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Search for Justice Heats Up As Attorneys Weigh Criminal Charges in Flint Crisis



With Republicans it is, now and forever, always about "family values."


"Michigan is one of just two states with a blanket exemption for the governor’s office to the Freedom of Information Act. Government accountability group Common Cause Michigan says that this has allowed Snyder to "hide" certain correspondence that might indicate that he or his staff knew more about Flint's lead-tainted water than they have let on."

The attorneys better get to that correspondence before it goes through the shredder (Madoff's staff tried to shred evidence but time ran out. Had the Madoff evidence been shredded and disposed of, the feds would have had great difficulty prosecuting him) Snyder and all those involved down through the line in the Flint tragedy are scurrying to cover their trails. Prison time is too good for them.

How sad for the children, the families...all humans and their pets that have been wantonly and needlessly poisoned. Heartbreaking.


If those people in Flint had any "family values" they would have gotten edjumacated and moved somewhere where there was decent water. (snark)


The only value they have is that of M-O-N-E-Y...people and the constituents they were elected to represent (major donors and corps/PAC's excepted) be damned: "Let them each cake and catsup."


if this had been a civilian or "terrorist" who was responsible for this senseless tragedy, I sense this would have already been deemed an open and shut case, but as it is, an inordinate amount of money and time will be spent , and to what end one wonders.
"A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members." ~ Mahatma Ghandi


That easy is it Dew? Your a brainless prick!!!


More is at stake than saving the e-mails in order to prosecute those responsible. What's at stake is necessity to provide transparent government to protect the rights and the lives of the People.

We're headed to the 2-year mark of this on-going crisis. At any point during this time access to official documents would have been able to bring the on-going poisoning of the Flint Residents to a halt. It was the supposed immunity and exemption these criminals were counting on that enabled them to continue on without heeding the complaints and warnings being sounded since April and May 2014.

The most damning evidence is already part of the public record. From the top down the Snyder encouraged the People of Flint to continue drinking the water being provided to them from the polluted Flint River. The officials assured the People the water was safe when, in fact, it was toxic.

Does it matter whether the "mistakes" were "honest mistakes?" As soon as the possibility of something being wrong arose, it behooved the administration to take every possible precautionary step to make sure the information being dispensed to the Public was accurate and correct.

If that information was based on false assumptions and incorrect data, that only speaks to the failure of the administration to overcome the incompetence that characterizes the governance being provided to every Resident of the State of Michigan.

The statutes exempting the Governor's office from FOIA requests does not need to be amended; they need to be revoked. Michigan deserves to have transparency in governance. So does Ohio, and Kansas, and all states of the Union. The is no issue of national security at risk that necessitates secrecy.

And that only points to the elephant in the room. When Harry Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 he created the National Security state that Americans have lived under from that time forward. The Act was supposedly needed to combat the threat of Soviet expansion. That Act has been the bane of freedom and democracy ever since. It has been demonstrated time and time again the cause of "national security" has been abused to cover up misdeeds by government agents and conceal on-going illegal and unauthorized policies being conducted by government agencies.

It's time to bring an end to the National Security State of America.


A good case for Gitmo.Send Snyder to Gitmo & waterboard him with water from the Flint river!



ALEC will be incensed at the prospect of transparency in state (and federal) governments being restored. And that entity is owned, operated, and fully funded by the Koch Klan (along with several non-profit "think" tanks created for the sake of rewriting/co-opting history, distorting reality, and spewing putrid propaganda). We can hope that state legislatures and governors, regardless of party affiliation, would have nothing to hide thus promoting and supporting transparency.


I think the comment might have been sarcasm/satire. ?


And I should feel insulted by a troll who doesn't know the difference between your and you're or who calls a woman a prick?


Of course it was, that's why I said snark. :slightly_smiling: