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SeaWorld to End Orca Shows—But Not Captivity of 'Incredible Creatures'



There are few things that disgust me (and there are many things to decry about human behavior, MANY) as much as our treatment as a species of non-human animals. And SeaWorld is just one of many despicable platforms where we as a species exhibit our absolute insensitivity to the lives of other beings.

In a nutshell, this decision is very small compensation for the animals while still creating living hell for them 24/7. And still, yes still making bucks for SW.

Boycott, boycott and boycott until these lying scoundrels (no they have nothing to do with educating people about other animals unless you're talking about the dysfunction associated with such abusive treatment) are out of business and other venues like them.


Let's not congratulate corporate Seaworld for this just yet. The Orcas may just be too sick to perform. Not one healthy Orca Pup has been sighted this year, due to the Pacific Die-Off most likely caused by the massive plume of highly radioactive seawater now congregating on the West Coast.

If I am not mistaken, the holding pens for Orcas flow seawater which is off the charts in ionizing radiation from radioisotopes.

The orca story is buried in the archives.



Make no mistake, this epitomizes all that is wrong with the "entertainment" ... "industry". One of the greatest of human freedoms is to make choices of "industrious" engagement of our attention and energies. Note the 'larger than life' theatrical framing of control and imprisonment and breeding to perpetuate it. Lets see, what other contexts come to mind with this configuration?

Whether intended or not, to engage this model is a choice to resonate with and reinforce those premises. Given the conditions of life on this planet at this moment, it is to choose a form of ancient barbarity as a moment of 'fun'. The mind set of empire asserts that this sort of thing is one of the great benefits of adhering to a system also utterly dependent on those same premises. When I really contemplate this, my blood runs cold because the consequences have always and will always continue to pile up in death all around us.

Military sonar, armaments testing, and who knows what else - said to be also absolutely necessary for "national security" along with major industries, relegate sea life to 'sacrifice zones'. Just one problem - regardless of how neatly statistical, enforced by superpower self-declarations, rationalized for perpetual growth ... no sacrifice zone can be isolated form the whole. It is a barbaric delusion and one we remain accepting of at costs that are aggregating exponentially with feedback loops both seen and unseen, present and yet to be recognized.

The precautionary principle, respect and humility are among the most profound of human qualities - with astounding evolutionary potential and agility of adaptability that each of us are hard wired for. But we are blind to them if the premises of permeation of those elements of empire into the intimate aspects of personal choices go unquestioned.


Anytime the death of whales comes up, I have to go to the movie "The Cove"

I greatly appreciate the activists who are taking action against those who are profiting from a very cruel enterprise.
The movie "Blackfish" is also heartbreaking.


Thus the folly of creating such brutal and unnatural environments all in the name of a little "fun" in the first place.


No, don't free the dogs and cats,

Those are domesticated animals that Man made by selective breeding over thousands of years. Wiener dogs won't make it in the wild.

Personally, I think the Sea World show helps conservation efforts. Out of sight, out of mind.

We also need a "Refugee World", where lice-covered starving people who are mentally anguished can interact with the boob-tube generation that thinks war is just a video game.


The headline is a little misleading, I'd say. SeaWorld is only ending the shows at their San Diego location and is downplaying its significance, saying it is only because their California audience would like a different form of entertainment. They're not ending the Orca shows at the Florida park, where the market is still receptive to these horrible displays of human hubris and cruelty.


"Sea World show helps conservation efforts"?

Kind of like saying, "Racism is alive and well, so let's how a few pics of lynchings and go on our merry way."

I can just see the SW ads if you were their PR manager, - "Come to Sea World and see how cruel we can be to other animals...and please don't throw your bubble gum wrappers in the ocean!"


I believe there are other options to castration than letting them all run wild...


Which has what to do with the topic at hand?


I get that your post is snark? because SW is NOT about conservation efforts unless you define conservation as cruel and unusual punishment for other species.

the action of conserving something, in particular.
preservation, protection, or restoration of the natural environment, natural ecosystems, vegetation, and wildlife.
synonyms: preservation, protection, safeguarding, safekeeping; More
preservation, repair, and prevention of deterioration of archaeological, historical, and cultural sites and artifacts.



I'm actually on your side here.

Actually, before SeaWorld and Marine World, Killer Whales and Dolphins were routinely slaughtered as a nuisance to fishermen. Most people had never encountered them. I was not interested in their fate until I marveled at their incredible leaping ability as a young boy.

Without stimulating young minds to think about their friends in amusement parks, I dare say no conservation making the killing of them illegal would have likely happened.

