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Seattle City Council Unanimously Declares Opposition to Fast Track, TPP


Seattle City Council Unanimously Declares Opposition to Fast Track, TPP

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Seattle City Council resoundingly approved a resolution Monday evening cementing its opposition to so-called Fast Track authority that's needed to speed passage of corporate-friendly, rights-trampling trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


Kshama Sawant is the real deal. This lady is not a corrupt, politician with no integrity. A rare soul.


not enough freedom for pious people??? and they noticed that 'fact' just days ago?? boy, that's dumb: noticing it after 500 years!!! does the new law allow a believer to come to a store with a snake around one's neck?


Because Sawant is not corrupt, the Democratic Party will be spending boatloads of money to defeat her re-election later this year.


No doubt Ms. Sawant will be demonized as being a " Socialist ". But I think Seattle voters are pretty street smart, after all, their mayor, who is gay, just announced he is cutting off public funds for the State of Indiana.


Gotta LOVE Seattle...city of progress; progressive politics; tolerance; diversity; and an aware, involved electorate. Sawant represents in everyway the best interests of her constituents that elected her and she is an avowed Socialist, which is so refreshing and gives one hope for a functioning government that practices mindfulness. More power to her, the mayor and the city council....BRAVO!


Did you happen to notice that this decision was unanimous?


We can only hope that our Senators and House Members exhibit the same understanding dangers this "partnership" represents. This agreement is every bit as toxic as fracking.


You can get more information on the Trans Pacific Partnership and its companion trade agreement, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, by googling Public Citizen. US News & World Report also had a very informative article you can google: Obama's Pacific Trade Deal Is No Deal At All/Trans Pacific Partnership Is A Bad Trade Deal. It is being said that these trade deals would send millions more jobs overseas, including to countries like Vietnam where the minimum wage is twenty-eight cents an hour. They would also eliminate the possibility of GMO labeling, force us to accept contaminated food and other unsafe foreign products, threaten internet freedoms and financial reforms, as well as expand the power of multinational corporations, already granted under NAFTA, to sue us if our protections conflicted with their "expected future profits", and more.

Congress is planning to vote on fast track/trade promotion authority very soon. Fast track would severely, severely limit the time that Congress has to read and debate these massive trade deals, which have been kept very secret, even from Congress, and stop our representatives in the House and in the Senate from being able to make changes in these trade deals that could protect us. In other words, it would severely, severely limit our opportunity to have any input and protect ourselves. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest everyone calls their representative and their two senators to tell them to Vote No to Fast Track, that you do it ASAP, and that you tell other people to do this too.

There is also a petition online on Credo Action we all can sign: Make secret trade agreements public, demanding that we, and Congress, be able to immediately read these trade deals. We are also being asked to call Senator Ron Wyden to tell him that we want him to publicly oppose fast track and help us stop the TPP. It might be a good idea to call Nancy Pelosi too. Please tell everyone you can what is going on and also to please sign the petition.


I'm from Seattle, and all "unanimous" means is the rest of the Council realized they couldn't continue to oppose Sawant on something. I was at the council hearing - Sawant had worked on this for over a year before this vote.

We have a recurring pattern here in Seattle: 1) First the ignore Sawant 2) Then they fight her 3) Then they vote unanimously to cover their asses

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Those who commented earlier that the Democratic Party establishment is going after Sawant are dead right. They have fielded 3 candidates against her (at least two of which were recruited by the mayor), they're preparing to spend boatloads of money, and apparently a Super PAC is being formed as well.

If you want Sawant to get re-elected, you should donate on her website kshamasawant .org/donate.html


And there is absolutely no excuse-
The Wikileaks revelations were all spelled out over A year ago by Andrew Gavin Marshall-
I know main stream media has been silent as usual on this issue, but the info has been all over the net for months and months-
These people or "sheeple" you speak of are dragging us all down!