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'Sea of Endless People' Mourns Soleimani Across Iran, Vowing Trump Will Be Held Accountable for Assassination

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/06/sea-endless-people-mourns-soleimani-across-iran-vowing-trump-will-be-held

now millions are united against the United States. Thanks to Donald Trump.

Does anyone else besides me, see a third world war on the horizon?


Tiny hands, tiny peepee, tiny little mind, huge ego, massive stupidity all wrapped up in an orange shitball. How did he get to rule the world? It’s easy to see. Look at the people who voted for him.


In Iran the crowds gathering have been estimated in the millions. In Baghdad over 100.000 people marched in protest.’
And in the US the streets are not exactly filled with people protesting their fascist regime.


Once Trump is out of office, perhaps America should hand him over to the Iranians?


The Mideast is home to many sectarian conflicts.
So the most stupid thing the US could do would be to unite sects in an alliance against us.

Now it’s actually possible that sworn enemies like ISIS and an array of Shiite militias across the region could unify temporarily to battle us in four or five countries at once. The saddest part is that Iran was slowly edging toward an era where pro-western moderates were grabbing popular sentiment from the anti-western hardliners. Now, it’s impossible to argue against the hardliners – the US can not be trusted, Iran needs nuclear weapons, it’s time to beef up relations with Russia and China.

And here I sit, forced to agree with those Iranian hardliners.

One last point: It’s also possible that this will unite Shiites across the world – that’s 180 million people, including 10 million in India, and 2 million in Saudi Arabia.


Here’s a look at Trump’s lifetime criminality:

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I’m beginning to think GOD did send trump. How else did he beat a dozen serious republican politicians. How did he influence sooo many voters with immoral, mean spirited, sexist, credentials?
Why are his friendlies the worst of the worst world leaders. Why is it that we allow the completely wrong people to head our agencies and departments, and nobody challenges them.?
The list goes on and on, making the rest of the population look like dumb asses for allowing this to continue.

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I believe our alienation began before 2001, but greatly increased from 2002-3 onward.


It sure seems like alliances are being formed, and lines are being drawn.

I was just staring at my bookshelf and noticed an old book I’ve had for years call “The Fourth Turning.” In it the two writers make the argument that every fourth generation, about 80-90 years, the youngest generation forgets the trials and tribulations of the oldest one, and eventually repeat the same mistakes of four generations ago.
It’s been four generations since the 1930’s and the beginning of WWII. I fear you may be correct.

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Has anyone checked him for the Number of the Beast? He may not be a full 666, but he’s at least a 333.

It is hard to exaggerate how treacherous Trump/Pompeo behaved but the Grayzone spells it out:



If we are bringing god into this, then Trump is the anti-Christ.

From the article (a tweet from Amal Saad):

“Trump doesn’t know what is awaiting him across the Middle East.”

Sadly, it’s not awaiting him personally–just another few thousand deluded and economically desperate kids.

“Hell no! Don’t you go!”

“Free the Army!”

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Imagine there is a war and no one shows up…


I watched the live feed earlier. It was unbelievable. Very emotional.

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Yes, emotional and powerful.

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Thanks for perspective,. it does look ominous, to say the least, but I hope like hell that I am wrong! Especially so since our insane, Mr. Bone Spurs will have no compunction about using nuclear weapons. Trump: “WHAT GOOD ARE NUCLEAR WEAPONS…IF WE DO NOT USE THEM”.

Since the Christian fundamentalists that are a big part of Trump’s base are Christian Zionists that yearn for the apocalypse and the subsequent return of Christ and Pompeo and Pence are part of this cult … it seems pretty obvious that they egged Trump on knowing that it would result in a major conflagration. After isn’t bright enough or informed enough to have come up with this plan on his own but he will definitely have to wear it.


Since “our” Senate is unlikely to do so, maybe the Iranian People will:

We can only hope . . .