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'Sea Rescues Have Been Criminalized' as German Boat Captain Faces 20 Years in Prison For Saving Refugees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/11/sea-rescues-have-been-criminalized-german-boat-captain-faces-20-years-prison-saving


This is the ‘get’ of IMF policies, predation without which the system cannot survive. “The Middle Class” is now dog whistle for ‘either embrace fascism’ as practice or be criminalized. It is racist (surely you jest!) policy dating back to the institutional obscenities of the Roman empire and the genocides in the Americas and Africa, slavery and … need anyone say more? Oh yes, the insanity of an entire mind set that believes they are “destined to rule the world”.

Tell me, oh thee cabals of great wealth, what aside from thy hatreds and ability in thievery provides you evidence of your deluded legacy having any legitimacy?


There are wonderful courageous people in this world who risk everything to help others…such a stark juxtaposition to the terrifying rise of fascists and ultra right wing culture.

Meanwhile MSM jokes about everything. Trumps tantrums, the mere political games, and the rest. The MSM that is supposedly all about getting Trump, enable him. Because it isn’t all about Trump. He represents the culmination of Corporate power and that of super wealthy individuals who have all invested in a vast National Security State unprecedented in history. The MSM will always ignore how this incredible power assembled of Empire is already turning its gaze toward the masses they will surely crush, as the end game proceeds.

The Deep State has their man. A person so deeply corrupt and vile, a person who is a perfect reflection of the corrupt state of this fracturing Republic. And that he is leveraging hate for power is in tandem with the ultimate goal to wring every last drop of life from the masses ultimately by taxing per profit all vital life needs, and those who end up on the streets…well send them to prison and sell their cheap labor.

I think I need to read some Chris Hedges to cheer myself up.



Can’t wait for Fart Criminalization. I’ll be given life with no chance of parole or the death squad.


Read some Hedges to cheer yourself up!!!

Great. Me too. LOL.


Scott Warren, border activist, No More Deaths is on trial here in AZ … also facing up to 20 years … jury couldn’t reach a decision, deadlocked … the whole idea of criminalizing compassion, humanitarian acts is so sick … where the hell is the world going …


There are no rules anymore. The world allows israel to hijack, murder and rob humanitarian vessels on the highs seas TWICE. The US Navy, a farce for good, hijacks a North Korean freighter and in both cases the world doesn’t or won’t do anything to uphold international norms. Hats off to those Somali pirates who are doing the legitimate business of piracy by stealing our “freedom molecules”.


Won’t the wrath of God be something?

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Hi ifihad2:
What has happened is that all the people like Pence etc. who claim to be Christians apparently think that Christians are white people only ----- and that anyone with different skin color=====like those fleeing America’s many wars---- is definitely not Christian. It is getting very hard to listen to people who come up with such weird ideas. I am also weirded out with paintings of Jesus with blond har and blue eyes. Oh well-----I guess people missed the Semite history—being that it was in the Middle East and all.

But WOW, ITALY??? Aren’t you said to be a good CATHOLIC NATION??? O.K.
SO WANA BE Mussolini redux people in the Italian government —maybe you should check in with the Pope about that idea of “treating people the way you would like to be treated. YOU know, that” do unto others" thingy which is a good idea with or without religions. So yes, let’s hear what the Pope thinks about throwing human beings to the fishes, and jailing those who save the humanity to keep humanity HUMAN.

Of course, this ship’s captain is a woman , and one with some real cool tattoos ----so , yes, there were still a lot of sexists in Italy too, I guess.
CRIMINAL nations are those that have no empathy, no understanding, and are just as soulless as the Dementers. Maybe Gaia is just sick of all of us. : (


I read recently that rescues in the med have been halted and only aircraft are monitoring. (Typical i did not save that article and now cannot find it.) But this diary is heartbreaking:


Exactly stardust. Jesus and the people of that time and in that region were presumably dark skinned, dark haired and dark eyed. Just like prophet mohammed.

Hi wingsofadove:
After reading what the boat rescue man wrote—they saved her from the water, but not from death----she was only in her early 20s, and someone’s child or love or sibling. When the Climate Crisis gets bigger-----this sad scenario will be repeated so many times----and like the high society of 1789 France----- the good as well as the evil will be taken down. : (

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To that I say. “Amen, oops, Awoman …” :O) About Gaia, I wonder about it all the time these days, our species has really pushed it to the limit …

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The titles of two great Bob Dylan songs say it best: World Gone Wrong, and Everything Is Broken.

Hi ifihad2:

Well remember Earth was one said to be one big land mass all stuck together-- Payngaia ( sp?) -until—the Earth moved and lands masses changed. Wouldn’t it be amazing if land masses moved again, and maybe nations who didn’t like other nations would find them these prior enemies their front yards----- Humans who learn to adapt and accept the many differences of societies will be the survivors of the planet. Maybe Earth needs to shake us up to get us to respect humanity and Nature!

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What I find interesting is that so many countries now are racist and facist including our own. Have we become monsters with no compassion for people struggling to survive, no compassion for the environment (look at the Amazon in Brazil), not even any compassion for the rule of law? Unless those laws benefit the Waltons, Jeff Bezos, the Gates, trump, and the rest of the Wall Street billionaires, most of them selfish jerks.


I can’t believe Italy would launch such a disreputable legal process. What could the government be thinking?

How can any country punish someone from helping anyone at sea. Where is our common humanity

There is no fucking god. She is still playing dice with the universe and the weather. It’s mortals who create ways to destroy humanity.

I will assume you have never been in a war zone. Or a homeless camp or an immigration center in Texas or in a protest.