine whisper important messages to you in the silence of your mind?


Yes. We do need to “eat less beef” of course, but in fact, as individuals, if we want to “make a difference,” we need to live lives of resistance to the existing exploitive system. Resist the existing economy, and insist on ecological and social accountability for all human activity, especially economic activity, enterprise, business.

We need to get outside the manipulation and illusions that Shiva refers to. We need to stop caring about who wins the Super Bowl, and every other manufactured “entertainment” that distracts us from simply looking at our lives and the destruction caused by “the economy.”

We need to stop the industrial assault against the ecology. We need to live vastly differently than we are trained to live now.

We need to focus on agriculture, switch entirely from industrial agriculture (modeled on warfare – which by the way also must end), and practice agroecology everywhere, practice ecology everywhere. We need billions of us to be directly engaging with the ecology where we are to make compost, build soil, produce food, sequester carbon, and promote biodiversity and ecological health.

We need to withdraw the human industrial footprint from as much of the ecology of the Earth as we are able, as swiftly as we can, while taking care of our fellow humans through the transition.

So much to say, but these extremely limited articles are frustrating. They surely have good intentions, but the authors refuse to step back one or two more steps and look at the big picture, and genuinely assess what “we as individuals” can do, and what we must do if we want any chance at all to avert the onrushing collapse of ecology and civilization that is accelerating.


Yes I was thinking that too but wanted to give them kudos for their attempt at educating people albeit in a limited picture way.

I really appreciate your spot on post and the article by Kristine Mattis (linked in my post)----big picture which is not pretty but I’d rather know the truth.


I’ll vote Green Party to do all I can

I share your frustration in this, which emerges to some degree, I think, from basic academic and institutional reductionism: Everyone has a specialty to confine their view, blocking out the “big picture.”

In my humble opinion, this “big picture” business is a lot to ask of thinkers. Usually, should an observer wander by who strives for broader connections rather than isolated specialties, they turn out to be some kind of great philosopher, like Vandana Shiva. I’m agreed that we could use more of her (and of webwalk, for that matter) – but not quite sure what to do about that problem.


The single greatest thing we could do, here in the U.S., is to demand that Joe Biden drop out and that Bernie Sanders unsuspend his campaign for the nomination. Electing Bernie in 2020 is the only chance we have of making the enormous changes that must be made within 10 years to prevent irreversible cataclysmic climate change.

Biden isn’t the nominee yet, so there is still some hope for the future. (And yes, we should go vegan, too.)


On the positive side, replacing meat with poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit – the Mediterranean diet – helps us live longer, healthier lives. So, what do we have to lose?

Short term gratification, humans are killing themselves a hundred different ways every day for short term gratification.
Time for our species to do without and go long .


" Earlier, in September 2019, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a report estimating, with statistical confidence levels, a global mean sea level rise of 0.3 to 1.1 meters by 2100. Present sea levels are already about a foot higher than in the 1970s,…"

If sea level rise is up about a foot (.3 meters) in less than 50 years since the 1970s, how then is sea level rise possibly going to rise by only .3 meters in the next 70 years when global warming and ice melting is increasing exponentially, and at far greater levels than they were nearly 50 years ago? Anyone else see something inconsistent here?


Scientists are apparently still gravitating toward hesitancy and caution regarding the publishing of alarming assessments. But their caution does not do us any good.


Hi Caroline:
When I lived in Southern CA, and left for Northern CA, there was a stretch of highway where the smell of cow poo was overpowering! As in, I can breathe —overpowering.
Maybe the cows aren’t as horrific if cow farts didn’t have millions of cows in one place!

WHY are there corporate farms after seeing the damage that they create?
I once saw a picture of a poo pond that had a plastic cover over it—and there was so much gas from that, the plastic cover looked like a giant traveling balloon. Then too, there was the horrible story of the man who fell into a poo pond, and was asphxiated before he could surface.
How much better, the animals, the meat eaters and the creatures would be if humane treatment was required and animal farms of all types were limited, so that the health of the creatures, the environment and the health of humans was considered important!


