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Sea Shepherd Blasts Japan's Plan to Slaughter 4,000 Minke Whales


Sea Shepherd Blasts Japan's Plan to Slaughter 4,000 Minke Whales

- Common Dreams staff

Environmental activist group Sea Shepherd warned Japan against resuming "research" whaling in the Antarctic in defiance of an international court of justice ruling that it cease the practice and called on the Australian government to intervene.


Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd are warriors for Mother Earth and Her creatures, notably our whale cousins. The Japanese used the “research” scam to bypass the International Moratorium on whale killing for years, but after stopping the whale hunt for one year after the World Court decision against them have decided to again slaughter whales in the antarctic. The whale killing is for food, not BS “research” and everyone knows it!



It didn’t help the Sea Shepherd cause much when someone (backers of the TPP?) influenced “Animal Planet” to remove “Whale Wars” from their programming a couple years ago.


If the Japanese were doing legitimate research, you’d think they’d publish the results…
Why isn’t there a clause saying that, after the whales are killed for research, no products from their carcasses can be sold? That the carcasses have to be dumped back into the ocean?


Thank you Sea Shepherd, an organization I am proud to contribute money to. I’m sure there are others here who join me in supporting them.


I’ve seen no scientific support for the notion that the Pacific was destroyed by Fukushima radiation. However, that said, I wouldn’t find it objectionable if such hysteria led to a collapse of Japanese consumer demand for whale and dolphin meat.


Perhaps we should Japanese whalers for scientific purposes?


Its just common sense.


In what way?