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Searching for One More Republican, Resistance Launches Full Court Press to Derail DeVos


Searching for One More Republican, Resistance Launches Full Court Press to Derail DeVos

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

News that Betsy DeVos is advancing to her final confirmation vote to lead the Department of Education early next week has been met with pleas for one more "Republican with integrity" to step forward and reject the nominee.


Yes! Call your senators to oppose this egregious nomination.


An entire Cabinet of sheer and utter frauds.
Once again, many thanks to the Repatriot Party.


P.S. Notice Schumer's statement implying regret that he can't be loyal.
Even under Herr Drumpf, Schumer is playing nice, just like the vast majority of his party.
A profound disservice to our country and (what remains of) our democracy.


She is a well intentioned albeit vacuous lady. Myopic to the extreme about education. We wonder why the country is so terribly polarized yet we continue to insist that little four year old children be separated by intelligence, class and race. Amway is a well designed pyramid scheme hardly a modal for public education. It isn't even a good example for private education. I'm eighty years old and grew up and was educated as a little Roman Catholic child. I'm still working my out of all the short comings, from Baltimore catechism to alter boy, to the Latin mass to the alter rail to fish on Friday, to stunted sexual education. The great strength of public education is that it provides the chance to be American. To accept and learn to live with all classes of people, to encourage dialog, understanding, where a little rich boy can fall in love with the plumbers daughter and get married. C'mom folks support my senator, Susan Collins and vote this poor creature down.


"Republican with integrity" an oxymoron.


How can she be a logical choice under any rational thinking? How can voucherizing the American educational system be good for democracy? And we complain of a divided and polarized country? quickest way to a caste system is to divide kids into classes and races, then expect them to grow up and live together in harmony, little Catholics with little Protestants with little Jewish with little Muslims, with little rich kids with little black. poor kids smart kids etc... Ron White is correct: "You can't fix stupid"


DONE. My senator is already opposing her. I'm so proud of Susn Collins and I hope Angus King does as well.


If she weren't a woman, the Dims would vote her in. They have supported all of the other corporate snakes.


This is rational if you are a corporate criminal looking for ways to pillage the public interest. Both parties are in on it. The entire government is corrupt at this point. In other words, this is just for show. Opposing one individual for symbolic reasons is meaningless.


There IS only one party. The party masks are used only to fool the willing partisans and keep them dancing to the oligarch's tune. It's working just fine too. Thank you sheeple!