The same is true of Zoos. The only White Tigers alive are those in captivity. Would you rather have the cat go extinct in the wild than be shown on display? The reason it won't survive in the wild is the Asian black market in Tiger Balms...


Since almost none of us dive in the ocean, Orcas will be forgotten. They will just be slaughtered by fishing companies who consider them nuisances or even dogfood. Regardless of the cruelty of training, if a human connection is not made upon impressionable young minds the species will perish out of sight. (is all I am saying.)


Do the orcas have any say in whether or not they'd like to be on display? Aren't they part of the equation?

The mass extinction of animals on this planet has very little to do with how many we display in cages (or tiny pools) for human "entertainment".

There was a great sci-fi book years ago (can't remember the title) that had an alien people conquer Earth and keep one human alive to display for the education of their young. Compassion, they had not.


Do you have a dog or a cat? Aren't you doing the same thing? Imprisoning animals for your amusement?

Be honest with yourself, here. There is no difference.

If you feed them dogfood or catfood you are the cause of the extinction of many South China Sea fish species here. And you cause human slavery at sea, since that is how Thailand supplies most of the petfood to the USA. They kidnap unsuspecting young Cambodians, Myanmarians and other unfortunates promising them passage to jobs accross the border and imprison them at sea for years forcing them to catch whatever comes up on the long line. This was covered in local papers here. I still have the article if you can stomache the guilt.

So, who is the more compassionate? The citizen who worries for the biodiversity of the planet and preventing whole species from going extinct by showcasing a handful of animals, or the hypocritical citizen who enslaves men and wipes out whole species just to feed his imprisoned dogs and cats?

(since there's no South China Sea Show, you don't know about any of these creatures going the way of the Dodo bird).

I submit that you are the monster, not me.


If you believe that there's "no difference" between sharing one's home with a friend that may be a dog or a cat and the keeping orcas in cruel confinement for profit, I think you may have a little to learn about non-human animals. I've lived with several dogs and cats and it was not for my amusement, - it was for the companionship, which benefited them and me.

I recognized them as my friends, kin and teachers.

I didn't call you a monster, but if it makes you feel good to label me as such, be my guest


Now you're a prophet?

I suspect that no one has inquired of the Orcas whether they would prefer death or imprisonment with hard labor. Nor of any of the other creatures we have pulled into our web. That doesn't mean we can't eye ball the stuff that can be changed to allow for more compassion and go forward with it.

It's a complicated and nuanced world and some situations as you mentioned in adjacent posts give little good options. But here we are, quite the species aren't we?!



I am a prophet of sorts. I flew to 58 countries, saw the trends there from human over-population and poverty and I can connect the dots into the future.

And I am here to tell you the rest of the world is not like the USA. Animals have no rights in most countries. Biologists tell me we are in the middle of the Sixth Greatest extinction event in Geologic History. Never have so many species gone extinct in such a short period of time during the rein of Homo sapiens. You have to look at sudden global extinctions to find comparable die off rates.

Is it worth "imprisoning" a small number of animals, most born in captivity, to get the freaking Naked Apes in Washington to listen to their children when they beg them: "Daddy, please save Shamoo the Whale!"

You Phucking A' it is!

It's Phucking worth it!

If I can get you fine, big-hearted people to look at the big picture outside the USA for a minute, in the open ocean, it just might save all of us. I spent a couple of years cruising the Atlantic in my motor yacht. Georgia alone is healthy on the Eastern Seaboard (since they cut off all development years ago on the coast.) Florida is pretty much dead from human yard products and sewage runoff (except in the glades, which bush approved for invasion.) You've got to go to the Bahamas to find healthy reefs full of life.

But pollution, global warming and nuke waste dumping in the oceans is going to get everything eventually. We need to apply effective pressure like the success story protecting dolphins and Sharks as more than just corporate tuna can filler and sports targets. Without Aquariums and water parks, a lasting impression will not be made on the coming generation, is my thinking.

But certainly, I could be wrong about this. I bring it up to promote discussion.




I don't think you're a monster. I said that for melodramatic effect. But now that I've told you, if you avert your eyes and continue purchasing pet food from soul-less big corporations, we certainly can't take your claim of compassion for sea creatures seriously, can we?

Do not avert your eyes. Realize your purchases of pet food is the same thing as purchasing Elephant Ivory products or endangered Rhino horns. The demand you cause gives profits to Wall Street and causes human slavery and fish species extinction.

Feed your imprisoned animals table scraps! It is the only way. That's what we do here. Canines are tough, and can eat chicken bones just fine.