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Seattle Teacher: Dear Betsy DeVos, You’re Not Welcome Here


Seattle Teacher: Dear Betsy DeVos, You’re Not Welcome Here

Jesse Hagopian

Educators, students, parents, unions, working people, the poor, LGBTQ folks, women, people of color, and human rights organizations are ready to protest you.

Public education supporters have been protesting Betsy DeVos since her nomination as Secretary of Education.


I agree with Jesse Hagopian’s points save the one on Title IX. Devos can meet with any men’s rights groups she wants (but she should be giving equal access to other groups as well which she may not be). What matters is the suggested reform for Title IX she comes up with. Some reform sure seems necessary after you read into a few of the stories where individual rights are trampled or there is clear overreach on enforcement of behavior. I even saw one reference where the current system was bad for a victim too - she was required to do much of the “legal” work (in quotes since these procedures are not in the normal court of law) herself. And harassment is so vague that even a female author could be investigated just for writing an essay and mentioning publicly known information on another Title IX case (which was viewed as threatening to victims).

I’m convinced of the case that many make (Sam Harris I know isn’t popular here, but I hear him make this point a lot and he’s right) that the left leaves itself open to criticism from the right and the center when we aren’t willing to be self critical when solutions to address real problems that come from the left (or are perceived to have) go to far. I personally don’t think that is the case for wanting to get rid of Confederate statues (outside of Historic National Monuments), wanting to change Columbus day to Indigenous People’s day and many others, but on this one and a few others (e.g. non-civil protests to conservative speakers), we are not only wrong but we end up losing politically at a time we really need to be winning to save the environment, people’s health care and the rest of the world from getting bombed by us.

Not that I like reason.com that much, but slate and guardian are pretty good, here are a few articles on the topic


I’m somewhat surprised – and very disappointed – to not see The American Humanist Association, People for the American Way and Freedom From Religion not listed among those groups who will be protesting Ayatollah-WannaBe Betsy DeVos, whose #1 goal is the replacement of our secular (and presumably rational) public edu­cation with brainwashing institutions associated with and guided by funny-dementalist “christian” organizations devoted to turning what’s left of “our” democracy into a dominionist theocracy.


Seems that this Devious is only interested in power, money and being white.


If it were only her, it wouldn’t be so bad — but there’s an huge movement among the “religious” right to convert our democracy into a “christian” theocracy, and one of their leaders is now in a position to advance their cause by doing tremendous harm to rational thought and freedom of expression through the deliberate destruction of our system of secular public education.  It’s not just DeVos, but also Cruz, Pence, Rubio, Sessions and many others.


That is why we all have to stick together against these insane theocrats.


Excellent letter and very informative, Jesse Hagopian.


Don’t protest; assault (shred) her positions. Generate talking points that characterize what she stands for, keep them basic and concise, and continually repeat them. In other words be proactive, take the fight to the Christofascists, get control of the political discussion agenda, make DeVoss and her ilk go public with their views. People don’t oppose these creeps because they are ignorant about who they are and what they are doing. Do what the fascists do: tell them what to think about and how to think about those matters.


So it’s almost 10 months since u-no-who began occupying the White House. “Not Normal–Resist” has filled the web and every social media outlet they can with all manner of insulting dispute and it has gotten them…nowhere! You want to communicate to Mrs DeVos how unwelcome she is, show up at her presentation, listen to whatever she has to say and then respond with absolute silence–or if confronted for your opinion of her preentation reply “no comment”.

Ideologues feed off the energy they can stir up with their outrageous pronouncements. Denying them their expected reward of a contentious response starves them of their nourishment. If you want to show them how little anything they say matters, then ignore them and their message until it’s time to vote and then vote all the incumbents out of office.