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Sean Spicer: Anyone—and He Means "Anyone"—Who Criticizes Yemen Raid Owes Apology to Dead U.S. Soldier


Sean Spicer: Anyone—and He Means "Anyone"—Who Criticizes Yemen Raid Owes Apology to Dead U.S. Soldier

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Wednesday said anyone questioning the success of a U.S. military raid in Yemen last month, which resulted in dozens of deaths, is doing "a disservice" to the American soldier who was killed in the operation.


So, if I understand this correctly, the calculus that makes a mission a success is whether an American soldier is killed in the process. Have I got that right? If so, let's hope all future Trumpian missions are a total failure then.


The SNL spot roasting Spicer by Melissa McCarthy was hysterical! In case you missed it, view it here:

Spicer and his vitriole in service to his raging madman in the WH will not last and no amount of money will restore his inevitable physical decline. (He is already mentally unstable.)

Pretty soon, the only "reporter" he will call on will be a Breitbart fraudster or Milo Y to keep to the prepared script laid out before any press conference.


This seems like a precursor to: "And NO dissent will be tolerated!"


More Orwellian B.S. from the Trumpites.


I'm a religious pacifist.

Jesus said, "All who live by the sword shall surely die by the sword." At that time, being a Roman soldier was a pretty fair ticket to death. Today, being a U.S. soldier is a pretty fair ticket to a lifetime of disability.

Now I suppose I owe the dead U.S. soldier an apology. I'm sorry that your government was so stupid, so hardheaded that they didn't plan the operation that well. I'm also sorry that they want to jump into the next oilfield war willy-nilly.


It certainly adds a bar as to what a success is. Everyone called Carter's rescue attempt a failure, but with 8 soldiers dead, it should now be a success. I am not trying to mock Carter. But it shows that soldiers dying do not make it a success, unless the goal is to kill american soldiers.
Is that what Spicer is saying, that the mission was to kill an american? Certainly seems that way. Well with trump in office, look for plenty of successes then.


"Dear Chief Ryan Owens, I'm sorry your commander in chief sent you out on that inadequately planned mission. I do hope that no more such missions are developed and that boots will not be sent to be on the ground in Yemen. Perhaps then, you will not have died in vain."


In war the one who gets you killed is the enemy - Joseph Heller, Catch-22 (paraphrased). See, once you are dead, it is over. Finis, no more you so the question here is if the soldier who lost his life had been warned would he do it anyway? Was it worth it to his family, his children, wife, parents or other loved ones? Conversely, does his death make a difference or will the conflicts simply never end? So who was his real enemy?


Nothing new here.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who recalls, in the fall of 2001 and winter of 2002, if we even as much as suggested that we should treat the events of Sept 11 as a great crime to methodically solve and bring the perpetrators to justice, and prevent future occurrences, rather than an "attack," were loudly and vehemently accused of somehow siding with the criminals and dishonoring the 3000 dead.


Yup. Exactly.


To point out the obvious: What good are apologies to the dead? What we owe our soldiers is a sane and intelligent commander in chief. Oops, sorry soldiers who are still alive, we're not even sure your CIC can read.


Ah, Sean sphincter at it again!
A great line from the homoerotic classic "Top Gun"
"The navy regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid."
That is the bottom line here. This "brave" soldier volunteered for service, trained to do what he did, and unflinchingly obeyed orders to kill innocent civilians. Justice was done, as he died committing war crimes.
May he, and the men that sent him, rot in hell.


These people are amazing... By their logic Trump and the entire GOP insulted the 4 Americans killed in Benghazi over and over and over again.


"Oh der fuehrer said dot "Ve ist der Master Race!"
"Und so ve Heil pfffft, Heil pfffft right in der fuehrer's face!"
* A little ditty I learned at my mother's knee the last time we were trying to get rid of Nazism and fascism, back in the 1940s.
* Perhaps it is worth learning again.


I surely hope our so called president has learned a few things here such as not having proper intelligence gets people killed. Let this be a lesson for you sir for you are responsible for your first casualty. The waste of life for zero gain is not the citizen's responsibility but as your employers we are responsible for your actions and so we have the Duty to criticize your blunders and foolish tweets while ignoring your successes since you promised us the moon.


The whole concept of continuity totally escapes the right while they hold others to standards they wipe their feet on.


During the vietnam war I foolishly held the soldiers somewhat in the wrong. I did however draw the line against protests directed toward the rank and file. Men and women join the military for many reasons however one thing remains constant, The high regard they hold for this nation. The soldiers are Not responsible for the mistakes of their superior officers or the nation they serve. I would rather think that you would reserve your rabid anger for the low information voters who elected our so called president.


I hope that his insult of Sen. McCain causes McCain to become more vocal in criticizing the current debacle in the White House.


Soldiers are so often referred to as "heroes" in this country when their purpose is to KILL PEOPLE!