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Searching for Integrity in Trumplandia


Searching for Integrity in Trumplandia

Jim Hightower

It's about time America has a president who will stand up to those greed-headed corporate executives who keep hauling our middle-class jobs out of country. Bring those jobs back home, Donald Trump bellowed, or I'll slap you with a huuuge tariff when you try to sell your foreign-made products here.

Great stuff, Donnie. And to prove you mean business, I know just the CEO you should target first: Her name is Ivanka. Yes, your daughter!


Yet another illuminating perspective from Jim Hightower as usual! A criminal collusion between the wealthiest individuals, wealthiest corporations and corrupt politician figureheads to amass even greater personal & corporate wealth while the 99% are forced to pick-up the shortfall via numerous hidden taxes and skyrocketed fees that affect the most vulnerable.

A word on Bill Clinton's signing the rescission of the Glass-Steagall Act, pushed by his Robert Rubin financial "deregulators", a prime cause (along with institutionalized greed) of the euphemistically termed "economic downturn". That financial meltdown of criminal frauds, who was saved and who screwed, was a criminal conspiracy whether spoken or un-spoken.

The rescission of the Glass-Steagall Act that separated investment banks from local smaller personal banks allowed the newly freed from regulation big banks to sail very close to the wind - to the law - and create all manner of paper scams - rescission made this gambling with other peoples (the "little people") money legal for them while at the same time putting small/local mom & pop banks ala Its a Wonderful Life institutions, out of business and making the largest banks enormous monsters - now "TBTF".

The public were forced to deal with the likes of Wells Fargo that conspired within its own house to defraud millions with fabricated fake accounts and other criminal mechanisms. Whenever any mega-bank was caught stealing they "made a deal" with Obama's "Justice" Department to absolve themselves with no criminal liability or acknowledgement, or any actual person charged - only the little-fish were supposedly fired - and the banks paid a "cost of doing business" fine.

Just as Bill Clinton's tenure was rife with fraud and collusion's to enable and coddle personal and corporate/banker/Wall Street wealth, so too was "Dubya" Bush's, and Obama's after him, the same culture of theft only in slightly different forms.
Now we have the ultimate conman sociopath mental case, and his complicit family, at the tiller, all separated from and ignorant of the natural world, to continue the great robbery of the American people and America itself. They and their cronies/co-conspirators will make untold billions/trillions while the Little people pay for it all..................


The only way a business can really secure a place for itself in present USA is to become TOO BIG TO FAIL!! Average individuals and small businesses are DOOMED to FAILURE!!