Specifically, a stretch of Highway 5. Ewww, who cracked open a window? Good God, it’s Cowschwitz!

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Its true, thank you for pointing this out, unhappy people buy more useless junk…

They want people to buy a new cell one, a new car, all new clothes, every year or so.

The ad industry also has all sort of derogatory terms for people who don’t buy stuff…(people over 55 or so tend to buy much less so they call us “Dead weight”).

As if our only purpose on earth was to buy, and nothing else.


Ive seen a cople of videos recently that made me really want to stop eating meat, at least cows and pigs and other mammals. One was a great video of somebody playing fetch with a calf, and the cow was clearly having so much fun, fetching the ball, running and pushing it back with its nose… Just like a dog playing fetch, exactly the same, Another was a bunch of cows being let out onto a big field of grass that clearly had not seen any grazing in months, the cows were all literally jumping for joy… Also, I sawa video of young lambs playing trampoline on an old matress that had been left out, they were bouncing up and down onn it just like human children would… Another video I saw not long ago showed a young bull, in somebody’s living room (!) where there was a flat screen TV and on the TV there was a cartoon, that included a bull character, the bull would look at the cartoon, and emotionally, his emotions changed appropriately to the scene, basically, he looked very human. Also, I saw a video that showed a pig solving puzzles that required him to pick oddly shamed blocks and put them in the right holes to get a treat, he dilligently solved the problem, which the video said showed pigs were among the most intelligent animals… This all makes me constantly think that the world could be a VERY different place than the world we live in today. One where we basically lived in harmony with animals not as their owners, who ate them.


Hi zed:
I think that humans can often forget, that we are not the only mammals on the planet. So often people can see that in wildlife videos: the orangutan who plays with river otters, the possum who moved in with the little old lady, who had poor eyesight, who and thought the sad cat with the skinny tail was just another homeless cat living in its new warm cat bed. : )
Or the video of the joy of the bear taking a bath in a tub of water at the zoo. One of my favorite still photos is the fox standing on its back legs and peering through the camera which was standing on a tripod—it was a hilarious and wonderful shot!
-And so . as people stopped wearing fur, maybe cows will be used for just milk and butter, and as more and more wild meat creatures are getting the wasting disease----- maybe deer hunting will stop when hunters die from wild mammal diseases too.
Are pesticides and air pollution and fracking causing all of the too?


What a depressingly shallow article. Perhaps I should have been warned when the headline read “Sea-Level Rise Could Sink the US Southeast” with a picture of an island in Massachusetts.
I don’t disagree that people should make efforts to reduce their consumption, partly because doing something yourself will make you more likely to demand that others do likewise. But the coronavirus shutdown, which lowered GHG emissions by maybe 10%, shows how futile are individual measures alone. We need massive reductions that can only come about through radical change in the way we live – how we interact with the world and each other.

Us humans are chewing up the planet. The impacts of “climate change” are much broader than the authors discuss – the rising temperatures will make large parts of the Earth uninhabitable, leading to millions, possibly billions of displaced people. Excess carbon dioxide is carbonating the world’s oceans and endangering the plankton at the base of the food chain. We are not just deforesting, but also encroaching on the last of the Earth’s wild areas, leading not just reduced carbon sinks, not just to massive extinctions, but also the epidemics and pandemics because of the human/wild animal interface.

We desperately need ordinary people to wake up, and demand leaders who “get it,” if not becoming those leaders themselves. Otherwise, our grandchildren will live in Hell.


I remember reading also a long time ago, about how a raging elephant in india destroying a house that was built in the only gap preventing all the elephants from getting to water so this bull elephant want after that house and started knocking it down, but suddenly he heard a baby crying. Instantly he stopped, found the baby and some how got the baby out of the house (how?) then went back to knocking it down! I also remember hearing about some divers working on some project underwater were interrupted by a dolphin who had gotten cought in some fihing line and he was clearly in tremendous pain with his flipper infected, he clearly sook out the divers hoping they could cut the fising line off, freeing him from this nightmare, and they did.

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