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'Sea Rescues Have Been Criminalized' as German Boat Captain Faces 20 Years in Prison For Saving Refugees

"Just that way of being away from the sound, from the many, from everything."

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Yea - that;s why I love the desert & the mountains - mostly empty of people - especially ‘normal’ people.

Since the tragedy of agriculture, and now industrialization and ‘for profit’ - we, the human species, are in some ways undergoing our very own Cambrian Explosion - with specialists never seen before - even different body plans.

I wouldn’t mind, if it was working, which it is not.

 That is an really interesting idea ... but, just don't know anymore ... remember how we were taught, "if you don't study history you are doomed to repeat it." Okay, well, classes and classes later, high school, 101 and beyond ... and still the same things, over and over ... I'm not religious (anymore) but re: Adam and Eve in the bible ... what it means to me, the lesson is, people can have everything needed and more, but that one stupid thing withheld is worth flushing everything down the toilet ... the promise of more, the promise of excess in a power suit ... Pima Indian culture has a story that, to me, contains a similar message ... and sadly, as the greed intensifies the earth continues to try to provide ... and I think one day will be exhausted and beyond that ... the most devoted mother has its limits ... I always wanted to write a short story about Mars and Earth ... in its exploration an artifact is discovered that beyond a reasonable doubt connects it to Earth ... as descendants with a second chance, the same stupid crap is repeated ... doomed ... it would not have a happy ending ... you are much more optimistic than I am ... but I cheer for you because it is so important to believe change can come and be much better. Do you think I need prozac? :O)
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That was sarcasm :wink:

So now, not only is giving water to those dying of thirst ion the desert a criminal act, but now saving the drowning is too.

I did not ask to spend my twilight years witnessing a global descent into a kind of fascism where compasison itself is rendered something that is mocked and spat upon!!!


The real heroes are prosecuted.
In the meantime our televisions are inundated with militarized cop shows, and “heroic” actors shoving people around and violating every tenet of human rights, privacy, law (etc, etc.). “Good” actors are staring in these series and being lauded for showing “toughness.” No consequences, of course.
Our military is thanked for its service of murdering “in service” of what?
And this woman, and others like her, show us the true face of real courage. If you want television shows or movies this kind of thing should be the ideal.
What she does beats any medal of honor winner. Many times over.


Just one more: The actors portraying cop/military heroes should be ashamed to show their faces. What they portray is not heroism. If it were, then most military would choose to disobey their order to kill (one of the few ever examples: Christmas 1914).
To do what Captain Pia Klemp is doing, that is true service to humanity, true courage and true heroism.


This has nothing to do with the EU but is down to the fascists in the Italian government. Italy should now be kicked out of the EU for its infringment of human rights. No doubt the trump thing will agree with their actions, being a fascist himself. Meanwhile, the fascist government in GB are trying to pull us out of the EU to throw our lot in with the fascist pig in the White House and this despite the fact that 44 milion people in the UK DIDN’T vote to leave the EU as against 17 million who did. That’s trump style democracy as practised by the fascistic tory party. Adolf Hitler is alive and well !!!

Italian Fascism may be older, but it’s just like fascism in America. If your “lifestyle” is more important than any stranger’s life, you qualify for membership.

DONALD J. TRUMP would be happy to accept the world’s refugees - IF he can sell them all to slave traders, body organ harvesters, and non-union sweat shops.

This article fails to mention that her ship was photographed by Italian coast guard cooperating at sea with Libyan smuggler trawlers, which were towing migrant boats directly to her ship so that she could then tow them to Europe. Like many NGOs in the Mediterranean, she is working with the human traffickers and actually become one herself. She didn’t just happen to come across a boat in distress. These NGOs are effectively a taxi service for the migrants and doing this for political reasons to flood Europe with as many Africans as possible. And in the long run, encouraging these risky voyages is causing even more deaths at sea.

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What’s an African?

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Italy. Isn’t that where they imprisoned St. Peter as well? 2000 years later and it’s still the same. Do what Jesus would do and land up in prison.

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No jury nullification in Germany?

If you haven’t heard, Italy elected a Hungary-style neofascist government last year. It is a brown-red coalition between the hard-right and a kind-of-left-but-not-really xenophobic-Eurosceptic (but supposedly environmentalist) party called the “5 Star Movement”. Most major ministers appointed are from a full-on fascisti Party called “The League”.

Good news: Prof. Scott Warren has been acquitted by an 8-4 hung jury. Let’s hope Capt. Klemp is blessed with some of the same compassionate souls.

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Two logic problems with your statement. (1) If she was so photographed then they would have the evidence to so charge her for trafficking. (2) These voyages are not encouraged by potential help. They are “encouraged” by horrid conditions they are fleeing. End those conditions and you end those particular reasons for migrating. It has always been that way.
Then #1 there is the new fascist regime in Italy and this big smear. You should be suspicious of smears attached to otherwise unrelated charges. It is an old and effective tactic. Smear always stick more and last longer than narrative facts.
Then #2 NGO’s flooding Europe with Africans for political reasons??? Nonsense. This is a combination of smear and conspiracy nutcase claim.


Documentation please (from trustworthy sources)? And, OMG, Africans!

Hi dreamdancer:
I love that story from 1914—when the soldiers joined together to celebrate Christmas----but then the generals etc. fought it off right away, as they had millions to kill, and then they did kill and so many died horribly too.
If only there were more soldiers like Hugh Thompson. I read about him recently too. He was amazing, and with his helicopter crew stopped the murderous My Lai murders of women and children----but then the American military---- like greedy Christmas generals— tried to ignore what he did—while Cally was treated like a poor innocent man and atet a very short got away with it after all. Reading about Hugh Thompson showed us all how amazing just a few people can change an event when doing the right thing to do is so obvious, and that crew did do the right thing.

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We are starting an organization to covedtly hunt and torture fascists, their loved ones, their children, etc. We will use guerilla warfare tactics. We will encounter them covertly, gain the upper hand, then take them toa place and torture them. It makes no difference who they are, what positionor title they hold, or how high up they are or think they are. We’re going to have fun. Please join the cause cfor humanity.